11 Places to Put A Toilet Paper Holder In A Small Bathroom

The strategic placement of bathroom essentials holds great importance as it will play a major role in the bathroom movement. The toilet paper holder is one of the most overlooked bathroom essentials, although it is very useful in terms of functionality and aesthetics within a small bathroom. Discover different ideas on where to put a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom including wall-mounted options, storage baskets, and using the vanity, among others.

different bathroom designs with holders for toilet paper

Navigating inside a tight bathroom space necessitates thoughtful consideration when placing certain objects so you can ascertain convenience as well as aesthetic appeal. So in this guide, we will talk about where to put your toilet paper holder inside your small bathroom.

We will present to you 10 ideas on where you can conveniently put your toilet paper holder to optimize your limited bathroom space. [toc]

Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder Toward the Front of the Toilet

bathroom with tissue holder

In the challenging confines of a tight-space bathroom, a wall-mounted toilet paper holder is indeed among the most practical options. It is normally positioned at the most ideal height and distance from your toilet, which normally measures 8 to 12 inches in front of the toilet bowl.

From the floor to the wall-mounted toilet paper holder, the distance is normally around 26 to 30 inches. With these standard measurements, the holder might offer ideal convenience without consuming valuable bathroom space.

Moreover, the streamlined design of wall-mounted toilet paper holders can easily blend with any bathroom decor, which also contributes to an uncluttered bathroom ambiance. The installation is not complicated as well, making it a good selection if you wish to maximize the space and utility of your small bathroom while following the ergonomic standards simultaneously.

Storage Basket on Top of the Toilet

toilet with basket filled with rolls of tissue paperIf you are dealing with difficulties due to limited wall shelves or wall space in your small bathroom, then making use of a toilet paper storage basket placed on the top of your toilet (flushing area, tank) may be the most practical solution. 

Normally positioned within arm’s reach of the toilet occupant, this storage style provides effortless access to the toilet paper while maintaining a clean visual appeal at the same time. 

Nonetheless, it is of utmost essence to take into account the potential restrictions, specifically for individuals with physical limitations who may experience difficulties reaching the toilet paper from behind.

However, even though this idea may not be 100% ergonomic, it may still be a viable solution for those looking to maximize the space in their small bathroom.

Side Toilet-Mounted Holder

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If wall space is your ultimate concern, you might find a toilet-mounted toilet paper holder very useful and practical – it offers quite an innovative solution. Whether it is a single- or dual-roll configuration, such toilet holders normally attach directly to the toilet tank, which helps you save wall space.

Due to this proximity to the toilet occupant, gaining access to the toilet paper would be very easy, Nevertheless, the suitability and practicality of this space-saving solution ultimately depend on the design of the toilet as well as user liking.

Although using toilet-mounted toilet paper holders can offer high space-saving efficiency, you still have to consider that its design aesthetics and ease of usage would be according to your preferences. 

Just like the idea #2 in this list, homeowners with physical limitations may also find it hard to reach the toilet paper behind them, but it will depend on how you will install the holder and its structural design.

Holder on the Bathroom Vanity


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If you want to maximize your vertical space within small bathroom sizes, you may hang your toilet paper holder on the front of your small bathroom vanity. This will allow you to combine utility and style seamlessly.

When applying this idea, you must ensure that the toilet holder will not obstruct the vanity door or drawing opening. By doing so, you will have a toilet holder placement that can offer smooth access without detracting from the small bathroom’s general layout.

This idea is generally suitable for bathrooms that deal with restricted wall space. It makes sure that the toilet paper is always within the occupant’s reach while maintaining a neat bathroom ambiance.

Sleek Holder Stand

bathroom with wall mounted toilet and tiled flooring

As you navigate the issues and difficulties that come with having a small bathroom, you will be forced to come up with creative solutions. And one of the small bathroom ideas to consider is by making use of a sleek toilet holder – a total space-saver and design-improving bathroom feature. Truly, if you put your toilet paper in this holder, you can smoothly blend elegance and functionality.

Generally placed strategically such as in a nook or corner across the toilet or flanking the sides for an effortless access, these sleek toilet paper holder stands are indeed an unobtrusive yet practical shelter for toilet paper. The slim profile of these stands and the capacity to hold many toilet paper rolls can also offer a neat, organized bathroom setting.

Hanging Holder on the Side of the Toilet

bathroom with wood wall and toilet

The strategic placement of the toilet holder on the side of the toilet maximizes unused wall space whilst ascertaining access to the toilet paper. Remember, space restrictions will always dictate smart placement solutions, and putting your toilet paper rolls on a wall-mounted toilet holder on the side of the toilet would be a wise move.

To make sure you are following the ergonomic standards, you may install the toilet holder 8 to 12 inches in front of the toilet and roughly 25 to 26 inches above the bathroom floor. Applying such measurements may allow toilet occupants to enjoy functionality without compromising comfort.

Inside a Basket Under the Bathroom Sink

basket for paper rolls

You can always harness the usage of the space beneath your bathroom sink. It is normally underused, but this may be the time for you to use it by putting the basket under your sink and converting it into a toilet paper holder.

In a bathroom used by several people, abundant concealed storage is often handy for extra supplies such as toilet paper, cotton pads and swabs, extra boxes of tissue, and other utilitarian items. – Organized Home: Stylish Storage Solutions for Every Room, C. J. Petersen

Doing so can allow you to creatively give that often-neglected space a major role – holding your toilet paper rolls. You just have to make sure that the basket you will put under your sink has an eye-pleasing design to maintain that gorgeous bathroom decor. Also, you can store other bathroom essentials in this space to go along with your toilet paper.

Holder Mounted to the Side of the Bathroom Vanity

bathroom with vanity mirror and small cabinet

This placement capitalizes on the bathroom vanity’s proximity to the toilet – putting toilet paper that is within reach. This idea ensures pure accessibility and tidiness every time you use the toilet. You just have to ensure that the toilet holder should not interfere with the function of the bathroom vanity

Above the Toilet on a Shelf

bathroom shelf made of metal with tissue rolls

If wall space is not a major issue in your small bathroom, there is a high chance that you have a shelf near your toilet. Whether the shelf is installed above your toilet or adjacent to it, a nearby shelf can act as a practical and accessible storage for toilet paper rolls and other bathroom necessities.

If you do not have a shelf in your small bathroom yet and wall space is not an issue in your bathroom, then maybe it is time to install small floating shelves that can sufficiently accommodate toilet paper rolls. You just have to ensure that it is within reach every time you use the toilet.

Install a Recessed Toilet Holder

bathroom tiled wall with toilet paper holder

Truly, you can elevate the aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality of your small bathroom by installing a recessed toilet paper holder. Artfully integrated into your bathroom wall, this minimalist storage design can give essential bathroom space while granting smooth access to your toilet paper.

The only downside of installing a recessed toilet holder is the installation process – it is not easy and may require a professional to do it. It may involve some major structural renovations and modifications, but rest assured that the outcome is a streamlined and clutter-free appearance that can complement the decor of your bathroom.

Hanging From Grab Bars

bathroom toilet for elderly with handle bars

If you have an ADA style toilet you can often find models with grab bars with built-in toilet paper rings. This way, elderly or disabled users can easily access the rolls without bending around or straining to reach them. While not the ideal solution for all households, this method gets high marks for ease of use.

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