Piano Dimensions (Size Guide)

Here’s our piano dimensions guide, including concert, grand, baby grand, upright, and other sizes for pianos.
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The piano is an instrument many of us had lessons with when we were younger. This instrument has been present since the 1700s and has made many art masters, from the magnificent Beethoven to the young musical prodigy Mozart. 

Pianos have evolved since then, and with a variety to choose from, you might wonder what size would be perfect for you to acquire. This article will discuss their dimensions from the bigger grand to the smaller spinet.

Baby Grand Piano Dimensions

Standard piano dimensions

The name baby grand juxtaposes what it is: a sleek musical instrument, one of the most famous variants out there, that gives music as powerful as any full-sized grand piano. 

Baby grand pianos are available in so many builds and finishes, from traditional shiny woods to futuristic acrylic models that give you a full view of the inside skeleton of your instrument. 

Grand pianos come in various sizes, but for baby grand pianos, the length is usually five feet to five feet seven in. or 60″ to 67″, with a fixed width of five feet or 60″ regardless of how long the baby grand is.

There are also petite baby grand pianos ranging in length 4 feet 7 in. to 5 feet. 

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano Sizes

Yamaha is one of the outstanding brands that are trusted by most orchestra and music schools everywhere. The brand is also among the most recommended tuners and technicians for piano players everywhere. 

Whether made from mahogany or walnut, Yamaha baby grand pianos weigh around 627 pounds or 285 kilograms.

The dimensions they usually come in have lengths of 5’3” or 161 centimeters, a width of 59″ or 149 centimeters, and a height of 40″ or 101 centimeters. 

Grand Piano Sizes

Dimensions of a grand style piano

Grand pianos come in many varieties but are usually bigger than baby grand pianos, five feet long and above. Many orchestras and professionals utilize the concert grand with a length of 8 feet and eleven inches or 107 inches. Some concert grands can even range 10 feet and over. 

For orchestras playing in smaller venues, there are semi-concert grand pianos with a length that runs from 7 feet and 4 inches to 8 feet by 10 inches or 88 to 106 inches.

Grand pianos need to be 6 feet or over to be played by or in a professional setting. Anything lower than that won’t have an orchestral piano’s tone, resonance, and depth. 

The early 1900s made the parlor grand famous, especially in affluent households. These pianos have a length of 6 feet and 8 inches or 80 inches.

Moving back further in the 16th century, the drawing grand style was the more famous length measuring 6 feet and 4 inches or 76 inches

Flash forward to now; for homes with larger pianos, the size is usually 5 feet 10 inches, (70 inches). These variants are generally called living room grand.

There are also medium sized pianos with a length that ranges from 5 feet 7 or 9 inches. The standard width of a grand size is usually about 5′

Concert Grand Piano Measurements

As mentioned above, the concert grand for larger venues and concert halls can go somewhere between 8 feet and 11 inches to 10 feet and 2 inches.

In contrast, smaller venues utilize the semi-concert grand with a length range of 7 feet and 4 inches to 8 feet and 11 inches

Upright Piano Sizing

Dimensions of an upright style piano

Like large pianos, upright pianos come in different types characterized by different sizes, materials, and designs. The specifications differ from people using upright models professionally. Some upright pianos would be better suited for beginners and people who play the instrument as a hobby.

Upright pianos are also what you would call vertical pianos because of their height but mainly because of their string position. 

Four types of pianos are classified according to their height from largest to smallest: the upright, the studio height, the console, and the spinet. Since we will discuss the console and spinet in a separate section in this article, we will first discuss the upright and the studio in detail. 

Standard Dimensions for an Upright Piano

Brown piano with white bench

The upright piano is the most common type, also called the professional upright. They are found both in music schools that teach the instrument and some onstage for skilled players to utilize. 

The upright piano measures 48 inches or 122 centimeters in height and has a width of 58 inches or 147 centimeters. These types cost significantly less than baby grands, but some would prefer a professional upright over larger pianos in some aspects. 

The studio pianos are the perfect instrument for students starting with the instrument. Not only are they a workhorse, but they also cost significantly less than the standard upright pianos. 

Their height exceeds 44 inches because of their longer strings and is credited for the vibrant and bright sound resonance these types are usually known for. These types have a width of 60 inches or 153 centimeters and a depth of 26.5 inches or 67.5 centimeters. 

Dimensions of Yamaha Upright Style Piano 

Yamaha upright pianos can last you for a long time because of their meticulous build and quality materials. If you decide on one, an upright from the Yamaha brand measures 48 to 52 inches or 122 to 132 centimeters in height, a width of 60 inches or 152 centimeters, and a depth of 24 to 26 inches or 61 to 66 centimeters. 

Dimensions For Spinet Pianos

Dimensions of a spinet and console piano The spinet pianoforte is the smallest out of all the upright types, and it also has a mechanism that differs in leaps and bounds from larger uprights.

A spinet ranges from 36 to 40 inches or 91 to 102 centimeters in height. This size is also perfect for smaller homes with young learners. Spinets also weigh less than the other uprights, weighing 400 pounds or 181 kilos. 

Size of a Console Piano

If you want an instrument perfect for your home, Console upright pianos usually tick all the right boxes from size to playability. This is the most popular upright type

Console pianos typically have a height of 45 inches or 115 centimeters, a width of 57 inches or 145 centimeters, and a depth of 24 inches or 61 centimeters.

Go for this upright style if you plan to acquire an electric one since acoustic will always have a superior sound for pianos. 

Piano Key Dimensions

The full octave of white piano keys measures 164 to 165 millimeters, converted to inches as 6.5 inches. This would mean that a black key measures roughly 13.7 millimeters or .54 inches while the white keys are 23.5 millimeters in width or .93 inches

How Many Keys Are On a Full-Size Piano? 

A full-sized pianoforte, whether acoustic or electric, has 88 keys under the lid, while keyboards have 66 keys. 

How Many Pedals Are There?

In addition to the keys, pianos have two to three pedals. Most full-size instruments have a sustain, soft, and Sosenuto pedal.

The sustain pedal is found on the right side and is the most often used. The soft pedal is on the left side, while the Sostenuto is in the middle.

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Recent studies have confirmed the benefits of music education, particularly learning to play the pianoforte. From cognitive benefits like enhancing planning skills to long-term health benefits like boosting memory as you grow older, playing on pianos is here to stay.

Whatever size, type, or style of instrument you go for, you will find the one that fits both your needs and your home’s interior design. Happy playing and good luck on your search! 

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