What is A Bedroom Suite? (Furniture Set Ideas)

Here we share the answers to the popular question of what is a bedroom suite furniture set inclusions, en suite bedroom, and a comparison between bedroom suite vs suit.
What is a bedroom suite collage Have you ever heard of a bedroom suite? And no, it’s different from a master suite and a master bedroom. If you don’t know what a bedroom suite is and are out shopping for bedroom furniture, this is the perfect time to learn about it. 

A bedroom suite refers to the mixing and matching of bedroom furniture to coordinate them and the design of the room in general. It can match your bed with a nightstand and dresser, but it is not limited to that since you can consider more furniture sets.

Quicklist: What Furniture You Can Add to Your Bedroom Suite

  • Bedroom
  • Bed
  • Dresser or Dresser Mirror
  • Drawers
  • Wardrobe
  • Nightstand
  • Bookshelves

What’s Included with a Bedroom Suite Furniture Set 

Luxury modern bedroom suite with tv and wardrobeA bedroom suite is a set of pieces of furniture matched and coordinated. It can range from a 5-piece set to more pieces of furniture, but there are no minimum or maximum pieces you can group. They are considered a bedroom suite as long as they are matched together to house a bedroom and match the room’s style. 

The minimum requirement for a bedroom in California is 70 square feet. It may have a full bathroom, that is, with sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub, or a half bathroom, that is only with sink and toilet. [Source: Permit Sonoma]

Bedroom suites come in a variety of sizes and styles. In the furniture industry, it can be overwhelming when shopping for pieces of furniture. Read more about our bedroom size guide here.

In matching and coordinating them, you can take into account the following elements: 

Materials– you can match furniture based on the material they are made of (e.g., wooden nightstand, a shag rug, and dressers)

Colors– matching furniture based on color can be tone-on-tone, complementing, or contrasting colors, depending on your preference and planned ambiance. See our guide to the best bedroom paint colors for walls & ceilings for more ideas.

Spacious black and white bedroom with ensuite bath and toilet

“Black is the perfect accent color for the sophisticated bedroom.” – Brad Mee, Bedrooms: Design is in the Details

Style/Design– you can go full Victorian look or modern style or mix and match. See our gallery of modern master bedroom design ideas here.

Besides the different ways you can mix and match your furniture, you should choose wisely which pieces to include in your bedroom suite. This is why you should learn more about them. Some of the pieces of furniture you can consider are the following:

Bed – considered the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom set- is a central element of the suite. You can use the parts of the bed to match the furniture: the frame, headboard, mattress, bed rail, and footboard. You can also use complementary shades for the bedding, pillows, fitted sheet, and comforter to add pizazz and pops of color to the room.

Master bedroom interior with gray bed and cabinetsDresser/Dresser Mirror – used for storing clothes. This normally includes 6 to 8 drawers with a mirror (both for practical and decorative purposes) attached to it. 

Drawers – function the same as a dresser. You can use this instead and have a more vertical and taller storage

Wardrobe – this standalone closet can also be a good addition to your bedroom, especially since it has space for hanging clothes (which you can’t find in dressers and drawers)

Nightstand – placed beside the bed, this piece of furniture usually has small cabinets and drawers for storage (normally stores personal items). This is also the perfect spot for the family picture and a bedside lamp.

Cozy modern bedroom with overhead bookshelf Bookshelves – fill them with your favorite books, and they can function as a divider and add rustic appeal to your bedroom. 

You can also include desks, benches, and even treasure chests. You can customize the pieces of furniture to fit the design and style you have going for your bedroom. 

Bedroom Suite vs Suit

Beautiful bedroom with ensuite master bathroomIn learning more about bedroom suites, make sure that you know the term’s difference from “suit”. Despite having almost the same spelling, suite and suit are two different words with very different definitions.

“Suit” refers to playing cards, while “suite” defines a set of furniture pieces. 

Interestingly, there are regions where bedroom suites and bedroom suit are used similarly, both synonymous with a bedroom set. While all three refer to the same thing, a group of pieces of furniture designed for the bedroom, the phrase “bedroom suite” is more commonly used. 

What Is an En Suite Bedroom

An en suite bedroom refers to a bedroom directly attached and has direct access to a bathroom. Referring to it technically, the phrase “en suite” is a French word that means following or afterward. It was then adapted into English to mean connected or in the room. 

Generally, an en suite refers to a room connected to a bathroom (and the bathroom is not attached to any common areas). It is also usually the master bedroom in most homes, but it’s not limited to that. 

Some homes have guest rooms that are also en suite and have private bathrooms. Master bedrooms are not automatically en suite bedrooms and vice versa. 

Most of the rooms in hotels are en suite bedrooms. Their rooms are installed with private bathrooms, allowing more privacy for guests. However, hotels are not limited to bathrooms when talking about en suite. 

Beautiful bedroom with ensuite bathroom with wood beams The connected room can also mean an adjoined lounge area, a sitting room, or a smaller bedroom. This can vary widely from one hotel to another.

Ensuite Bedroom Variations

Some may even call it differently and use one of the following:

  • En suite living room
  • En suite patio
  • En suite kitchenette

You will know what kind of room your bedroom is connected to from these names. You can choose wisely which room you will need the most during your stay. 

If you have any comments about what is a bedroom suite, let us know in the comments section. For more articles like this, visit our guide to the most popular bedroom style types.

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