11 Toilet Tank Decor Ideas 

The toilet is a private area you need to be comfortable in, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it inviting. While the toilet tank seems to be all about its functional capacity, there are many things you can do to spruce it up. Here, we share various ideas for toilet tank decor, such as adding shelves, artwork, plant decorations, and tips on decorating above. 

Toilet tank decor ideas

The trick is to make the most out of the space in the toilet and fill it up with decorating elements. And the space you can deal with includes the water closet tank itself, its top, and the wall and space above the toilet.


Quicklist: Ways to Decorate a Toilet Tank Top

  • Add Shelves
  • Put Artwork
  • Add Plants
  • Include Small DIY Projects
  • Put a Mirror Above It

Decorating a Toilet Tank Top 

Glass tray with decors on top of toilet tank

When decorating your water closet tank top, there are many creative avenues you can transform it into more than just a comfortable personal space. You must choose one that will add value to your bathroom and improve the toilet’s functionality or aesthetics. 

Shelving And Additional Storage

Shelves with different decorations on wall above toilet tank in restroom interior

Whether you have a small or luxuriously spacious bathroom, storage is an important addition you can never disregard. The top of the tank can easily serve as additional storage since most bathrooms lack this aspect. 

“You’re bound to have some space over the back of your toilet, so don’t let it go to waste. If there’s a window behind your toilet, put a small cabinet (like a jewelry cabinet) on top of the tank to hold hair accessories, odds and ends, and even jewelry.” – Ellen Phillips, Kick the Clutter Clear Out Excess Stuff Without Losing What You Love

The best thing about this is that you can stretch your creativity to turn this additional storage into additional aesthetics.

Here are quick and easy makeover ideas you can consider for storage. 

• Over-the-Toilet Tank Shelf

• Flowery Utility Storage Box

• Stained Wooden Tray

• Leaning Shelf and Organizer

• Baskets Above the Toilet (Wicker, Wire, and Wooden Baskets)

• Towel Rods Above the Tank

• Metal Frame and Shelf


Stylish bathroom with artwork above toilet tank and wood shelves and table with bathroom essentials

You can polish your bathroom with artwork and display it above your toilet. The artwork will bring color to your bathroom and add texture and personality. And no, you don’t have to buy an expensive painting for this.

Here are some options you can display above your water toilet:

• Holiday Decor (Change your decor based on the coming holiday!)

• Creative Decor (Greenery, Seasonal Flowers, Pebbles, Sunset Scene, etc.)

• Old Comic Book Strip

• Stunning Wall Mural

• Wall Treatments (Wallpaper, Wainscoting, or Tile)

Lush Plants

Bathroom interior with plant in honeycomb shelves and wood console table with decor

Display lush plants, like greenery and flowers, above the lavatory to add freshness to the bathroom. Whether you choose a single pot plant or a group of plants, this element is a simple yet charming addition you can make the most of.

After all, the benefits of indoor plants have long been proven. Indoor plants have been known to remove pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air. They are also known to enhance a positive feeling and reduce stress. [Source: NASA]

Modern bathroom with wood tile wall and floor and built in shelf with books, plants, and decors

The pop of green provides extra texture to the bathroom, including the following:

• Succulent on A Wooden Tray

• Potted Plant

• Hanging Plant

• Wooden Planter and Diffuser

• Potter Plants on A Rainbow Planter

Little DIY Projects

Restroom with toilet bowl shelves plants and decors on panel green wall

Are you into DIY-ing and a bit of art and crafts? If you are, this is the time to showcase your creativity by displaying your little DIY/arts and crafts projects on top of the toilet tank. Don’t know what to do and display?

Here are some DIY decorating options to check out. 

• Simplistic white decorative case with flowers

• Functional storage caddy with artificial flowers

• Decorative candles (Flameless LED votive candles or scented and colorful candles)

• Water closet tank lid runner for that Shabby Chic or vintage look

• Toilet paper holder (Sheep toilet paper holder and Rainbow tissue cozy)

• Macrame storage container

DIY wood decor and plant on top of toilet tank with a white wall background

• DIY cork mat

• Waterproof decal painting or Stick-on decals if you’re going for the sleek, contemporary style

• Crocheted water toilet lid cover

You can also use custom or inexpensive DIY-created types of toilet seats to give your space a personal and unique touch.

Mirror Above the Toilet

Bright white bathroom with shower shelves and mirror above toilet and sink

Mount a large mirror on the wall above the lavatory. Adding a mirror above the water toilet is incredibly functional since you can conveniently use this mirror while preparing in the bathroom before you start the morning.

In addition to that, it is also an element that can help a room appear more spacious than it is, making it a perfect addition to smaller bathrooms. 

Combination Of Different Elements

Spacious bathroom with wood storage plant on table standing mirror and tissue rack above toilet

If you cannot decide which items to use on top of the tank, you can combine two or more elements in the mix. Ensure that all these elements match each other and that the vibe they offer won’t clash.

Here are some combinations you might want to consider:

Wall Treatment + Shelf + Artwork + Greenery

Toilet with rustic shelf, plant and decor

Installing a shelf on top of the toilet’s tank opens up new space for adding items. You can also put artwork and little potted plants on the shelf. And complete the mix with stunning wallpaper to unite all of these elements. 

Basket + Greenery + Diffuser & Room Spray

Wall mounted rustic wood shelf with towel bar with decorsSee this wall-mounted shelf at Amazon [sponsored link]

If you want something refreshing, this combo is the perfect choice. The basket offers a natural country look to the bathroom, reinforced by the freshness of a potted plant. And the diffuser and room spray offers fresher air in the bathroom. 

How Do You Decorate Above A Toilet? 

Bathroom interior floor lamp plant and black shelves with decors

Some spend less than 10 minutes in the bathroom, while others spend hours there. Whichever category you may be, your bathroom doesn’t need to be clean and boring. 

Decorating the toilet tank top is not that hard, and you only need your imagination.

1. Check the empty and open space in the bathroom and measure the size of the top of your water closet tank you can use.

2. Consider your budget and the vibe you want your bathroom to have. You can design half of your bathroom if budget is an issue.

3. Choose the elements you want to install on top of your water closet tank (There are many ideas mentioned above that you can consider).

If you want more tips on decorating the top of your toilet’s tank, here are some you can follow:

• Make the most of the space available – add extra storage on top of your water closet tank with a nice-looking tray and mount a shelf on the wall above the toilet.

• Keep your bathroom accessories minimal – while you can decorate your bathroom based on your preferences, ensure it’s not overwhelming so the space won’t feel crowded and cluttered.

• One thrifty way to decorate is to use potted plants and candles to create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance in the bathroom. Greenery like potted plants offers freshness to the room, while scented candles, preferably in blue, provide warmth to the bathroom.

Decide the style you want your bathroom to have and stick with it as you decorate your lavatory tank top and the entire bathroom.

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