Where To Hang Kitchen Towels (7 Best Placement Ideas)

Whether you hang your kitchen towels near the sink, on the range handle, or over the cabinet bar, how you secure them plays an important role in the overall look of your decor. Hanging kitchen towels can bring functionality and add texture, pattern, style, and a colorful accent to the space. 

different ways how to hang kitchen towel

This article will give you some display ideas that will be an attractive and convenient spot to hang your towels.

Near The Sink

kitchen with countertop and sink

Hanging kitchen towels near the sink is a great option since they can be accessible for hand-drying. However, make sure that you hang them away from the faucet because by doing this, water can saturate the material.

Constant dampness will lead to bacteria build-up. It is best to install a ring or hook next to the sink where they can have good air circulation. This can be directly on the wall or cabinet next to the basin, which will help them dry out completely between use. 

Installing a bar near a wall close to the sink or on the side of an upper cabinet is a good place to store dish towels, or you can also use a bar pull-out to hang several and mount them around 20 inches from the countertop. 

If you have plenty of countertop space, using a portable drying rack is another option that works well for those who rent and don’t want to drill into the wall or cabinetry. It’s also helpful to use large drawers or cupboards near the sink area as a great storage area for fresh linens.

On The Range Handle

kitchen with range oven

Hanging kitchen towels on the range handle makes it easy to reach when cooking or cleaning up food spatters. However, make sure that it is out of reach by young children since they could be hurt accidentally. Also, avoid placing them on hot oven handles, such as oven doors.

To prevent them from sliding off, try applying a small amount of silicone adhesive along the top of the range handle, which will help add some friction. You can also use Velcro, where you can stick one side onto the handle and attach the other half to your towel.

For safety precautions, make sure to hang towels far away from any potential fire source or other heat sources in the kitchen to prevent these flammable materials from catching fire. – Maria Bott Interior Designer

Wall-Mounted Towel Rod

kitchen with wall mounted towel rod

For a space-saving option, hanging kitchen towels on wall-mounted rods allows them to dry faster because there is more room to spread them out. The space between the rod and the wall allows air to pass through so they can dry faster.

These wall-mounted rods are kitchen accessories that offer a place where you can neatly fold the towels and show off those pretty patterned designs while keeping the space tidy. I recommend applying a moisture-resistant finish on your wall to protect it against moisture problems from wet towels.

Dishwasher Handle

kitchen with dishwasher

Since most dishwashers are located near the sink, it is one of the most convenient places to hang kitchen towels. The dishwasher handle can be a great holder because it’s suitable for keeping it within reach for wiping up spillage and drying hands or other utensils.

Another advantage of hanging towels on appliance handles like the dishwasher is that you don’t have to drill screws into the walls. This is also a simple yet effective solution, especially for a kitchen with limited wall space, and incorporates flawlessly into the kitchen’s layout and workflow. 

Over The Cabinet Towel Bar

kitchen with cabinet towel rod

These over-the-cabinet bars are designed to fit the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions and can be the perfect place to hang your towels. These can be used both as a holder and a cabinet door handle at the same time.

These bars are easy to install, don’t take up much space, and can go well with other items in your design. Make sure to match the finish so it goes with the other hardware in the space.

The over-the-cabinet bar also protrudes away from the cabinetry, which provides a sufficient amount of space to hang them without damaging the cabinets with damp linens because moisture can stain varnished wooden cabinet doors.

Kitchen Hand Towel Holder

kitchen with hand towel holder

Hand towel holders are favored for both stylish and practical placement. These holders help display decorative towels that reflect the current season or show some accent pieces that add character to the kitchen’s design scheme. 

There are several types of kitchen hand-towel holders in the market today that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as different designs. This includes wall-mounted, roller, T-shape stands, and over-door towel holders.

These holders should be installed at an appropriate height that is easily accessible when cooking or cleaning. Ideally, holders should be installed at the same height as the sink. They can also be fixed just a little above the sink, ensuring they are at hand level where you can get hold of the towel without any hassle.

Magnetic Hooks On The Fridge

towel hanging from fridge door

Magnetic towel hooks are, without a fuss, an ideal and reliable solution to consider. These hooks are the perfect space savers that help reduce clutter in your counter space. Magnetic holders are both practical and stylish accessories that use the vacant space on the side of your fridge.

The hooks are designed not only for hanging smaller-sized towels but also for creating more space for organizing various kitchen items, especially in narrow and limited spaces.

Fridge magnets don’t seem to have a north and a south pole. One end of a fridge magnet will attract either pole of another magnet. – Exploring Electricity and Magnetism, Andrew Solway 

With all the options mentioned here, we believe that it would now be easier to find the perfect spot to hang your dish towel in the kitchen. These options can be incorporated into any design scheme and can help create more space to move around the room.

The placement of holders plays an important role in maintaining a well-organized kitchen. Keep in mind functionality, convenience, and accessibility.  No matter where you choose to hang them, always keep in mind that they should always be within arm’s reach when needed.

When installing towel holders and rods, it is also important to ensure they have a solid foundation to reduce the risk of accidental mishaps during hectic kitchen activities.

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