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37 Large Kitchen Islands with Seating (Pictures)

Traditional kitchen with bianco carrara marble and breakfast bar island with counter stoolsThis gallery features large kitchen islands with seating. An eat-in kitchen island is a great way to bring the family closer together during meal times as well as provide an amazing spot for entertaining guests.

Kitchen islands come in different styles such as breakfast bars with an elevated counter top, or an island with a counter overhang to accommodate diners. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes from curved, semi-circle designs, custom shapes, square or rectangular designs. Below are some gorgeous kitchens with islands big enough to offer space for seating and eat-in dining.

In the picture above generous use of beautiful Bianco Carrara marble can be seen on the breakfast bar-island as well as the kitchen counter top and back splash. The traditional style of the kitchen is even seen on the elegant styling of the range hood, with stone tile cladding and stylish light fixtures. The counter stools as well as the base of the breakfast bar-island uses a rich mahogany that gives some warmth to the space. Wood treatment can also be seen on the exposed ceiling beams as well as the wooden floor boards.

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Kitchen Island Designs With Seating

Kitchen Islands can come in really handy for open space layouts. But the process of designing island seating can be somewhat an overwhelming process if you do not know the right step. The reality of deciding on the essential elements requires knowledge and the article will make sure to leave you with an understanding of varieties of island seating.

As a rule of thumb, analyzing the layout of the kitchen space is of importance. This leads you to ponder on the quantity of consumers and the estimated usage time along with their circulation pattern. This, in return helps you to understand to create the bigger picture on landing to a decision approximately.

However, thinking few years ahead of time will help to last the design in advance. As the National Kitchen and Bath Association refers a gap of 36″ should be left on all sides of a kitchen island. The seating will require more space along with living and walking space.

Contemporary kitchen with black island black bar stool seating white cabinets and quartz countertops backsplashKitchen island seating can vary according to the layout. For an example, seating along one side or on both side are pretty usual. Kitchen island seating can be served on three sides for large islands. The short ends are used to allocate space with a long end. Sometimes, as a strategy of saving space island seating can be transferred to a corner in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island seating also varies in height. The bar height, counter height and the table height are a few examples. The design options are often used considering the functionality.

For example, a two tier island with a higher breakfast bar counter top offers options for dine in or a general food prep work space for those of differing heights. Adopting a table top high seating may be ideal for seating with chairs, however be considered too low for a tall cook to prepare food effectively.

The seating is divided in two preferable options either stools or chairs. Stools can be a great tactic of space saving whilst chairs serve in functionality.

Large kitchen Island with seating doesn’t only have to serve its functional purpose, but can be worked together as a decorative element as well.

Upholstery that is being used for chairs and stools can add up the spice of the interior layout. The color scheme and the texture of the upholstery should be of concern to tally with the rest of the fabric within the interior. The materials that are used to build the chairs or the stools has its own voice when it is put in the interior.

Another crucial point when considering kitchen islands with bar seating is to go for a better combination of color and material for the seating. Consider whether your preference is to have backrest chairs for your family. Often many guests prefer stools that are convenient and less space consuming built by a wooden or metal material.

It is always important that you identify you need and understand the vibe that the space demands, so that it will be easier to land for the options of seating in your preference.

Kitchen Island with Seating for One

A kitchen island with seating for one is great for those who want to enlist the help of a sous chef or just hang out with your significant other while you cook.

Kitchen island with seating for oneWhile the footprint of this luxury kitchen is huge the large island only provides seating for one comfortably.

Large Kitchen Island with Seating for Two

Contemporary kitchen with meridian gray quartz counter island with chrome bar stools and brushed beige marble tile floorsThe Meridian gray Quartz counter island makes effective use of the chrome bar stools and modern pendant light hung above it by really accenting the contemporary look of this kitchen design. The diagonal herringbone tiling pattern of the gray and white back splash is a creative way to accent the back wall. The use of dark wood cabinetry contrasts with the tan porcelain floor tiles used.

Kitchen island with bead-board cabinet and white granite countertop

Kitchen with large island with bianco catalina granite and seatingLarge kitchen islands such as this one often service U-shaped kitchens to provide convenient and accessible counter space anywhere in the room. The Bianco Catalina granite used for the kitchen island has a muted high-end elegance that goes extremely well with the rest of the design elements in the room. The choice of the warm white under-shelf lighting, the porcelain back splash tiles, and the glass pendant lights are smart design choices that complement the white shaker cabinets in the room.

