Trackless Garage Door (Benefits & Designs)

If you want to optimize your overhead space, installing a trackless garage door is highly recommended. Normally, the design of a trackless garage door is doubtlessly unique and modern compared to traditional styles. The motor that enables the door to open automatically is housed in the upper brace of the door frame, so it operates without the assistance of any tracks.

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However, what exactly, then, is a trackless garage door? What are the benefits of installing it? Is it more expensive than typical doors? As you read, you will know more about this type and its benefits. [toc]

What is a Trackless Style Door?

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As the name states, a trackless garage door does not need ceiling tracks. This means that the internal protrusion is decreased by around 50%. Most garage doors have tracks, which is one reason why some types of garages become narrow-spaced and restricted.

Normally, a trackless garage door is used in limited interior spaces. When activated, the trackless mechanism will raise itself, fold in half, go under your ceiling, split into two parts, and then the lower section will slide under the upper section. 

The motor that runs the electric automation process is installed in the upper beam of the garage door frame. And because of that, the interior space and the door’s height and width are optimized. 

Its uncommon and newfangled mechanism uses a counterbalance weight technology with enormous cables that lift the panels from each side in a vertical direction until the lower door panel is slid under the upper door panel. 

After that, the panels are both suspended in the ceiling, which provides the maximum width and height of the door opening.

Garage Door without Tracks Benefits

Folding trackless style garage doors

Very Energy-efficient Compared to Traditional Garage Doors

In general, trackless garage doors use an electronic-controlled mechanism that only drives one mechanical clutch that is connected between two counterweights, which helps in decreasing energy consumption.

Provides Maximum Safety, Security, and Insulation

Trackless doors use electric-based sensors in the motor that are carefully and professionally designed and manufactured. No injuries will occur during the operation. 

Adding another dimension, this type is theft-proof. Generally, the motor calibration is thoroughly studied and smartly created by authorized and expert engineers.

The insulation level becomes quite high because of the professionally designed panel structure. The panels normally have rubber-made seals to close the opening fully, providing superior weather-proofing and sound insulation.

Uncomplicated Installation

A trackless garage door usually comprises two sectional panels and a metallic frame that could be easily installed behind or between your garage’s walls. This feature will work well with most standard garage door sizes.


Trackless doors are normally maintenance-free. They do not need to be repainted or reinforced with other materials as they can independently withstand different types of weather.

Noiseless Operation

The technology that runs a trackless garage door is quite advanced, and it is designed and created with maximum noiseless operation. 

The motor in the door’s frame operates quietly and helps in achieving a very flawless closing and opening.

Fully Customizable

The majority of trackless garage doors are fully customizable. It will mostly depend on the type of your house, building, business, etc.

These types often come with a wide variety of claddings, colors, and finishes, so you can freely select the design that suits your style and preferences. Read more about options for garage design software on this page if you are planning your own custom design.

Your Garage Becomes More Spacious

The interior space becomes more spacious because of the absence of space-consuming ceiling tracks. This works well with most ceiling design types.

It allows you to easily put essential objects in your ceiling without any disturbance that the usual tracks and visible operator can normally give.

The Interior Space of Your Garage Looks Neat

Another benefit of these doors is that they make your interior space clean and neat. With traditional styles, the tracks and operator seem to give an unattractive appearance in your space. 

However, since trackless designs do not require any of these to operate, you will enjoy a much neater and clearer interior space.

Trackless Door Cost

Contractor installing trackless design garage doors

The cost of a trackless garage door may vary depending on the material used. The price of doors that are made out of timber, such as oak, larch, and teak, normally ranges from $7,500 to $9,000. These types are more expensive than traditional styles.

However, there are also modernized and more attractive versions of trackless systems, usually made of steel-clad. Its overall cost usually ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. 

Trackless Manufacturers

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Here are some of the manufacturers of trackless garage doors:


This company is one of the top trackless door manufacturers in the world. All of their doors are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy. 

The Delta Overlap’s highly advanced technology undoubtedly transformed the quality of doors. Their innovatively designed trackless doors have been a popular choice by numerous homeowners.

Delta’s overlap trackless doors are normally made of timber or steel. The panels are incredibly stable, constructed uniquely, and underwent numerous durability and stability tests. They are very high-security, and their operation is truly smooth and noiseless.


This manufacturer offers a vast selection of the most advanced and innovative trackless garage doors. They are not just focused on making exquisitely designed doors but also on making them very functional, high-security, and durable. 

They offer different designs, colors, and styles, ensuring you will find the one that suits your needs and preferences. Silvelox has been in the industry for more than six decades, and they are truly specialized in producing high-end and reinforced doors. 

They combined aesthetics with newfangled technologies that focus on saving energy and operating quietly.

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