How Long Does It Take To Tile A Shower

One thing that can upgrade the look of any room is adding fresh paint, but for most bathrooms and showers, the thing to revamp the look is retiling. The only thing about retiling a bathroom is the uncertainty regarding how long it will take. With the busy lives that many homeowners lead, it is essential to know. 

Installing wall tile

How long tiling will take will depend on many factors, including how big the bathroom or shower will be and what the skill level of the tiler is, whether it is done professionally or if the homeowner is looking to do it on their own. [toc]

How Long Does It Take A Professional Shower To Tile? 

On average, a professional tiler will take 6 to 8 hours to complete the job. This time can sometimes include prep, grouting, and cleaning time, but most of the time, it will take more time, give or take, 2 to 3 hours for added steps. 

If homeowners are looking for the simplest and fastest way to tile a bathroom or shower, hiring a professional tiler for the tiling job is the best. This option is the best for saving time, but it is not always the most economical, which can be the reason why many choose to DIY the tiling job. 

On average, homeowners can expect to pay a professional tiler around 40 to 100 dollars each hour they are tiling. Sometimes the tiler will charge per-foot basis, which is pricier at 10 to 20 dollars per square foot. 

DIY Shower Tile

For the cheaper option in tiling, the best thing to do is to DIY the job. More or less, a DIY enthusiast can tile their bath in 10 to 16 hours. It can take the average DIY enthusiast 8 to 12 hours to tile a shower.

There are steps many DIY tilers can do to ensure that the job will take less time. The first is making sure that preparation is done properly. This will entail cleaning the area beforehand or ensuring the tiling pattern is decided before the job starts.

The second is ensuring that more oversized tiles are used in the project. Imagine tiling a shower with hundreds of smaller tile pieces; it will be time-consuming compared to using bigger tiles which will also ensure accuracy and symmetry. 

The last factor that can affect the DIYer’s time is ensuring that the materials used are of the highest quality. This can include everything from the tile cutter to the cement that will be used for the job. It is also wise to purchase extra tiles because breakage can sometimes not be avoided in a tile job. 

Time To Subway Tile A Shower

Bathroom with tub subway tile mosaic floor

Laying out subway tiles is pretty easy as long as the DIYer is mindful of the pattern. It will only take a long time for subway tiles to be installed if cutting is involved in the preparation time. Depending on the many factors involved, it can take a professional to subway tile 6 to 8 hours, while DIYers can take upwards of 10 to 16 hours

Time It Takes To Grout A Tile Shower? 

Applying grout

Grouting time is affected by the same factors as tiling. This will include the size of the shower or bathroom that will be grouted to the skill level of the tiler and even the type of tile that will be used for the DIY job.

If the homeowner is looking to grout a small wall or floor area like a shower stall, it can take as short as a few hours. In contrast, grouting and tiling a large area can take a day or even more to complete. 

The grouting process involves many steps, from preparing the area to filing in the small spaces between the tiles. With a lot of steps, it will take time. Mixing the grout usually takes a few minutes to an hour, depending on what the manufacturers recommend.

The step that will be the most time-consuming is filling in the small gaps between each tile to ensure a smooth finish to the tiling job. 

How Long To Tile A Shower Floor? 

Shower with glass doors niche mosaic floor tile in shower

Other than the walls in the bathroom, there are also tiling projects to be done for the bathroom or shower floors. Typically, no matter if the homeowners are using budget or high-end tiles, the time needed to install floor tiles entirely will differ on many factors. 

On average, professional tiles will take a period of time between 6 to 8 hours to tile bathroom floors. For homeowners with less experience but looking to cut the cost of hiring tilers, it will usually take 10 to 16 hours. This total time does not include prep time or even layout time. To consider those critical factors, an hour for each step should be enough for a particular floor tiling project. 

Also, allotting an hour for grouting and cleaning time will be essential. Lastly, there is also a 24-hour window needed between the tile installation and grouting. 

How Hard Is It To Tile? 

Tile installation time will depend on many factors, and many jobs are more complex than others. The first factor that will make installation hard is the total size of the bathroom or the shower. The larger the area is, the more tiles it will need and the more it will take for the project to complete. However, this factor can also depend on how big the tiles are. 

The next factor is moisture, which can prolong drying time. The higher the moisture level of a bathroom or shower wall is, the more time it takes to til. 

The last factor that will directly determine how hard a tiling job will be is the installer’s skill. For obvious reasons, professional tilers will take less time, and their experience will ensure a more manageable process compared to the skill of an average DIY enthusiast. 

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