Wood Kitchen Ceiling (17 Design Ideas)

Want to spice up the look of your kitchen? How about adding wood to your kitchen ceiling to give it a fresh new look? Using wood on your ceiling adds more texture and depth, giving any space a warmer, more rustic appeal.

Kitchen with wood ceiling white cabinets shiplap oven hood

Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are many different styles and varieties of wood you can use on the ceiling.

Wood Ceiling In Kitchen Designs

The wood used on a ceiling application is similar to the styles and varieties used for wall panelings, such as:

  • Wood planks – these are usually solid wood planks in a variety of thicknesses and widths according to your preference. It has straight edges and is usually butt-jointed and reinforced by screws or finishing nails.
  • Shiplap – traditionally used for siding/cladding, shiplap ceiling boards have a rabbet groove at the top and bottom, allowing you to overlap the boards. The rabbet results in a small groove in between boards and is also the defining feature of shiplap boards
  • Tongue & groove – these boards usually have smaller grooves because the pieces “snap together” like puzzle pieces. Tongue and groove ceilings often use pine, other more exclusive choices are cherry and cypress wood.
  • Beadboard – this type of board is also usually joined with a tongue and groove connection, but is identified from other boards through its “ridge” or bead-like indentation. Beadboard ceilings are often used to give a room layout a traditional or cottage style.

Wood selections for ceilings offer a large variety of wood species for solid wood and also come in synthetic alternatives such as laminates, vinyl, PVC or fiber cement. You need to consider different factors before you decide on the type of board and material you will have to use overhead.

Here are some important factors you need to consider:

  • Ceiling load capacity – if the existing ceiling is made from gypsum board and metal furring framing, make sure it will be able to hold the weight of the material you are applying. The same goes for other materials, you need to make sure it has enough frames/supports to hold your boards together
  • Moisture – try to steer away from wood composite materials/mdf substrate materials when applying to areas with considerably high moisture to avoid warping. Check for any leaks, especially if there’s a bathroom above it
  • Look and Feel – find a material that matches the look you are going for!

Ceiling planks that are made from solid wood or fiber cement can usually be painted. But also consider if they have pre-finished/painted options, as this might save you labor costs. However, laminated materials and PVC are usually installed as it is. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your material of choice before you decide to paint to make sure you are using the right type of paint.

The cost of wood ceiling varies depending on the material used. Typically, a solid wood ceiling could cost around $1.50 per square foot for the materials, and another $2-$3.5 per square foot for professional installation. Price would vary depending on the chosen material.

Below are some kitchen wood ceilings for your inspiration:

Beautiful kitchen with white cabinets wood plank ceiling and white beams

This contemporary kitchen uses bleached & gray-stained solid wood for its overhead design. It uses tongue and groove joints for a cleaner look that matches the overall aesthetic of the space.

Modern kitchen with wood ceiling

Warm oak shiplap boards balance out the very cool-toned modern aesthetic of the kitchen. The planks follow the direction of the wood flooring so that the patterns don’t clash.

Kitchen with tongue and groove wood ceiling white cabinets blue island

Adding a whitewash to the wooden shiplap boards adds a rustic, nautical vibe to the layout. Because the boards used are also light-colored, the washed-out boards soften the overall feel of this kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen with white plank ceiling quartz counter island

The tongue and groove wooden boards were painted white to match the finish of the wooden beams and supports. The boards also match the direction of the plank flooring, so even if they are of 2 different colors/finishes, they don’t clash.

Contemporary kitchen with wood tongue and groove ceiling white cabinets wood flooring

The use of smaller-width grooved planks gives more texture to the ceilings. It’s a nice pair to the otherwise plain white cabinets but still matches its classic aesthetic.

Kitchen with wood painted white tongue and groove ceiling

This kitchen ceiling also uses narrow tongue and groove planks with small v-grooves to add more depth and texture. The glossy finish is a nice contrast to the washed-out matte plank flooring.

Wood ceiling kitchen with white cabinets

If you’re not ready to apply wood to your whole kitchen ceilings, you can also choose to apply it on small areas, such as this small drop ceiling above the kitchen island. The walnut planks adds a bold contrast, making the kitchen island area the focal point of the space.

Renovated kitchen with drop ceiling to wood accent ceiling design

If you don’t have a drop ceiling, this is another smart way to add wood to small areas of your kitchen overhead. The white beadboard planks were applied at a small square tray ceiling area at the center of the kitchen and were framed with a wood cornice for accent.

Contemporary kitchen with vaulted wood ceiling gray island white cabinets

For a smoother, cleaner aesthetic. vinyl tiles are the best choice as they barely have any visible grooves. It’s also easier to clean and moisture-resistant. The maple finish vinyl tiles used on this gable vaulted ceiling add a soft warmth to the modern gray and white kitchen.

Kitchen with tongue and groove wood flooring and coffered ceiling with white cabinets and marble countertops

This white and black kitchen features a classic box beam ceiling design with shiplap composite wood planks that add a soft contrast to the white coffers.

Kitchen with shiplap ceiling and backsplash white cabinets black range hood

Going for a rustic feel, tongue, and groove solid wood planks in a weathered white finish were used not only on the ceiling but also on all of the walls of this small kitchen. 

Rustic kitchen with slanted ceiling corrugated side island with concrete counter

Unfinished natural wooden planks used in this industrial-style kitchen add to its raw & rustic feel. The washed-out/gray tones perfectly match the birch flooring and the GI metal kitchen island.

White kitchen with rough plank accent ceiling

These raw walnut planks were left un-sanded and unfinished, then applied (butt-jointed) to the recessed ceiling as an accent. The dark tone of the flooring finish gives a nice, warm contrast that complements the mid-century modern aesthetic of the kitchen.

White kitchen with wood ceiling

For a clean, understated look, white tongue and groove with v-groove was used for the ceiling of this kitchen. Even though the plank direction of the wood flooring and the ceiling are opposite, the plain white color helps blend it with the other white surfaces so they don’t really clash against each other.

Kitchen with wood beadboard ceiling

Bleached maple beadboard used on the ceiling gives this classic-style kitchen a brighter, more refreshing appeal. You can also find beadboard kitchen cabinets or a island with beadboard paneling  to further utilize the design.

Rustic kitchen with wood plank ceiling and distressed cabinetry

To match the loghouse aesthetic of this rustic kitchen, the ceiling uses raw, unfinished solid wood planks in chevron pattern. The natural texture and knots of the wood adds a bold texture and pattern to the design.

White kitchen with wood plank ceiling and wood tile flooring

Lightweight shiplap PVC was used for this tongue and groove ceiling paneling. It has a nice glossy warm gray color that matches with the warm gray wall paint used in the whole kitchen. For more types of ceiling designs check out our gallery page.

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