Shutter Colors For Tan House (Paint Ideas)

Here are shutter colors for tan house designs, including the ideal paint shades for brick exterior homes, those with brown roofs, and the best window covering color options available.
Tan house with front porch, blue window shutters, stone accent wall, door, and hedge plants

Shutters are among the most cost-efficient ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. Shutters, like the gorgeous frosting on a delectable dessert, enhance any exterior makeover. Besides the fact that they accentuate the appearance of your home, they also give significant advantages in terms of weather protection as well as energy conservation. 

After deciding on the style of shutters you want, you must select the colors that would coordinate best with your tan home. Most likely, your goal in coming here is to choose the ideal shade to accompany your tan home.

Fortunately, having tan-shades in your home allows you to employ different color accents that truly make your house stand out. In this article, we will discuss all the necessary information to help you find the best shutter colors for your tan house. [toc]

What Color Shutters For A Tan Exterior House?

Tan color house with black shutters and door

There are a variety of fairly simple ways to integrate new colors to entirely modify the entire appearance of your home, whether you have the color in your siding, brick, or stucco. Without further ado, here are some of the best shutter color options for tan-hued homes:

White Shutters: Many homeowners choose the timeless combination of a tan home with white coverings and for very good reason as well. White paint colors are minimalistic, inexpensive, and easy to coordinate when quick touch-ups are necessary.

There are numerous options, whether you want a pure white or an eggshell-toned white. Practically all white shades can match tan houses as these colors look good together.

Contemporary house with tan color and dark brown shutters

Black Shutters: It might seem daring to install black window coverings on a tan house. Nevertheless, black is one of the best ways to make your house shine while being sleek and elegant.

Homeowners are increasingly choosing black hues to paint around their windows merely because homes with light brown siding appear incredibly stunning with black accents.

Moreover, black is a low-maintenance exterior color since it conceals filth and grime as the seasons change. If you’re going for a modern home design for your tan home, black coverings would be an excellent option.

Blue Shutters: A tan house featuring blue coverings gives you a beach-vibe appeal that is extremely calming. The great thing about selecting blue shades to complement your tan-hued house is that there are many distinct blue shades to pick from.

Whether you want a brighter or deeper shade of blue, blue shutters for your tan house will completely enhance the aesthetic.

Colonial house with tan color and green shutters

Green Shutters: Installing green-toned window covers is also a fun way to make your tan home stand out. Countless options for what color will perfectly match the tan-hues in your exterior paint.

In addition, green is a terrific method to show your personality and, without a doubt, bring the exterior of your home to light. Green shutters are always a great pick!

If you have lighter shades of tans or beiges on your house, you may want to see our article about the best color shutters for a cream house.

Shutter Colors For Tan Brick House 

House tan color dark brown shutters

Dark Brown Shutters: Tan brick houses look great with dark brown types of shutters. Brown on tans will be acceptable as long as the window cover color is two or three tones darker than the brick. It is indeed critical that the colors contrast sharply enough to keep the panels and trim from dissolving against the brick.

Dark Purple: Purple shades are ideal for people who want striking colors but still complement their external palette. Lighter colors of purple are less versatile than dark purple. As a result, darker purple coverings look much better with tan brick homes.

Dark Blue Shutters: Dark blue is a phenomenal way to add definition and deviate from the standard black hue while maintaining a conventional style with a bit more uniqueness. Midnight blue window coverings truly stand out against a tan brick house.

Dark Green Shutters: Tan brick houses offer great curb appeal with dark green outside covers. These green tones have been widely known since medieval days and provide another alternative to a traditional aesthetic.

Shutter Colors For Tan Home with Brown Roof 

Beautiful tan house with window, shutters, garage, pitched roof, dormer, and front lawn

Medium Blue Shutters: Blue window coverings are also very popular for tan houses. Many homeowners prefer a rich cornflower blue that is lovely and calming but not as dramatic as navy.

Medium blue exterior panels look wonderful on a range of home exteriors, especially tan-hued houses with brown roof types.

Red Shutters: Red covers are yet another popular option that makes a splash while maintaining a classic appearance.

Red doors are widely known, and many homeowners prefer their window coverings to harmonize with the other elements of exterior decor. Most red panels can accompany tan-toned homes with brown roofs, from light to dark red.

Shutter and Door Colors For Tan Painted House 

New construction house with tan color and brown shutters, front porch, stone wall

Dark Brown Doors and Shutters: Dark brown doors and shutters are exquisite. Dark brown window covers are also popular, especially in tan homes that highlight neutral tones.

Furthermore, dark brown doors and covers are an excellent alternative for those who want an exterior scheme of natural colors and patterns to appear chic and sophisticated while still being natural.

Beach house with tan color and teal shutters

Teal Doors and Shutters: Teal doors and coverings are an unusual choice for tan-hued houses, but they have a stunning impact. Colors on the cooler side of the spectral range will help you and your home feel and appear peaceful and welcoming.

White Doors and Shutters: White is a timeless color for front doors and trim work. Neutrals are always a safe option around the windows because they will not conflict with outdoor décor or landscaping.

Yellow Doors and Shutters: Warmer colors, such as yellow, can make you and your home appear more welcoming and lively. Yellow doors and window panels can make your tan home look less drab yet more cheerful and energizing.

Best Shutter Paint Color For Tan House 

Bedroom with white window shutters, bed, pillows, and dresser table

Regarding home exterior design, white is arguably the best shutter color option for tan houses. The same concept applies if you are unsure about the shutter color to suit your tan-hued or beige home.

White is an extremely popular neutral color and goes excellent with tan-colored homes. White signifies cleanliness and purity, enhancing your home exterior and making it look more modern and minimalist.

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