Toilet Paper Holder Height & Distance

Guide to the placement of toilet paper holder height & distance, including standard bathroom measurements for best results. Modern bathroom with toilet and toilet paper holder

The proper placement of a toilet paper holder may seem like a small thing, but getting the measurements correct is important. Here are the most common measurements to ensure the best look and fit.

What height should a toilet paper holder be?

The height of a toilet paper holder should be about 26 inches from the finished floor. The holder’s placement should be 10 to 12 inches from the toilet and positioned slightly in front of the bowl. This allows for easy reach.

This measurement can be changed based on items in the way and the height of the users of the space. This height is the most comfortable to reach while sitting on the toilet.

Toilet paper holder height and distance away from floor and toilet

ADA toilet paper height

The ADA requirements for the installation height for toilet paper holders must be at least 19 inches above the floor and no more than 36 inches above the floor.

This is distance most commonly used in commercial bathrooms, as that is where the regulations are monitored. If there is a possibility that someone in your home may have a disability, it would be best to heed the ADA requirements for commodes as it will be most comfortable for them.

How far to place a toilet paper dispenser from the toilet

The best distance to place a toilet paper holder is a maximum of one foot (12″) from the bowl. This position ensures optimal accessibility for users of all shapes and sizes.

This is usually the arm’s length of someone sitting on the toilet, needing to use the paper. This can change a little based on the size of the users.

Where should a toilet paper holder be placed?

For the most comfortable use of a toilet paper holder, there are a few guidelines to be followed.

The toilet paper holder should be placed on the wall about 8 inches to 12 inches to the side of the bowl.

This can change based on the height and arm length of the preferred user. Typically, it will be used by many people of varying shapes and sizes, so hitting in the middle is optimal.

As for the height, the paper holder should lie about 26 inches above the floor for most standard applications, but, again, this can change based on the arm’s length.

Additionally, consider the materials used in constructing the holder and the style of the bar it features. A well-made holder can withstand the test of repeated use.

Are toilet paper holders standard size?

Toilet paper holders have a few different ‘sizes’ that can be selected. This allows for different sizes of rolls to be placed on the holders.

Most residential bathrooms only have one regular-sized roll, but some may require a jumbo-size paper holder. Based on the size of the rolls you plan to buy should determine the type of holder you purchase.

How to install a toilet paper holder?

Toilet paper holder placement in small modern bathroom A toilet paper holder needs to be hung precisely to allow for optimal use. There are a few quick and easy steps to get the perfect install.

Installation of a toilet paper holder is an easy DIY project for a bathroom remodel.

-Step One for installing a holder is to measure the location from the toilet to where you want the holder to go. Typically from 8″ to 12″ away.

-Step Two is to make sure you have a level handy to make sure the screws are correctly leveled for attaching the holder in the correct position.

-Step Three is to drill the holes and screw in the hardware for the holder according to the location selected.

– Step Four is to pop on the holder and screw in any set screws on the holder fixture.

From there, it will be ready for toilet paper and use!

In some cases, like described below, installing the paper holder can be much easier, as they are just set in place.

Where do you hang a holder in a small bathroom?

In some bathrooms, there is insufficient wall space to place a wall-hung toilet paper holder. In such situations, products like a freestanding holder, basket, shelf, or rack behind the toilet come in handy.

If that still is not enough space for your tiny bathroom, there are options for over-the-tank toilet paper holders that are very handy in tight spaces. These products allow for additional rolls or other accessories to be placed within easy reach. Ensure the shelves or rack you choose do not interfere with opening and closing the seat.

If you already have the wall-hung holder and would not like to change to a different mounting option, there still can be a place to hang it.

While there are ADA requirements and recommended guidelines for optimal use, these are not required in residential homes.

The location can be wherever you choose and what is comfortable (or tolerable) for you. Choosing to hang outside the recommendation for height and distance is not mandatory.

Placing the holder bar closer and higher to the bowl is fine in a small bathroom as long as the user can reach it. It’s easier if the dispenser is positioned toward the front rather than the back, if possible.

There are bathroom remodel software apps that can help you visualize the design & layout before you do any actual remodeling or renovation work. These can be especially useful when working with a small bathroom layout.


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