Painting Kitchen Cabinet Doors Different Color Than Frame

If you want to go with kitchen cabinets that don’t match the frames, it isn’t a major cause of concern. You can even find a way to spin it and make it work for you. Again, it all comes down to what your preferences are. You can have different colors for your cabinets and trims and for as long as the result is a cohesive and harmonious look.

Interior of a beautiful kitchen with wooden cabinets black granite countertops and accents

Here are some combinations worth looking at if you want to look beyond just the usual white kitchen (although white kitchens are statements in themselves, too).

Can Kitchen Cabinet Doors Be A Different Color?

Modern kitchen home interior design with laminated wood cabinets and white countertops

Absolutely yes. The color is a kitchen’s best friend. With the right combinations, you can completely transform your space into something clever and transformative. 

You can highlight the best features of your kitchen as well as downplay the parts that you don’t want so much attention to. Here are some combinations to look at for different color cabinet doors and frames.

Two Tones

Bright kitchen with different cabinet colors and dining room with decorative table and chairs

A two-toned approach to your cabinet doors can change the vibe of the entire kitchen. It can brighten up one area and kind of put a mood vibe in the other. 

It’s the best way for you to be able to create a truly personalized or customized look. If you’re planning to break out of the all-white and wood-toned zone, your cabinets are the best place to start. See more two tone kitchen ideas here.

Here are some cabinet color combos worth looking at.

Dark blue and sky blue

Two shades of the same color is one of the most failsafe approaches if you want to be a little adventurous with your cabinet door and frame colors but you just aren’t there yet and you haven’t decided to go completely avant-garde just yet.

Pair this with bright white ceilings for added height and you’ve got a kitchen that mimics the look of the sea and the sky.

Blue and gray

blue doors and gray framed cabinets

A blue and gray color scheme is a cohesive choice that can provide several advantages. Since blue tends to be a calming color and gray is neutral they can provide balance and a serene atmosphere. Adding lighter gray can help provide a more open feel, while darker shades can offer interesting depth and style.

Lighter shades of blue are useful for reflecting light, which can be useful if you have a smaller, darker floor plan. This pairing also works for a variety of designs from rustic to modern to match the style you want.

Sage green and barn red

Light sage green wooden kitchen with window and colorful decors and accents

To avoid the risk of having a color combination that looks a little too Christmasy, go for muted and soft tones of red and sage green to pull off the look.

It also helps if you have warm undertones in the other elements of your design such as wood tones in your floors and kitchen island.

White and leaf green

Green and white kitchen with dining table

If you want a crisp white kitchen to still be your mainstay look, it doesn’t always have to be a solo act. You can add in a pop of color with a vibrant leaf green color either on the cabinet doors or frames.

This color combination draws the eye into your chosen focal point of the cabinet without being too overwhelming.

Red and black

Modern style kitchen with black granite countertop steel fridge and black and red cabinets

This is a dramatic pairing as both colors are dark and dramatic. For some reason, though, it works. It’s best if you paint your cabinet doors red and paint the frames black.

A red and black combo makes your doors appear like they’re floating as the black frames kind of fade off into the background.

Grey and hot orange

Orange cabinets with gray accents kitchen design

Gray is one of the most neutral and changeable colors out there but for some reason, it has enough interesting features for it to hold up all on its own.

Why let it stand alone in your kitchen though when you can make the space come alive with a splash of fiery orange? Paint the cabinet doors a soft and neutral gray and paint your frames a shocking orange for that exciting pop in your cabinets without ending up with a look that’s too heavy.

Butter yellow and flame red

There’s something really charming about the butter-yellow and flame-red combination. If you want kitchen cabinet doors that can make a statement, you would definitely want to look into this color pairing. 

The fiery red is the showstopper whereas the butter yellow mellows it down and adds some dimension to the frames. It also has a farmhouse look so if you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse vibe, cabinets with these colors will definitely be able to pull that look off.

Kitchens are meant to be homey and comfortable and this color pairing does just that. Check our gallery of farmhouse kitchen cabinets here.

Cabinets With Different Colored Doors

Blue and white cabinets in modern design kitchen interior with wooden floor and ceiling lights

Your kitchen cabinet doors don’t have to match at all. Again, the reiteration is that you can make them look however you would like them to look like. It really all boils down to you and what your preferences will turn out to be.

You can play around with the colors and materials that you would like to use. Read more about the types of kitchen cabinet materials to get more ideas.

One thing to note though when you’re opting for mismatched colored cabinet doors is that you have to take care in choosing the colors that you use. Go for colors that have a sense of cohesiveness or that you can tie together once the entire look is finished. You have to take care of how everything flows.

It also helps a lot if you consult the professionals when you’re at a designing standstill as they can give you some insights on what can be done.

Here are some painting kitchen cabinet doors in different colors than frame tips to use when opting for different combinations.

• Don’t mix something too traditional with something overly contemporary. You would want the styles to be fluid as much as possible. See our gallery featuring beautiful traditional kitchen cabinets here.

• Changing the paint colors is OK for as long as your cabinet door styles still match.

• Pay attention to your insurance coverage. If you’re already starting to spend some money on home renovations, even if it’s something as small as cabinet door paints, you should protect your investments at all costs. 

When it comes to interior decorating and designing, a variety of different colors is quite alright. All that matters is that you’re happy with what you end up with at the end of the day. Although there is quite a following for color-coordinated homes, there are also a lot of homeowners who aren’t all that into an overly monochromatic and uniform look. 

For more related ideas, visit our guide to kitchen cabinet styles with the types of cabinetry, doors, and finishes.

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