Silgranit Sink Pros And Cons (Designs & Buying Guide)

One of the most used features of a home is a sink. Whether it be in the kitchen, the laundry area, or the bathroom, the sink is subjected to everyday activities and is constantly exposed to moisture, bacteria, and contact with different objects. Because of this, it is important to choose a reliable material that can stand in the long run. One of the remarkable options is the Silgranit sink.

Modern kitchen with black synthetic granite Silgranit sink

There are numerous options for sink materials in the markets, like the well-loved stainless steel, the charming porcelain & the more modern composite sinks. The latter continue to rise in popularity nowadays because of the practical benefits that they offer.

Of all the different brands of composite granite sinks in the market, Silgranit is one of the best you can find. In this article, we take a look at one of the most reliable composite models in the market — the Blanco Silgranit sink. [toc]

What Is a Silgranit Sink?

Kitchen island with silgranit sink callacatta quartz countertops

A Silgranit sink is a type made by Blanco — the largest manufacturer in Germany and one of the top manufacturers of granite, granite and composite sinks in the world. Silgranit is a composite material that is made up of 80% natural granite — one of the toughest minerals on earth.

Silgranit sinks are produced by binding finely ground granite with a high grade acrylic that is also made in house by Blanco. Pigments are then added to the mixture to ensure the color through and through. The product e is cast in single pouring to give it strength

What makes Silgranit surfaces incredibly durable and tough is their material composition and their strict and precise production process.

Blanco Silgranit

Modern kitchen with small round silgranit sink black pearl leathered granite countertops

Blanco holds the exclusive patents for Silgranit sinks. They have been in business for over 30 years and are the only producer, making it the “only one of its kind in the world.”

Blanco Silgranit sinks come in different styles, types, sizes and colors. They are produced in 9 different nature inspired colors and are offered in eight different collections, which include modern and updated farmhouse-styles.


Here are some of the best benefits that come with a Blanco Silgranit sink:

Durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. Silgranit is an extremely strong and naturally tough product. It is naturally resistant to most of the hazards you may find in the kitchen and will not get damaged easily. When it comes to its lifespan, expect it to last for years, provided that it is properly maintained.

Does not chip and is scratch resistant – They are literally as hard as a rock because even though it is a composite material, it is made of 80% natural granite.

They are naturally resistant to shipping and scratching ao you do not have to worry about sudden impacts caused by falling objects. If you drop a metal kitchen utensil on it, it will not leave a mark. You can chop ingredients on its surface and it will not get damaged from it.

Resistant to stains and will not rust – The surfaces are also stain-resistant. They hold up well to acidic substances and other types of liquids. Silgranit also does not contain any material that could rust.

Heat Resistant – They are heat resistant and can exceed common baking and boiling temperatures. They can tolerate up to 280°C or 536°F and exposure to hot pans and pots will not impact their durability nor damage their surface.

You can directly put a hot baking dish on it without worrying about cracking issues. In the same way, if boiling water hits its surface, there will be no permanent water spots or fading.

Easy to Clean and maintain – They are much easier to maintain compared to other materials. Keeping it clean is easy because they do not require any special chemicals or non abrasive cleaners. Daily cleaning can be done using a soft cloth and just by wiping.

It is also easier to maintain a Sigranit surface compared to natural granite options. With Silgranit, the granite powder is sealed with resins, so there is no threat of liquids seeping into its surface.

Available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes – These basins are available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and styles. BLANCO produces over 30 styles of these sinks in 8 color options like black, white, gray and browns.

Due to the numerous options available, it is easy to pick a style that will fit your kitchen. In addition to their wide product range, the colors of Silgranit are also more consistent compared to natural granite in which the slabs may have variations. Silganit sinks are cast in single pouring so their color is uniform throughout the product.

Antibacterial and hygienic – Silgranit has a patented Hygienic+Plus surface protection formula — a defensive shield that is designed to protect and reduce bacteria growth by up to 98%. This makes it completely hygienic and perfectly safe for contact with food.

Will not fade or discolor over time – Because of the through-and-through color of Silgranit, they do not fade. Everyday wear and tear will not cause any changes in its color. Even if it is placed in direct sunlight, it will not discolor, which also makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Lightweight option – Silgranit is lighter compared to standard cast iron and natural granite. Handling this material is much easier and makes it a suitable option for undermount sinks. Since they are lightweight, they are also a viable choice for DIY installation.