Kitchen with island and peninsula

Kitchen with white cabinets and island with seating for two and long peninsulaThis beautiful kitchen design features an island with room for two to eat side by side as well as a long peninsula to accommodate additional guests. A bright informal dining area with plenty of natural light creates an inviting space for a morning coffee or breakfast.

Luxury kitchen with decorative wood island with breakfast bar and pental kozmus satin granite counterThis luxury kitchen uses carved wooden cabinetry and kitchen islands, high coffered ceilings, glass chandeliers, and Pental Kozmus satin granite counters to really give the room a high-end sophisticated feel. The polished wooden flooring serve to ground the whites and tans of the paneled kitchen cabinetry, while the dark brown finish of the central breakfast bar serves to contrast it entirely.

Kitchen Island with Seating For Three

Here’s our gallery of kitchen islands with eat in dining for three guests.

White granite counter island with seating for three diners

Traditional kitchen with blizzard granite topped island with breakfast bar seatingThe long mosaic tile back splash of this Neo-traditional kitchen design goes exceedingly well with the Blizzard granite used on the kitchen counter and the breakfast bar island counter top. The white paneled cabinetry and crown moldings seem to complement the sleek styles of the kitchen island pendant lights, stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen appliances, and modern look and upholstery of the leather breakfast bar seats. This is a good example of modern and traditional mixed together.

Transitional kitchen island with gray cabinet and white granite

Transitional kitchen with breakfast bar island with river white granite counter and rasmussen bar stool with cushionThe square proportions of this gray kitchen really give this room a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The breakfast bar island uses a River White granite surface that goes well with the patterned tile back splashes used for the kitchen counters. The gray porcelain tiles of the floor complement the plain gray paint treatment of the walls and ceiling. Ample lighting is provided by the single-hung windows, contemporary pendant lights, and various pin lights on the ceiling. The Rasmussen bar stool with cushion is also a sleek furniture choice for this space.

White marble kitchen island with white leather bar stool seating

White kitchen with calacatta carrara marble counter and moody blue color island with bar stool seatingThe white cabinetry of the kitchen is offset by the different shades of gray on the back splash, the stainless steel finishes of the kitchen appliances, as well as the splash of warm brown from the weathered oak wood floor boards. The white leather bar stool seating goes well with the Calacatta Carrara marble counter top of the kitchen island. The glass pendant lights also add a sleekness to the overall design of the space.

Stainless steel kitchen island with rattan bar stools

Eclectic kitchen with wood island with stainless steel counter and rattan bar stoolsThe plaid floor pattern has a unique design that incorporates a black and white color scheme to truly let the red color of the cabinet and stainless steel-top island counter stand out. The shaker cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen is painted a warm white. Other pops of colors can also be seen – the blues of the beautiful hanging pendant lights as well as the cushions of the rattan bar stools really mix well with the red of the wood island.

Dark brown kitchen island with gray countertop

Kitchen with large island with round bar stool seatingThis kitchen is a blend of homey and cozy charm with raw industrial style. The pots and pans hanging rods also support a weighing scale – handy for kitchen recipe measurements. The open shelving was also a bold design choice but one that was tastefully made. The polished gray marble counter top of the kitchen island goes well with the dark brown wooden base and the brown leather round bar stool seating.

Mediterranean kitchen island with brown granite

Mediterranean kitchen with butcher block island and breakfast bar island with granite counterMediterranean kitchens typically use high clerestory windows such as these ones to let in light as well as to serve as a tropical design feature that regulates air circulation and thermal comfort. The polished marble floor tiles, speckled brown granite counters, and the different shades of brown on the wooden cabinetry and shelves all give a touch of high-class style to the room. The butcher block island uses a wood counter top and houses a secondary kitchen sink. At the far end of the room, we have a dining area nook with a lower ceiling and a personal warm-white iron chandelier.

