Decorating Ideas for the Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Here we share decorating ideas for the space above kitchen cabinets.
Country kitchen with copper decor above cabinets and copper oven hoodWe like our homes to be perfected in every way. We usually take care of the larger things that decorate our home like the furniture pieces, the upholstery and the walls, but what surprisingly also makes a lot of difference is the detailing. In a lot of places at our homes, especially kitchens, there are some awkward spaces that we do not use regularly. The space above the kitchen cabinet is one such ‘awkward’ space which ends up gathering dust.

A lot of people leave the space empty, which is fine if the space available is lesser than 2’. However, if its more than that you might want to consider some good addition to the space. The idea of decorating the space above the cabinet is not to clutter but to add to the aesthetics of the kitchen décor. And so, the addition of decorative elements above the kitchen cabinet needs to subtle and aesthetic. Here are some amazing creative ideas to make the space above the kitchen cabinet useful and visually appealing.

What to Do with the Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Here is a collection of decorating ideas for the space above your kitchen cabinets including a variety of design styles for inspiration.

Layer the Vases & Jars

Coastal kitchen with decor and vase above cabinets and floating shelvesVases & jars can be so much more than just decorative pieces on your console table. They come in a lot of sizes and shapes making it one of the popular choices for the space above the kitchen. Arrange the vases above the kitchen cabinet. Do not line them up, instead place them in groups of varied heights and shapes to add some visual appeal. For a rustic charm, plain mud vases would be perfect.

Contemporary kitchen with red vases above dark wood cabinets This contemporary kitchen with peninsula layers the space above the cabinets with an assortment of red glass vases to give the space a touch of color.

Transitional kitchen with antique white cabinets and vases, pottery and decorA collection of glass jugs and ceramic pottery can be positioned above your cabinets to show off you favorite decorative pieces.

Traditional kitchen with decorative ceramic pottery above cabinetsThis kitchen has a variety of different sized glazed jugs to create visual interest. They also bring a small print and plant in to the kitchen design to give additional contrast.

Utility Baskets For Your Extras

Country kitchen with baskets above off white cabinetsYou never get enough of the utility baskets. They blend well into any kind of décor while being functional all the time. To make use of the extra space about the kitchen cabinets place a few baskets there to store some of your extra items. This not just keeps the kitchen area clean but also fills in the space above the kitchen cabinet smartly.

Modern kitchen with wicker basketsTwo wicker baskets set atop the cabinets creates a space for extra storage and looks attractive as complimentary tones to the wood finishes.

Make Use of Wallpaper

Kitchen with wallpaper above cabinets and on ceilingWallpapers never go out of style. And when it comes to decorating the awkward space above the kitchen cabinet, wallpapers are an ideal choice. You can layer the space further with ceramics to the add the right bit of visual interest in your kitchen décor.

Add Some Green Plants

Kitchen with plants above cabinetsIf you are in for some greenery lined up above the kitchen cabinet then this decorating idea is for you. We all love plants, don’t we? They bring a bit of nature within your home and adds some freshness to the space.

Traditional kitchen with plants above white cabinets and brown stained wood islandA collection of small plants above these kitchen cabinets brings a pop of color and helps freshen the air.

Show Off Some Art

If you like it bold and beautiful, then showing off some art work over the kitchen cabinet is something you would love to decorate that ‘awkward’ kitchen space with. From your favorite quote to a painting you love, your kitchen could use some artsy stuff to get decorated.

Traditional kitchen with art above cabinetsThis kitchen uses a classic Italian style print above their cabinets to liven up the space.

Kitchen art prints on wood(See these art prints on wood at Wayfair)

Art prints on wood are an inexpensive way to bring some sense of style to the space above your kitchen cabinets.

Line Up Your Cook Books

Rustic kitchen with green island, white cabinets and built-in cookbook bookcaseIf you are one of those who loves to buy cook books and try out new recipes, then you would probably love to have all your collection kept right where you can see them. Line up your cook books over the kitchen cabinet and make you use of a space that would otherwise just gather dust. Arrange them in varied sizes to create some interesting appeal.

Traditional kitchen with built in bookshelf with cookbooks above cabinetsThis kitchen features a built-in bookshelf to store a variety of cookbooks where they can be accessed without too much trouble.

Country kitchen with white cabinets with stack of cookbooks on topA small stack of cookbooks above the kitchen cabinets makes for an easy storage solution.

Paint above your kitchen cabinets

White kitchen with gray backsplash and green wall & ceiling paintPainting above your kitchen cabinets is a great way to add some color and bring your own personal taste in to the space without worrying about extra decor collecting dust.

