What Color Curtains Go With Cream Walls

Discover what color curtains go with cream walls including suitable shades like red, green, blue, white, black, taupe, and brown or beige.

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This post will discuss how to choose the right curtain color for your cream walls. I will provide tips for matching the curtains that would match your cream walls. Follow these simple tips to get started.

What Curtain Colors Go With Cream Walls?

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In reality, there are a lot of colors that go with cream walls because of its neutral hue and versatility of having an endless range of undertones. In choosing the color of the curtain that will go well with the cream wall, you must first decide how you want your curtains highlighted. 

When designing, I need to know from my clients if they want their curtains to be an accent element or do they want the curtains to support the overall color scheme. Considering that curtain colors that contrast with cream walls will easily draw the eye as it becomes the room’s focal point.

While on the other hand, there are curtain colors that are close to the cream color of the wall which give textural difference & layering effect while simultaneously allowing emphasis on the other elements of the room. 

Decorating cream wall offers a timeless, sophisticated, and versatile scheme in interior design since it can host a variety of accent colors, from complimentary neutrals to bold and darker tones that add vibrancy to a space while providing an elegant, serene, and calming feel.

bedroom with red curtain and nightstand

Adding contrasting warm shades like red, orange, and yellow will definitely add a touch of vibrance which appears more dynamic. These colors can bring out a good balance in the overall color scheme as well as highlight your windows thus creating an eye-catching focal point in a room.

Wine red combined with cream walls adds an old, rustic charm to your home. Tangerines or any variation of orange will work wonders with light cream walls. Mustard yellow is a more subtle color than the traditional shade of yellow, which will go perfectly when combined with cream-colored walls.

TIP: Patterned or contrasting colors provide a strong design element especially if there are not a lot of other fabrics in the design scheme.

bedroom with decorative side panel curtains window nightstand lamp headboard rug and wood floor

The cream color has an inherent warmness and richness without being overwhelming making it a pleasing companion with other hues.

Pairing cream walls with a pastel shade of green such as sage and mint hue or brilliant jewel-tone green color curtains offers a refreshing element of modernity and finding inspiration from nature.

cream bedroom with blue curtains

Cream and blue evoke a feeling of calmness and security, it is considered a traditional combination for colonial homes. While navy or deep blue curtain colors allow you to embrace the beauty of coastal-style design. For a display of visual contrast to cream walls try adding soft blue curtains, it will provide a subtle and hazy feel to the room.

Cream walls with a touch of purple give a breath of vintage charm to your home due to purple’s royal appeal. Choosing curtains with a light and soft undertone of pink such as rose pink will give a sweet and charming appeal to a room with cream walls. 

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White curtains with cream walls come together beautifully, creating a layering effect that gives the room a pristine, crisp, and clean look.

While cream walls and gray curtains are an elegant pair that brings character and sophistication to the space. Try using charcoal gray curtains with cream walls and see how it can generate a striking interior scheme.

black kitchen with chandelier island table chairs cabinets refrigerator and curtains

Black and cream create a warm contrast and are a classic color scheme second to black and white. This color combination gives any room an elegant and stylish neutral color scheme. This color combo can give your room the Japandi style by incorporating other natural elements like wood and rattan.

room with curtains chair and dresser

However, times are changing in choosing curtain colors that will go well with your wall color now the trend is going into choosing tone-on-tone shades for a more contemporary vibe.

This is known as the monochromatic approach which involves using colors with similar hues. Deciding on curtain colors that are one or two shades apart from your cream walls is an excellent way to create a harmonized look for your space that blends everything in your design scheme.

When paired with other subtle neutral shades of tan, taupe, and nude color curtains bring a calming and relaxed vibe that expresses an earthy and grounding touch to any room.

Cream is a great color to pair with shades of taupe and beige since they generate a well-layered and dimensioned look. It also creates a beautiful backdrop for brighter accent colors and highlights elements including materials and textures.

Matching your curtains with your cream-colored walls will establish a unified look that offers a simple, stylish, and restful atmosphere blending together all elements as one.

Tip: If you want your cream-colored walls to take the lead in the color scheme but prefer a slight element of contrast, choose abstract, geometric patterned curtains in the same color family as the shade of your wall with a touch of beige, white, and brown.

These colors will give a feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the room. Try to layer curtains with light tones like taupe and ivory to create a soft, comfy, and relaxed feel

living room with dining space cream colored walls chandelier and curtains

Darker neutral curtain colors such as brown and beige tones will create a soft and subtle contrast with the cream walls establishing a rich look and offering a relaxing and inviting space. Cream, beige, and brown tones are extremely popular since these colors offer a classy and sophisticated vibe to the space.

Tip: In order to pull off a classic neutral look for your home, incorporate some dark types of wood for furniture. This will create the right contrast that will give your home a timeless style.

A light gray curtain with a cream undertone on cream walls forms a lovely tone-on-tone effect, which looks soft and soothing to the eye, especially in the living room since it adds warmth and a welcoming ambiance. The cream walls provide balance and complement them perfectly with gray curtains giving the room a sophisticated and elegant contrast. 

To see is to believe, pair cream walls with stronger cream-colored curtains to give a touch of contrast and realize the ultimate calm and relaxing sanctuary these color combinations can offer to any space in your home. This neutral blend of cream with cream delivers a gentle touch of warmth and creates a certain softness to the room.

Insulating curtains and drapes are available that fit into tracks. Insulating shades are available in a great variety of styles and stop up to 80 percent of winter heat loss and 86 percent of summer heat gain. – Building Systems for Interior Designers, Corky Binggeli

Curtains may be seen only as practical window treatments that provide insulation; however, one should realize that curtains add a touch of personality and charm to every home. Being an interior designer, I consider curtains to be an essential part of the elements of the home where I can incorporate beautiful color palettes, different textures, and eye-catching patterns into my client’s home.

Since walls and windows are essential elements of design and are close to each other, it is important to always achieve a cohesive look. Always consider that the undertone of your curtain color should remain consistent for the whole color scheme to work with your cream walls. 

living space with couch lamp curtain and ottoman

Having cream walls in your home promotes visual enlargement that makes the room feel more spacious and natural, but it doesn’t mean that your interior color scheme will be plain and simple.

Remember that the key to making your space elegant, vibrant, warm yet welcoming, and at the same time relaxing and cozy is by having a touch of contrast.

Curtains that have darker and lighter shades whether neutral or complementary colors are perfect for striking color combinations. These color options uplift the calmness of your cream-colored walls with added depth that connects you to your surroundings and offers an inviting atmosphere in your home.

With all the recommendations I have shared when it comes to matching your cream-colored walls with the right curtain colors, you now have a better understanding of the different colors to use in coordinating different combinations that will enhance the vibe of your space. 

You are now able to decide on the overall visual effect according to your preference. You now have the confidence to choose colors that will add a sense of elegance and sophistication and promote a calming atmosphere to your bedrooms and living interior. Good luck with your next project.

As a designer for more than 20 years, I understand the incredible difference curtains make in a room interior’s overall appearance. Choosing the appropriate color of curtains for a specific color of the walls will enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal.

The neutral shade of cream makes it a versatile color that will work in any space. Cream walls make the room appear warmer and they can also tone down loud color scheme. 

In interior design, the cream color is a classic, timeless shade that will never go out of fashion. It is a safe color choice to incorporate into the walls since it promotes a feeling of cohesiveness and harmony around the other elements of the design scheme. 

Cream-colored walls are a great canvas to layer different hues whether neutrals or a wonderful contrast to other shades on the color wheel.

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