Black and white kitchen island with woven bar stool seating

Large kitchen island with white cabinet dark counter and seatingThe polished jet black counter top of the kitchen island in this design matches perfectly with its white paneled base and cabinetry. The woven seating and wood flooring also use dark brown hues that mirror the counter top. Travertine tiles adorn the main range area and serve as a rustic back splash design that goes well with the light tans of the walls. Generous use of flora in the form of house plants also help keep this room feeling alive and fresh.

Custom kitchen island with dark cabinet and countertop

Kitchen with unusually shaped island with breakfast bar dining and vienna swivel counter stoolsThe unique shape of the island in this design widens out in the end to provide more surface area. This is so that it can serve as an effective breakfast bar dining space. The Vienna swivel counter stools  have a rich dark brown that matches the finish on the kitchen island cabinetry as well as the dark granite used as a counter top. The rest of the space uses light tan colors. This can be seen in the limestone floor tiles, kitchen cabinetry, and white kitchen ceiling.

Kitchen Islands with Seating for Four

Here is our pictures of kitchen designs with islands that seat four.

Portable stainless steel kitchen island with chrome no-back bar stools

Modern kitchen with stainless steel counter island and backless bar stoolsThe movable stainless steel counter island on wheels gives this kitchen a modern, industrial, sleek aesthetic and sets the tone for the other design elements of the space. The backless bar stools, range and refrigerator, and even the storage shelves all share the metallic and chrome finish. The subtle use of a white marble back splash and a light tan wood flooring adds a nice touch.

Breakfast bar island with wood countertop and round Aro bar stools

White cabinet kitchen with wood counter breakfast bar island with aro stool seatsThe central kitchen island has a surface made of dark black granite and is accented by the pops of green from the mid-century modern pendant lighting fixtures located above it. The white cabinetry, walls, and ceiling are complemented by the warmth of the wood of the cherry flooring, wooden counter top for the breakfast bar, and the dark brown leather upholstery of the Aro stool seats.

White quartz kitchen island with adjustable height bar stools

Beautiful kitchen with quartz counter island white cabinets and adjustable height swivel bar stoolsThe Quartz counter island is the defining piece of this kitchen design. The white cabinets, painted walls, and moldings all complement the color of the island. There are splashes of wood browns and metallic chromes seen on the adjustable height swivel bar stools, kitchen appliances and equipment, and the glass dome pendant lights.

Contemporary kitchen island with breakfast bar

Contemporary kitchen with curved breakfast bar with delicatus polished granite and wood cushion chairsThis contemporary kitchen employs the somber use of dark brown block colors on the cabinetry, counter sides, and exposed ceiling beams. The curved breakfast bar serves as the extension of the kitchen, with its already ample counter space provided by the middle kitchen island. Delicate polished granite of the counter tops really stand out and bring the kitchen to life. The wood cushion chairs are a nice touch to the space.

Large two level kitchen island with Felix bar stools

Contemporary kitchen with high gloss white cabinets and felix bar stoolsLarge kitchen islands with seating need to offer plenty of counter space for diners to eat. The Felix bar stools shown in this picture are sleek, modern furniture choices that go well with the contemporary minimalist look of the marble-top island counter. The high-gloss white cabinets are smart design choices that go exceedingly well with the eccentric industrial pendant lighting of the kitchen. The light colors are also balanced out by the dark porcelain floor tiles and the dark wood laminates on the kitchen counter.

Modern kitchen island with white marble counter and saddle stool seating

Contemporary kitchen with marble counter island with saddle stool seatingThis minimalist contemporary design is simple but bold, unadorned but striking. The marble counter island has saddle stool seating tucked away beneath it and employs a cantilever design that really creates an air of modern style to the kitchen. This aesthetic is also seen in the design of it range hood, kitchen counters, and panel cabinetry. The smart use of whites, dark browns, and tans, create a range of design accents that really make this space feel unique.

Rounded kitchen island with seating for four diners

Traditional kitchen with curved island with calacatta michaelangelo polished marbleThe curved island of this kitchen goes well with the layout of this L-shaped kitchen. It takes advantage of the corner and opens up the breakfast bar space to the rest of the room. The Calacatta Michelangelo polished marble of the kitchen island also gives it a pristine elegance that is matched by the traditional styles of the white kitchen cabinetry, warmth of the dark oak floors, and the sleek but vintage look of the hanging pendant lights.