Above Cabinet Lighting

Contemporary kitchen with over cabinet mood lighting and waterfall countertop islandAbove cabinet lighting can be used to highlight your cabinets and bring some extra drama to the space.

Kitchen with lighted sign and star decor above cabinetsThis kitchen has an illuminated star as well a large peace sign with each letter individually lit above its cabinets to create an interesting effect.

Wine Racks Above the Cabinets

Traditional kitchen with built in wine rackThis kitchen uses a custom built wine rack above the base cabinets. This easily accessible bottle storage location looks attractive while properly storing your wine.

Wood wine rack for kitchen wall(See this two piece wall mounted wood wine rack at Wayfair)

This wood wine rack provides both bottle and glass storage as well a shelf to store your opener or other drink accessories.

Add a Custom Design Piece Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Small modern kitchen with j shape and black cabinetsThis modern kitchen features a creative custom design piece above the cabinets that’s reminiscent of geometrical modern art.

Add Additional Cabinets

Dark cabinet kitchen with island dining bench comboAdding additional cabinets above your existing cabinetry is an effective way to get more storage space and effectively use every inch of your kitchen real estate. This kitchen uses glass door cabinets to display a variety of decorative accessories and glassware out of the way but where you can easily see them.

Copper Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen with copper accessories above cabinetsStoring your decorative copper kitchen accessories above your cabinets is a great way to show them off and match other finishes such as a copper range hood, cabinet hardware, sink or countertop.

DIY Personal Message Sign

Small contemporary kitchen with quartz countersCreating your own DIY hand made sign and positioning it on the wall above your kitchen cabinets is an attractive way to add your personal touch to your home and even share affirmations of love with your significant other or family.

Kitchen Signs

Eclectic kitchen with signs and decor above white cabinets and beadboard islandThere are many different kitchen signs available and they are a nice way to reinforce your favorite guilty pleasures such as wine, ice cream, chocolate, or coffee. You can also find regional or country style signs like Paris, antiques, cafe, or flower market.

Coffee signs for kitchen(See these coffee signs for the kitchen at Wayfair)

Chalkboard Paint Wall

Fun kitchen with chalkboard paint wallsA really fun way to bring your own style to the kitchen is by using chalkboard wall paint. You can create personal messages to family members, create shopping lists, leave important messages, or if you have an artists flair draw some colorful wall art.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Unique kitchen with hanging pots and pans above cabinetsCreate a chefs style kitchen by hanging your pots and pans above your cabinetry within easy reach.

Decorative Plates

White cabinet kitchen with glass doors, collectible plates and butcher block islandFor an old fashioned country style kitchen design you can display collectibles such as hanging plates, fine china or your silver collection above the cabinets.

Nautical Theme Decor

Kitchen with nautical decor above cabinets and breakfast bar peninsulaFor ocean lover’s a nautical themed kitchen can be arranged with the selection of some nautical or fishing related decor items.

Antique Bicycle Decor

Kitchen with antique bicycle decor above cabinetsThis kitchen showcases a whimsical selection of antique bicycles situated atop the cabinetry and providing a rustic ambience.

Rooster Decor for a Country Style

Country kitchen with rooster decor above cabinetsRooster decor is a popular choice for above country kitchen cabinets. This kitchen features an assortment of decorative items to give it a unique personality and style.

Traditional kitchen with rooster decor above cabinetsThis kitchen with antique white cabinets offers an assortment of rooster decor to give it a decidedly county feel.

Full Wall Tile Backsplash

Contemporary kitchen with solid surface counters and sinkA full wall of tile backsplash can be an interesting way to utilize the bare space above your kitchen cabinets. A full wall of tile can act as an accent wall design and bring a lot of character in to the space.

Modern kitchen with white shaker cabinets and full wall stainless steel backsplash This kitchen creates an alluring design with its recessed panel shaker cabinets and an entire wall of stainless steel backsplash.

Contemporary kitchen with hammered copper backsplashThis contemporary kitchen showcases a wall of hammered copper backsplash that offers a dramatic and alluring style.

Collection of Baskets

Kitchen with wicker baskets above cabinetsWho said you can have too many baskets? This kitchen aligns all of their baskets as well as a few colorful pottery pieces to bring together quite a large collection.

The space above kitchen cabinets can be utilized in a lot of fun and interesting ways. We hope you enjoyed this article and encourage you to share us on social media to let us know which designs are your favorites.

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