It has the character and beauty of natural stone or granite. – If you are looking for a sink that looks like the real thing but want to save on cost, these are some of the best choices in the market.

Although Silgranit makes use of powdered granite, the natural beauty that comes with this stone is retained. So, it gives you an aesthetically pleasing wink option that has the feel of natural stone, minus the vulnerabilities that come with it.

Composite granite is cheaper than real granite – Although there are numerous options that are cheaper than Silgranit, in general, it is still much more affordable than natural granite.

Authentic granite sinks typically cost around $1000 to as much as $5000, depending on a number of factors. Silgranit costs less at around $350 to $500 for the entry level design and provide high quality and more practical benefits compared to other options.

Modern kitchen with silgranit sink in island and lacquer cabinets

Modern kitchen island with sink by Blanco Silgranit.


Here are some of the drawbacks of having a Blanco Silgranit sink:

In general, Silgranit sinks are more expensive than other types – Although cheaper than natural granite, expect to pay more for a Silgranit products.

As we have mentioned, a basic Silgranit sink can cost around $350 to $500 if you install it yourself — other options, like a standard stainless steel basin, can be purchased for as low as $50 in local hardware stores and Home Depots. See more types of kitchen sinks here.

Limescale deposits can be quite difficult to remove on a Silgranit sink – A Silgranit sink’s surface can tolerate and repel most surface stains but it is prone to limescale deposits. Limescale deposits can reduce the appeal and beauty of the basin in the long run, so they have to be addressed immediately to prevent absorption of liquids.

Silgranit can be damaged by certain harsh chemicals – Silgranit is resistant to staining from most substances but it is important to follow all the caring instructions recommended by its manufacturer to ensure its top quality.

Several harsh chemicals can potentially damage the surface, like abrasives, chemical laden cleaners and drain blocking chemicals.

Sink Colors

Kitchen with blanco silgranit sink cafe brown colorSee this Blanco Silgranit double basin in cafe brown at Amazon [sponsored link]

Silgranit sinks are manufactured in nine different color options, mostly neutrals, which work with a wide range of interior design styles and trends. These colors are easy to mix and match in a space and can perfectly blend with a lot of natural and engineered stone countertops.

Unlike traditional and authentic granite, Silgranit has a more consistent color all throughout the product. With their uniform color, the look is more seamless.

Here are the different color choices of the nature inspired palette of Blanco Silgranit sinks :

● Biscuit – soft, creamy off white
● White – crisp, bright matte white with speckles
● Coal Black – Flat black white in smooth , matte finish
● Concrete Gray – Raw concrete with warm gray speckles
● Cinder – Dark gray in matte finish
● Anthracite – Deep black with a subtle sparkle of white flecks
● Metallic Grey – Mid tone cool gray with silver sparkles
● Truffle – Light taupe in matte finish
● Cafe Brown – Warm deep brown

Sink Prices

Corner kitchen with black silgranit sink white cabinets butcher block countertops

The price of a Silgranit sink varies depending on its size and style, but on the average, an entry level sink costs around $300. The cost can run as much as $1200 for the higher models.

Sink Styles

Blanco offers Silgranit sinks in various styles and sizes which can complement any interior design motif — be it traditional, contemporary, modern or transitional design.Their product line consists of eight collections, namely, Vintera, Ikon, Precis, Diamond, Liven, Performa, ROndo and Valea.

Modern blanco silgranit farmhouse sink in blackSee this Blanco Silgranite modern farmhouse sink at Amazon [sponsored link]

Silgranit Farmhouse Sink – Farmhouse style sinks are popular in most kitchen designs because of their classic aesthetic and simplistic charm. Blanco offers their own updated version of the farmhouse style which combines traditional design with modern materials. Their farmhouse sinks are part of the VINTERA and IKON collections.

Vintera sinks come in both spacious single bowls and double bowls with low divide designs. The Ikon sinks are similarly available in single and double bowl designs, but have three size variations. Red more about a single vs double kitchen sink here.

Blanco Silgranit Undermount Sink – These are one of the best options you can try if you want an undermount sink. Because of their lightweight, installation is easy. Silgranit undermount sinks are part of the Precis, Performa, and Valea collections.