Semi-circle kitchen island with beige granite counters

Traditional kitchen with semi circle island with barricato granite counter and wood bar stoolsUsing semi-circular islands is also another way of providing ample seating space by increasing the perimeter of the kitchen island. The Barricato granite used as a counter top is an elegant touch. The open floor plan that connects the kitchen area with the living room space is segmented by differing ceiling heights, although the floor treatment of toned wooden floorboards are continuous. The wooden bar stools, white panel cabinetry, and Gothic-industrial central chandelier are all beautiful accent design pieces for the space.

Long breakfast bar island with Tibetan bar stools

Dark cabinet kitchen with breakfast bar with blanco tulum granite counter and tibeten bar stoolsThis dark cabinet kitchen has a breakfast bar that uses a beautiful Blanco Tulum granite counter top. The Tibetan bar stools used for the breakfast bar are also simple yet elegant furniture choices. The uniquely textured porcelain tile flooring goes surprisingly well with the Gothic ironworks of the kitchen chandelier and pendant lights.

White faux marble kitchen island with chrome bar stools with black leather seats

Contemporary kitchen with marble island and adjustable swivel barstools and blue glass pendant lightsThis artful contemporary kitchen has a faux marble island that has sleek adjustable swivel bar stools, a multi-hinged kitchen faucet, blue blown glass sculpture pendant lights, and rustic weathered wood floor boards. And that’s just at the kitchen island area. We also have an abstract painting hung at the kitchen counter area and various modern furniture and décor at the adjacent living room and dining room.

Modern minimalist kitchen island with wood counter breakfast bar seating

Modern kitchen with breakfast bar island and eurostar riley counter stoolModern minimalist kitchens such as this one frequently use flat, uninterrupted surfaces to create a sleek and stylish look. The breakfast bar and kitchen island have weathered gray finish and flat white cabinetry and bases. The Eurostar Riley counter stools share a similar modern and sleek aesthetic. The long, repetitive look of the kitchen cabinets are sophisticated and bold. Overall, this is a perfect example of minimalism at its finest.

Eclectic kitchen island with curved design

Eclectic kitchen with curved breakfast bar and custom range hoodThis attractive kitchen has varied design choices, seen in its glass-top curved breakfast bar, custom cone range hood, industrial glass dome pendant lights, and long mosaic tile back splash. The white-solid surface central island contrasts well with the rich brown colors of the woods used on the cabinetry and counter sides. All-in-all, the variety of design choices blend well together and produces a unique and stylish kitchen design.

Modern kitchen island with white laminate counter

Modern kitchen with large island with dining stools and brown laminate cabinetsThe modern kitchen island has a glossy laminate surface that really brings out the brightness of the room. We have grain faux wood vinyl flooring, interesting textures on the white porcelain tile back splash wall, and the machine-pressed wood laminate surfaces on the kitchen cabinetry to the right, not to mention the tube pendant lighting for the kitchen island. All-in-all, the sheer variety of the design piece in this space really make it stand out.

Kitchen Islands with Seating for Five or More

If you love to entertain or have a big family that loves to congregate in the kitchen one of the designs below is perfect for you. All of the kitchens have islands with seating for five or more.

Long rectangular kitchen island with seating for six diners

Traditional kitchen with long island with swivel bar stools with leather cushionsThe long island of this traditional kitchen design takes advantage of the large floor space. This utilization of area gives ample seating for the kitchen island and can accommodate a large number of people. The bar stools, although deceivingly rustic and traditional in style, actually serve as swivel chairs. The wicked basket-esque vibe of the pendant lights as well as the bright use of floral arrangements keep this room feeling homey and welcoming.

Gray marble kitchen island with seating

White cabinet kitchen with athens grey marble counter island with built in seatingThe Athens grey marble counter island and matching marble back splash serve as great accent surfaces in contrast to the white cabinetry and walls of this kitchen space. The horizontal strip patterns on the walls are a unique design choice but works well with this room. Wooden accents on the range area and the kitchen island legs are also nice touches of warmth; this is further complemented by the grained wood flooring. A touch of industrial aesthetic can be seen in the eclectic glass box pendant lights and metal kitchen island stools.

