Why Black Granite Countertops is the Ultimate Choice for Luxury Bathrooms

Stunning bathroom with white marble tiles, mirror washbasins and black granite countertop

Black granite has always been a classic favorite material for home countertops and commercial spaces. The natural material has a certain appeal that makes it look elegant, in addition to it being very durable. If you get yourself an excellent stone surface, it can last for years as long as it is adequately maintained.

Like standard granite and any other natural stone, as long as you regularly keep it clean and well-maintained, you should have no problems. A good granite will be able to withstand regular wear and tear.

Cleaning granite is also very easy, as you can use regular soap and water. Black surfaces makes it hard to see dirt and stains, so regularly wipe down your countertop. 

Some common precautions about granite would be related to its porosity. Because it is a porous material, avoid leaving unattended liquid spills, especially acidic ones, as they can cause damage and possibly leave water marks.

Dust and stains (drippings from toothpaste and the like) are also easily visible on black granite in the bathroom, so regular wiping is essential.[toc]

Types Of Black Granite For The Bathroom

Gorgeous bathroom with double vanity accent with slab of absolute black granite countertop

Absolute Black

Absolute black granite is usually sourced from India. It is known for its dark and consistent pattern. This is the closest you can get to “solid black” for natural granite and is perfect for modern bathrooms and minimalist spaces.

This simple bathroom features a dark wengue vanity cabinet topped with absolute black granite, blending in with the cabinet’s dark color. 

For this gorgeous accent double vanity, the rustic cabinet is paired with a gorgeous slab of absolute black granite to recreate a rustic, country vibe in the space. This vanity is definitely the star of this bathroom, which is mostly just white. 

Black Galaxy Granite

Bathroom vanity with solid oak classic style cabinets, black galaxy granite countertop and brass fixtures

Black Galaxy is one of the most common types of granite countertop material. It is famed for its dark color combined with flecks of silver or gold, making it almost sparkly like, as its name suggests, a galaxy.

Black galaxy is a perfect match if you want to keep a dark color scheme in your bathroom. In this gorgeous modern bathroom, the simplicity of a black countertop helps balance out the gorgeous natural stone accent on the walls. It unifies the overall look of the space.

A beautiful dark marble bathroom design with modern fixtures and black galaxy granite countertop

You can also use black galaxy in combination with wood and other lighter-colored materials. This bathroom vanity has solid oak classic style cabinets, black galaxy counters and brass fixtures to create a classic but classy, rustic look.

Black Leathered Granite

Modern Asian themed bathroom with leathered black granite countertop and glossy black ceramic vessel sink

Leathered granite is granite with a textured surface. These are often used for flooring and countertops.

Because of its non-glossy surface, it masks and hides dirt and stains better. However, because of the texture, there is also a tendency for dirt to accumulate on these gaps and textures, so regular cleaning is a must.

The leathered black granite used in this modern bathroom jives with the overall modern Asian theme of the space. The matte surface of the countertop is a nice contrast against the glossy black ceramic vessel sink. The black also pops-out really well against the limestone walls. 

A luxurious modern bathroom with leathered granite against semi glossy surface walls, black bathtub and wooden floors

Leathered granite also helps add a variety of textures in your bathroom. In this luxurious modern bathroom for example, the black leathered granite gives a nice contrast against the semi-glossy surface on the walls.

So even if the colors in the bathroom are just wood and black, the additional texture of the granite makes it look a little different from the other surfaces in the bathroom.

Granite Cost

Depending on the type of the granite you use and the quality grade, the cost will vary, but they would typically cost you around $20 to $70 per square foot on average.

But higher grade granite usually costs higher. For example, black galaxy would cost around $60 to $100 per square foot on average.

So do take note of this. Also, depending on where you live, the labor cost / installation cost will also vary so keep that in mind when you plan for your budget.


Luxury bathroom with marble tiles on floor and walls, wooden closet, two washbasins and granite vanity top

As with any other natural materials, proper care and maintenance will ensure that your granite counters will last you for years. Although granite is a durable material, you also need to keep it in tip-top shape to be at its best.

When cleaning granite, dish soap mixed with warm water is usually all you ever need. If there are oil stains, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean them. Avoid using acidic chemicals and home-made cleaning solutions as they are bad for your granite. 

If there are any stubborn stains that you need off, you should instead opt for cleaning agents made especially for granite counters. And of course, because granite is porous, you need to maintain its sealant.

If you are skilled or handy enough, you may try to do it by yourself. But granite sealing typically costs around $0.7 to $1.7 per square foot, including labor. 

Is Black Color Granite Good For Bathroom Countertops?

Simple bathroom features a dark wengue vanity cabinet topped with absolute black granite

Black granite is a durable material that can stand the test of time. Black granite is generally less porous than other types making it less likely to stain.

Since black can be paired with practically any design style and color, it makes a highly versatile choice for bathroom designs. It’s a classic choice of any style of interior, so you can be sure that if you install one, you can enjoy it for many years to come. 

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