Blanco Silgranit Double Bowl Undermount Sink – Numerous models have double bowls, which make working in the kitchen more efficient. They are also offered in a low divide option which gives more convenience when using.

Blanco Liven Silgranit Laundry Sink – One of the most unique models in the Blanco Silgranit product line is the Liven laundry sink. This is a 12 inch deep dual mount composite sink that offers durability, strength and practicality. With its functional design aesthetics and highly elegant design, you can easily make any laundry room more efficient and modern.

Sink Cleaning

One of the best advantages that come with a Silgranit sink is its hassle free maintenance. Overall, they are easy to clean and will require very minimal effort.

The basic materials that you need for daily cleaning include a soft microfiber cloth, a mild dish detergent or washing gel and some water.

● Routine Cleaning – Routine cleaning to remove any food debris does not require the use of harsh chemicals, but instead all you need isa non abrasive cleaner like a mild dish detergent, some water and a soft cloth or sponge. Just wipe your surface with the cloth and dish detergent then rinse it with water.

Blanco also makes their own cleaner, Blancoclean Composite Cleanser, which is recommended for use in light colored sinks.

You can also use baking soda for regular maintenance of dark colored sinks. Sprinkle some baking soda on a sponge or cloth and scrub lightly, rinse well with water and wipe dry.

Also make sure to wipe it dry with a soft cloth after every use to avoid the buildup of water spots.

● Simple Surface Stains – You can also use a mixture of mild dish detergent and warm water to remove surface stains. Simply wipe it on the surface, rinse well and use a cloth to wipe dry. This will also help restore the luster.

● Deep Cleaning – Basci deep cleaning is recommended every couple of months. First, remove any debris or deposits.

Close the drain, then put some soft laundry detergent powder or washing gel in your sink. Fill it with hot water and leave the mixture for at least two hours , but overnight is better.

Drain the solution and rinse your basin with clean water and wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

● Things to Avoid – The use of several chemicals when cleaning a Silgranit sink can void its warranty, so make sure to follow the labels and instructions that come with it.

The warranty only covers cracking, warping and bubbling. Avoid using abrasive cleaners like steel wool, drain blocking chemicals and chemical laden cleaners to prevent any accidental damage. Aggressive cleaners and commercial alkalis like ammonia are also not recommended for use.

Modern galley kitchen with black silgranit sink black cabinets tile flooring

How To Restore a Silgranit Style Sink

● Stubborn Stains – Light colored Silgranit sinks are more prone to damage and in the event that it gets stained, you can restore it using a mixture of equal parts chlorine bleach and water.

Simply wipe down your sink with the mixture using a soft dishcloth or a sponge. Do not use bleach directly on the surface as this will damage its protective coating.

You can also use Blancoclean Composite Cleanser to eliminate any stubborn stains.

● Limescale and Calcium Deposits – Although Silrganit sinks can repel surface stains, hard water can leave behind a white residue on the surfaces. These limescale deposits can absorb liquids and can reduce the luster and appeal of your sink in the long run, so make sure to address them early.

To remove limescale build up, you’ll need a commercial descaling agent like CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) or Lime Away. These products are used to dissolve stains like lime, calcium and iron oxide.

Apply the descaling agent to the areas with limescale then let it soak for at least 2 hours. Rinse with hot water, wipe using a damp sponge and make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Be sure to follow the instructions when using these cleaning agents to avoid any damage.

Alternatively, you can also use an even mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Apply the mixture to the limescale build-up and rinse the sink thoroughly with some water. Wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth.

● Restoring the Luster of your Silgranit sink – If your finish isn’t looking as shiny as it did, apply some mineral oil on it using a soft, clean cloth. Wipe it down gently until it looks lustrous again.

● Soap Scum – Some cream cleaners can leave a white film on a dark-colored Silgranit sink. If you also do not rinse your surfaces thoroughly, soap scum can built up, but this can easily be removed using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Apply this to your sink and then rinse it thoroughly with some mild dish detergent and water. Make sure to dry it with a soft, clean cloth. If you want to bring back its dark sheen, you can also apply some mineral oil after it dries.

Sink Scratches

Silgranit sinks are extremely durable and resistant to scratches. Sometimes, metal utensils or pots can leave a temporary mark on the sink’s surface, and this can be scrubbed off easily.