Craftsman kitchen island with modern style upholstered bar seats

Craftsman kitchen with l shape island with seating and terra cotta flooringWith oversized bench style seating this kitchen has plenty of room for eat in dining, or even space for kids or teens to do homework at the kitchen counter. The L-shaped island of this craftsman kitchen uses modern upholstered bar seating that complement the Terra Cotta flooring. This rustic ambiance is furthered carried out by the heavily-textured grained exposed ceiling wood beams, richly-stained inset cabinet doors, and marble counter top. In addition to the L-shaped island, this kitchen also has a central island that houses the kitchen sink.

Eclectic kitchen island with white marble counter and seating for five

Eclectic kitchen with marble slab island chrome bar stools and ceramic flooringThis eclectic kitchen uses a wide array of design elements to convey a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere. The one thing that draws your attention would have to be the rustic and industrial hanging light fixture that consists of several warm-white light bulbs hanging from a piece of varnished lumber. Elsewhere, we have the elegant touch of the marble slab island, the chrome and wood bar stools, the mosaic tile back splash, and the tan ceramic flooring. The wooden cabinetry also enhances the feel of the space.

Beautiful traditional kitchen island with backless leather bar stools

Elegant traditional kitchen with large rectangular island with backless leather counter stoolsThis elegant traditional kitchen design uses a large rectangular island to provide extra counter space as well as serve as a breakfast bar. The white paints on the cabinetry, walls, and exposed-beam ceiling complement the rich browns of the kitchen island, mahogany floor boards, and dining table set. The backless leather counter stools as well as the stylish dining chairs are smart picks of furniture for the room. As a finishing touch, the glass chandelier and pendant lights give the room even more elegance and panache.

Kitchen island with built-in bench seating

Kitchen with white flat panel cabinets and large island with built in seating benchThe central island in this kitchen design has a built-in seating bench. This is a unique example where instead of serving as the table for the breakfast bar dining area, a kitchen island serves as the seating area. In terms of color harmony, the white flat panel cabinets of the kitchen space of this design contrasts with the dark brown finish on the cabinetry of the large kitchen island and the wooden floorboards. The choice of a reflective mirror tile back splash and the glass globe hanging chandelier are nice touches of modern style that really brings life to the space.

Modern kitchen island with light color granite

Large kitchen island with light granite counter and modern seatingThis modern apartment kitchen island with seating takes advantage of its amazing views with full-length glass windows that let it copious amounts of sunlight. The kitchen itself has a large island with a light speckled granite counter and contemporary-styled seating. The use of house plants as well as wicker dining table chairs also liven up the space.

Mediterranean kitchen island with white marble counter

Mediterranean style kitchen with long seating island with marble counterAnother beautiful Mediterranean-style kitchen, stone brick trimmings can be seen on the window sills and frames as well as at the bottom lip of the range hood. These are matched by the stone tile flooring of the kitchen. The white and gray marble counter as well as the exposed dark wooden beams on the ceiling help give the room a rustic and homey vibe. Also seen here is a creative way of storing pots and pans – a hanging rack of sorts is suspended above the long kitchen island.

Contemporary kitchen island with solid wood counter

White cabinet contemporary kitchen with large island and stacker bar stool seatingThe stark white cabinets, walls, crown moldings, and ceiling of this kitchen are pleasantly contrasted by the warm streaks of brown seen on the cupboards, island base, and dark wood floors. The Stacker bar stool seating is a contemporary design choice and matches with the solid wood counter top for the breakfast bar.

Blue kitchen island with seating

Blue kitchen island with seating white cabinets and pendant lightsThis lovely kitchen with blue island and seating offers plenty of space for eat-in dining from its large quartz countertop. White cabinets, light blue tile backsplash and light wood flooring helps keep the design light and bright.

White quartz kitchen island with dark cabinet

Dark cabinet kitchen with white quartz counter natural stone mosaic tile backsplash and pendant lightsWith the addition of a few more bar stools this large island has plenty of room to accommodate additional diners. The white quartz counter of the kitchen island is illuminated by pendant lights attached to a track. This makes them movable according to the user’s preferences. The natural stone mosaic tile back splash gives some variety to the visual treatment of the walls and breaks the block gray color scheme of the rest of the painted walls. The dark cabinets of the kitchen also go well with the generally white tone of the room.

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