Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture

Here we share our powder coated outdoor furniture design guide including what is, how long it lasts, its cost, how to clean, ways to paint, and how to restore it.Powder coated furniture patio Enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor furniture can be challenging for first-time homeowners. People can choose from different design finishing options, often depending on their objectives and budgetary concerns. One of the most exciting outdoor furniture finishing methods is powder coating. 

High quality and durable finish, powder coating can also give fixtures and furniture an elegance that no paint or other finishing process can provide. Learn more about this process to determine if powder-coated outdoor furniture is right for you or not. [toc]

What is Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture?

Table chairs powder coated gardenPowder-coated outdoor furniture is any piece of metal furniture that receives a fresh coating of dry powder to improve its aesthetics while ensuring a longer-lasting finish than conventional paints. 

Benches, garden chairs, sofas, tables, bistro sets, gazebo furniture, and other pieces of outdoor furniture will look more awesome after an application of premium-quality powder coating.

Powder coatings are a combination of ultra-strong polymer resins, curatives, leveling agents, pigments, and flow modifiers. Manufacturers melt-mix these ingredients, cool them, and ground them to a powdery consistency.

Furniture manufacturers apply the powder coating using an electrostatic spray deposition method, allowing the powder molecules to bond with metal components during curing.

The result is long molecular chains with exceptional density and strength. This process allows the powder-coated furniture to last longer than painted pieces of furniture.

How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

Powder coated chairs and tableThe unique formulation of powder coating gives it exceptional durability that can last up to two decades. It has remarkable resistance against weather, corrosion, and chemicals, making powder coating suitable for outdoor applications. 

Homeowners will never worry about their outdoor furniture losing its color because it will take prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions to put a dent into the powder coat. 

Unfortunately, one must apply the powder coating correctly to ensure stable and permanent adhesion of the powder molecules on the furniture’s surface. Urethanes and fluoropolymers offer unparalleled longevity for powder coatings.

Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture Cost

Backyard patio powder coated furniture wood floorA piece of powder-coated outdoor furniture can cost homeowners several tens to a few hundreds of dollars more than the average price of the furniture. 

For example, if an ordinary steel garden bench costs $200, getting a powder-coated garden bench can be pricier by $50 to $100.

One must remember the unique process of making a powder-coated piece of furniture, not to mention the method’s durable nature. The more layers of powder coating, the more expensive the outdoor furniture is.

How Much Does It Cost to Powder Coat Patio Furniture?

Because of the enduring elegance and protection of powder coating, many homeowners now choose to powder coat almost every piece of furniture they have. This finishing process is not only applicable for the outdoors. It can also be an exceptional method indoors.

So, how much will it cost the average homeowner to powder coat his patio furniture?

The answer depends on the type of powder coat one wants to use. The amount of powder coating and the relative difficulty of application are also essential considerations.

Across the US, homeowners can expect to pay around $200 for every piece of furniture. Some areas may charge lower or higher, putting the price range to within $100 and $350 per furniture.

It should not surprise homeowners that luxury accommodations require the best, jacking up their per-furniture cost to $900 or more.

Does Powder Coated Steel Rust?

Powder coated table chairs outdoorPowder coatings provide metal surfaces with impervious armor against the elements. When applied correctly, complete with the crucial preparatory processes, a powder-coated surface will never rust. That is why many resorts and beachfront establishments choose to powder coat their furniture pieces.

While powder-coated furniture pieces are impervious to corrosion, they are not immune to surface damage. Scratches, scuff marks, and nicks can still occur. 

When these imperfections develop, they create a point for moisture to enter and potentially lead to rust formation.

Can You Paint Over Powder Coat?

Yellow powder coated chairs patioWhile powder coatings last many years, they can still suffer from damage, including abrasions, cuts, scratches, and others. Sometimes, people also want to give their furniture a fresh look.

It is possible to apply a coat of paint over the powder-coated surface, provided one observes the right surface preparation and uses only the correct materials. 

Surface preparation is crucial because powder-coated surfaces have a flat and smooth finish. Paint molecules will not be able to adhere or bind to such a surface. That is why one must sand the surface to give paint molecules something to hold onto.

How Do You Restore Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture?

Prolonged exposure to the elements can shorten a powder coating’s lifespan, causing it to fade. Restoring it can be challenging because it requires careful surface preparation.

The first step to restoring one’s powder-coated outdoor furniture is removing surface contaminants with a degreaser before cleaning it with the correct cleaning agent. Sanding the surface creates a framework for powder molecules to adhere to, allowing homeowners to restore their outdoor furniture.

A specialist acrylic powder can restore the coating, ensuring the application of multiple coats to achieve a stunning finish.

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Regular cleaning of powder-coated aluminum patio furniture can extend its aesthetic and protective qualities. Start by preparing a warm soapy solution, using a mild dishwashing liquid to remove grime and dust from the surface.

Always use a lint-free cloth to apply and gently rub the soapy solution on the powder-coated surface. If the furniture comes with a glass top, it will be wise to use a glass cleaner. You should ensure none of it gets onto the powder coating.

Finish the cleaning process with a cold water rinse before drying the furniture completely. If one notices residues on the surface, a soft sponge is ideal instead of a lint-free rag.


Outdoor powder coated furniture backyardPowder coated outdoor furniture can give patios, gardens, gazebos, and porches an elegant look that last a few decades. Not only does it beautify one’s landscape, but powder coating can also extend the lifespan of one’s furniture because of its unique surface bonding capabilities. 

Having one’s outdoor furniture may look like an expensive venture. If one can extend the fantastic finish by twenty years, powder coating will still turn out a more cost-effective finishing option.

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