Garage Door in Living Room (Design Types & Ideas)

Automatic garage doors are an amazing thing. They’re heavy-duty, have a very large opening, and best of all, they’re motor-operated, so you wouldn’t have to exert so much effort into opening it. But have you ever thought or considered using a garage door in your living room?

Living room garage door with glass windows

The large opening makes it a great option to connect your living room to the outdoors, allowing you to easily connect the two spaces with less hassle compared to sliding doors and bi-fold doors.

Suppose you’re thinking about how it looks; worry not! Aside from the normal metal garage door, there are also metal-framed glass door options. They look like your normal modern panel windows from the outside, making it a very stylish option.

Garage Door in Living Room Designs

Many different garage door mechanisms are available such as:

  1. Sectional – This option has sectioned panels with horizontal hinges that allow them to slide into a track connected to the ceiling. These are usually motorized and are one of the space-saving options.
  2. Up and Over – The door still stacks above the head in a track in this option, but the door’s segments do not need hinges anymore, so the whole, solid panel is lifted above the head. These are also usually motorized and need a clearance outside, as you need to swing it out a bit before opening.
  3. Canopy – This is very similar to up and over; the main difference is that part of the structure is left outside, forming a small “canopy.”

Types of Door Styles

Here are some garage door in living room designs for your reference:

Roll up garage door in living room
How about connecting your entertainment areas? Connect your outdoor dining area on the porch to the living room easily with a garage door. This living room has a very simple set-up of a sofa, an entertainment cabinet, a TV, and a few accessories.
The main feature would be the solid wood floor and ceiling panels. The addition of the black-framed glass gives a modern industrial look that matches the furniture pieces as well.
Frosted glass roll up garage door living room


Aside from plain clear glass, you can definitely use frosted glass for your door’s panel as well. The white, blue, and white combination gives this living room a nautical vibe that gives it a refreshing feeling. The garage door idea used here has a chrome finish, giving it a really modern look that matches the living room look.

Slide Up Door

Living room with tall ceiling and roll up door
This is a unique slide-up garage door mechanism that involves a hydraulic mechanism for safe opening and closing. The design basically slides up vertically instead of going to a horizontal track, allowing a clear overhead space.
This is only applicable if a high ceiling accommodates this type of door. For this modern industrial-style living room, the galvanized steel finish perfectly complements the interior.
Roll up door in loft living room


Capture some sunlight with a bronzed glass door that opens up to a small balcony. You can let some fresh breeze and warm sunlight into your room, improving indoor air circulation. The industrial finishes for the floors and brick walls match the look of the black frame and bronze glass combination used on the door’s frame.

Sectional Door

Contemporary living room with roll up garage door


This small sectional garage door is just the perfect size for this small living area. The black framed door nicely complements the modern furniture pieces and frames the white walls leading to the kitchen nicely.

Converted garage to living room


If you want a porch but don’t want to get bothered covering your outdoor furniture every time it rains or find outdoor furniture maintenance a bit tasking, consider bringing it “indoors” through a sectional door.

This example has a modern patio set up in a small covered portion indoors and is only separated from the backyard through the roll-up door. You can easily experience the outdoor breeze and view without worrying about wet outdoor cushions and pillows.

Glass Window Panels

Living room with closed garage door


Bring in the breeze with a large opening that can only be achieved with glass window garage doors. This living room blends in teak wood furniture pieces, creating a cross-over of the indoor and outdoor. This living room connects to the front porch, but the tight seat and discrete design of the door make it look like an ordinary glass window from the outside.

When closed, this white garage door tightly seals from the outside, so you don’t have a problem with leaks or insects. You can also lock it from the inside for extra safety.

Garage Door Cost

Glass garage doors typically range from $1500 to $5500 for standard sizes, while taller sizes, customs, and wood options can go above $8000.

Before buying, make sure to select a size that is perfect for the application area, double-checking the load capacity of your beams/ceiling and the electrical requirements as well.

Garage door in living room with gas fireplace, entertainment center and television

The I-bean running through the ceiling is a handy support anchor for framing the glass garage door. The black-framed garage door complements the black details of the living area, while the beige and natural wood tones nicely complement the natural colors on the porch.

Since the garage door has a very large opening, the cabinetry is strategically placed away from the opening. The TV is placed on a niche for extra protection.

For more related ideas, take a look at our article about garage design software for planning and creating your own garage layouts.

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