Bed In Front Of Window (Bedroom Layout Ideas)

Here we discuss the bed in front of window positioning ideas, including popular tips and Feng Shui designs.
Master bedroom with bed position under windowWhen considering where to place your bed in the bedroom, positioning it against the window is one option that often sparks controversy. Despite its unpopularity, there are definitely ways to make this position work wonders – it just requires an open mind and creative eye.

How to Make This Bed Position Work For You

Bed under window with large draperiesHaving your bed against the window offers lots of opportunity to be creative by framing the bed with stunning window dressings. To ensure the window doesn’t take center stage, there are ways to experiment with fabrics, colors and patterns to really bring the bed itself to life.

To ensure none of the window is obscured to maximize the levels of light in the space, curtains or drapes should be hung high and wide.

You could also consider positioning the bed in the center of the room, also known as a bed island which will draw the eye away from the windows. Alternatively you could allow the bed to increase the focus on the windows, by allowing it to sit sideways and frame them.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to experience reduced light levels with the bed located against the window. If you place your window dressings correctly, and consider ditching a headboard, or choosing an open bed frame, you’ll still allow the natural light to filter through into this interior.

Bed Under Window Precautions

Contemporary bedroom with bed under window globe pendant lightHowever, there are a few things you do need to look out for… There’s no getting away from the fact that the bed will be obstructing the view of the outside, which might feel slightly strange. Being able to look outside can be so important in promoting positive well being.

Your sleep could also be interrupted by the elements. Being positioned with your head next to the window means your face is most likely the first part of your body to be hit with the morning rays; perhaps the purchase of an eye mask, or blackout curtains should be on the cards! Likewise, during the winter you might notice an extra chill next to the window.

It results in bad Feng shui. You’ve probably all heard of Feng shui, and this design practice strongly discourages the placement of a bed near to a window. Feng shui states how the increased exposure in this position to the elements can induce negative energies and lead to reduced well being.

Bed Under Window Negatives

Modern bedroom with bed placement under window white blindsIt’s not hard to pick out some of the negatives of having the bed next to the window:

• Outdoor air pollution – is unhealthy and can negatively impact sleep
• Noise pollution – can result in anger and stress, which equates to negative chi
• Light pollution – as mentioned earlier, can increase your alertness and reduce feelings of restfulness

Bed In Front of Window Feng Shui

Bedroom with bed position under window drapes and curtainsIf this position is unavoidable in your space, there are ways to minimize negative Feng shui:

Unlike our previous suggestion of a light bed frame/headboard, Feng shui advises to protect the bed with a strong, solid headboard.

No sharp corners are permitted, and the headboard must be attached to the bed rather than the wall. A solid wall, or in this case a solid headboard symbolizes a protective mountain (which is good!).

Window Treatments

Add room darkening shades to keep the light out, and soften their sharpness with flowing drapes. Shades should be made from natural materials. Use silks and linens for the drapes and curtains, and ensure that they are heavy to envelop the space.

Despite having the bed against the window being non-ideal, there are ways to make it work to ensure the free flow of positive chi within your bedroom. Feng shui aside, the window design itself could provide a great backdrop to frame your bed, providing you get the window dressings on point.

Regardless of whether you follow Feng shui design or not, it’s clear that texture plays a big part in making this bed position work. Whether that involves the materials used for the window dressings, or the type of headboard chosen these will all play their part in making the bed in front of window work for your design.

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