13 Paint Colors for Bedroom with Dark Furniture

Here we share our paint colors for a bedroom with dark furniture guide, including the best shades for walls, spaces with dark-brown pieces, and tips on brightening these areas.

Large bedroom with cherry wood floors white paint and dark furniture

Painting the bedroom in the right color makes it more pleasant to the eyes. It can also promote a more restful place to enjoy quiet evenings and facilitate better sleep. 

However, if one has dark-toned furnishings, the paint color options may not be as extensive as one would like.  Nevertheless, you can always consider soft, warm, and bright paint colors for a bedroom with dark furniture.

What Wall Color Goes Best with Dark Wood Furniture?

Classic bedroom with dark furniture and ceiling fan

Dark-colored elements can add depth and warmth to any living space, including the bedroom. It can also keep the room cozy, neat, and orderly while giving a sense of rich ambiance for a more relaxing time. 

However, mixing dark wood furniture with other colors in the bedroom can be daunting for many. Painting the bedroom wall in colorful and bright paint can amplify the wood’s richness. 

Using the same hue with a different shade can also create a dingy-looking room. Hence, the perfect paint colors to use on the walls of a bedroom with dark wood furniture are the following.


White neutral color swatch Painting the bedroom walls white is the most straightforward solution one can do. It provides an excellent contrast to the chocolatey grains of dark wood furniture

White walls and dark-toned wood furnishings create a warm ambiance while conveying elegance in the room. Read more about our guide on Ipe wood furniture here.

Light Gray

Light gray color swatch

One can think of light gray as an off-white color, giving the bedroom a classic look without appearing dingy.

The best part about using this paint color is that it is cooler to the eyes than white while creating a rustic feel.


Beige color swatch With rosy hints, beige can produce a warm and soft ambiance.

Beige colors work best with dark brown wooden pieces of furniture because of the wood’s natural red or orange undertones.

It is also elegant, especially if one’s bedroom has matching gray or brown curtains.

Grayish Blue

Grayish blue color swatch Not all shades of blue will work to complement dark-wood hues.

The best hue is grayish blue, bringing with it a more relaxing and cooler vibe suitable for improving the bedroom’s functionality.

The addition of gray pigments provides a transitory effect to the wood’s dark colors.

Light Brown

Light brown color swatch Like grayish blue, light brown can also provide a remarkable continuity between the bedroom wall and the darker pieces.

Brown has a slightly warm vibe, giving the room a soft glow that can make resting and sleeping more pleasant. It is also the perfect choice for fans of earth colors.

Light Yellow

Light yellow color swatch Painting the bedroom walls in lemon or sunflower yellow will have the room screaming.

Toning down the yellow a little bit can create a warm and welcoming living space, perfect for complementing the natural yellow undertones of dark-hued wood.

Sage Green

Sage green color swatch This paint color has a cool grayish tinge, making it suitable for complementing the rich colors of dark-hued lumber.

Drawing inspiration from aromatic herbs and painting the walls sage green will create a calm and fresh ambiance to make one’s sleep more relaxing.

Read more about our guide on colors that go with green here.

What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom with Dark Brown Furniture?

Big bedroom with dark colored furniture and hanging ceiling light

Other than the paint colors mentioned in the preceding section, one might also be interested in the following hues to paint their bedrooms with dark brown furniture.

Creamy Tan

creamy tan color swatch One can consider this paint color option as a version of off-white. It is not loud and maintains the neutrality of its base color, white.

The hints of brown also make the color complementary when paired with darker hues. 

Warm Peach

Warm peach color swatch Pale yellows like peach are always a welcome paint color for bedrooms with dark brown furniture.

It has a warm and inviting vibe without amplifying the richness of dark brown. Shades of pink often compliment warm peach.

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink color swatch The reddish undertone of pink makes it a great partner for dark brown furniture without creating an outrageous atmosphere.

The dusty hue also neutralizes any feminizing effects of pink on the bedroom.

Powder Blue

Powder blue color swatch Any light shade will complement dark brown furniture.

Powder blue is an excellent choice to give one’s bedroom a cooler and more relaxing vibe. Its soft hue conveys a calm and tranquil environment, perfect for any room.

Light Green

Light green color swatch Like sage green, lighter shades of green can give a room with dark-brown furnishings an earthy feel.

It is also soft on the eyes, preventing any strain one may already feel from the reddish undertone of the furniture.

Soft Copper

Soft copper The reddish-brown hue of copper can complement dark brown furniture by creating a transitory effect.

The soft copper color is not as bright as red or as dark as chocolate while imparting a rustic vibe to the room

How Can I Brighten Up My Bedroom with Dark Furniture?

Bedroom with white walls and dark wood furniture

Having dark furniture in the bedroom can add depth and character to the room. Unfortunately, too many dark-colored pieces can also make the space less appealing.

Here are a few tips one can observe to brighten up a room with darker-toned furnishings.

Paint the Walls White or Any Light Color

Bright bedroom with black cabinets and bedframe

Painting the walls is one of the easiest, although less practical, ways to brighten a room with dark furnishings

Any light-colored neutral hue will help soften dark colors, allowing the furniture to stand out without being obnoxious.

Use Complementary-colored Drapery

Bedroom with grey and wood furniture pieces and design

A more affordable option for lightening a bedroom with dark furniture is using light-colored drapery, such as a light yellow or light orange curtain, to go with dark purple loungers and deep blue beds.

The colors must always complement the hues of the dark furniture to strike a balance. Read more about our guide on drapes vs curtains here.

Place an Accent Chair

Bedroom with wooden floor large window and furniture

Functional and budget-friendly, an accent chair is always an excellent addition to any room. Choosing the right accent chair color not only complements dark furniture. It can also brighten the bedroom.

For example, an orange chair should fit nicely in a grayish-blue bedroom with a deep blue-colored bed.

Invest in Good Lighting

Spacious bedrooom with wood furniture floors and large window

While bright light can impact one’s circadian rhythm for falling asleep, adequate lighting can brighten up a bedroom with dark furniture. One can always choose dimming light fixtures, ensuring one effectively controls the brightness settings.

The best paint colors for a bedroom with dark furniture are lighter shades of the same color family or paler versions of complementary colors. White and its different shades are always an easy choice. Lighter shades are an absolute must if one decides to go for more color.

See more related content in our article about the different bedroom paint colors on this page.

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