Use a rough sponge for scuff marks, and sprinkle some baking soda and warm water in your sink. Scrub off the marks gently with the rough sponge and these will be instantly removed.

Are These Sinks Good

Given the numerous benefits and impressive qualities of a Silgranit sink, they make worthy investments for your home. They are not only good, in fact, they may be better than other materials on the market.

Silgranit by Blanco is engineered not only to be aesthetically attractive but also to be very durable and naturally tough — characteristics that are very much needed in a reliable sink that can withstand the daily wear and tear of heavy kitchen use.

For more similar content, see our page on the types of kitchen faucets here.

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  1. I had a Blanco Silgranit metallic gray since for 3 years and loved it. Never had one problem with stains or limescale even with hard water. I was meticulous about cleaning it every single day and always used a microfiber cloth on it after the last use of the day. Fast forward to one year ago, built our new house and I, of course, purchased my second metallic gray Silgranit huge single bowl sink. We even installed a whole house water softener this time around. I have had the worst time with this new sink!! I’ve never been one for filling a sink up full of soapy water and doing dishes that way. I just wash what I need to one at a time under running water with liquid dish soap. Occasionally, I will fill a pot that needs cleaning and wash my other dishes out of that one. I only pour liquids directly down the drain and NEVER set dirty dishes in the sink. This new sink even detects one speck of oil and it turns into a dark spot for days. When I wash a skillet in the sink under running water, I immediately have to smear dish soap over the sink’s wet surface and rinse any oily residue away or it will leave marks. The limescale is what I’m fighting on an every day basis. I thought the water softener would eliminate the mineral buildup but it just settles in the drain grooves and creates rings around the compactor drain. The sink was installed correctly with the correct slope.  Water doesn’t seem to pool in spots but if I don’t wipe it dry every single time, lime deposits will eventually be created.  I’m a bit obsessive on how to use the sink (its a sink!!!) because I know what high maintenance it takes to keep it from becoming a disaster. Would love to know if I could somehow seal it because it seems so porous or how to combat the white limescale/mineral deposits. Even when I’m constantly wiping it dry…maddening and I’d rip it out in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the super odd shaped hole it would leave cut out of the granite. ….sigh……

    1. Hi Tracy, thank you for sharing your experiences and your Silgranit sink review.

      The manufacturers at Blanco recommend using warm vinegar or a vinegar based cleanser to clean stubborn stains on this type of sink. Then letting the cleanser sit for a few minutes before washing it down with water and letting dry. If that doesn’t work a bleach water solution can be used on the stain and left on for 30 minutes before washing down.

  2. Hi Tracy, I purchased a Blanco Silgranit Concrete Gray sink less than a year ago and I too have a problem with persistent stains left by any dish, cup, glass etc. left in the sink over night. A noticeable ‘ring’ where the dish or cup sat in the sink is quite obvious the next morning. Even if said dish only has water sitting in it to soak for several hours over night, it leaves a ring underneath where it sat. I am able to remove the stain by leaving a vinegar soaked cloth on the stain for several hours. That’s good that it does clean up BUT, WHAT A NUISANCE. It’s a sink for crying out load. One would think a kitchen sink would tolerate a few dishes sitting in it without having to go through so much trouble to maintain it. If I had any idea of this issue I never would have purchased this sink. I contacted Blanco describing the problem and asked if I could SEAL the sink with a granite sealer or something to help prevent the staining.They did NOT answer my question. Their only response was how to clean the sink which I already knew.

    I must say that I love the sink in every other way especially how it looks but I am very unhappy with the staining. Generally I am pretty meticulous about cleaning dishes without letting them sit too long in the sink but once in a while it is nice to know you can without worrying about staining. Anyway, I said my piece. Just wanted you to know that you are not the only one with this problem.

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for sharing your experiences with your Blanco Silgranit concrete sink. This is very useful information to consider when making a purchase of this product.

  3. I bought this sink 10 years ago and now hate it. There is no finish left on it, stains so easily and grows mold and mildew every few days. Unfortunately it’s mounted under a granite countertop and the experts say the granite may break if I try to replace the sink. I would never recommend this sink and dream about a stainless steel sink.

  4. Oh dear. I just bought one of these sinks! I loved the look of them. There was convincing manufacturers’ information regarding durability, stain/scratch resistance etc. I wish I’d read these comments beforehand. Also I’ve since read their customer service is poor.

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