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Best Paint Finishes for your Bedroom

Take a look at the best paint finishes for your bedroom, including flat paint finish, satin paint finish, eggshell paint finish and more. 
Bedroom with black and white interiors

One of the best ways to make your bedroom look more appealing is to add a splash of color to every corner of the room. However, selecting the best bedroom paint is more than just giving your bedroom a burst of life and color. 

Choosing a paint finish is actually another crucial factor. The secret to an eye-pleasing bedroom is not mainly dependent on the color you’ll use, but also on the paint finish which more or less influences the color quality of your room.  

For example, a paint finish that’s too glossy may reflect excessive light, which might hurt your eyes as a result. On the other hand, a bland paint might seem lifeless and dreary.

Before applying a paint finish, you need to ensure that it complements your lighting, furniture, and flooring. Moreover, your paint finish should be long-lasting, eye-pleasing, and durable.

Different Types of Finishes for the Bedroom

Here are the most popular finish types and why you might want to use them.

Flat Finish

Bedroom with flat paint finish

Flat paint finish is also known as matte paint, which is mainly used for a non-reflecting finish since it basically absorbs the light in your bedroom. If your bedroom has various lighting fixtures, a flat paint finish would be an ideal choice as it offers the least amount of reflection.

Moreover, it’s generally easier to apply compared to other types of paint finishes, and not to mention inexpensive. The only drawback, however, is it’s less durable than other paint finishes.

Meanwhile, flat paint finish is commonly used on bedroom ceilings, while others prefer using it on bedroom walls with scratches, bumps, or holes since it usually works well in patching wall blemishes.

Satin Finish

Satin paint finish bedroom

Satin paint finish can either look glossy or flat. It’s less shiny than glossy paint but more glowing than a flat finish. However, keep in mind that if your bedroom has many lights, they might reflect on a satin paint finish.

This type of paint finish isn’t completely shiny but rather gives a certain glow. If you want to enhance the paint color of your choice, satin might be a good choice. It is also very durable so it’s the safest bet for high-traffic areas.

Another good thing about this finish is it’s easy to clean and maintain. However, it’s not advisable to clean it with rough cleaning materials to maintain the overall quality of the paint. 

Satin is normally used for bedroom walls. The downside, however, is that it does not fix wall blemishes—it highlights them instead.

Eggshell Finish

Eggshell paint finish bedroom

Just like a flat finish, eggshell finishes are also not that reflective. It offers a very subtle and soft finish that stands out with bedrooms that have bright lighting. Nonetheless, if the lighting is dim, the general look of the eggshell paint finish becomes toned down.

Compared to the satin paint finish, the eggshell finish is less long-lasting and durable. However, it holds the paint better than a flat finish. It is a great option for bedroom walls and is likewise easy to clean.

Furthermore, eggshell paint finish is not an easy target for indoor dust and dirt. Besides, it can also  wall fix wall blemishes perfectly.


Pearl paint finish bedroom

Pearl paint finish offers a medium gloss and is very durable, classy, and easy to maintain. It’s also a good option for walls in high-traffic areas, while some type of this paint finish can even resist mildew.

However, unlike flat finish, pearl paint finish is hard to apply. Applying this finish carelessly might leave ugly marks and patches on the walls.

But once applied, it can be very easy to clean. Nevertheless, it’s not commonly used with bedroom walls. Rather, they are usually applied for trimming details such as door arches, window frames, or crown moldings.

Gloss Finish

Gloss paint finish bedroom

Gloss paint finish can be classified into two types: high-gloss and semi-gloss. A high-gloss finish is very shiny, light-reflective, and durable. 

It’s normally the best option for areas such as trims, doors, cabinets, and crowns. However, this paint finish isn’t recommended for any types of ceilings and walls since it’s too shiny so it might reflect too much light.

Meanwhile, a semi-gloss finish has similar qualities with a high-gloss finish, but it’s less shiny. And like a high-gloss finish, it is also a good choice for trimming details or chair rails.

Best Finish for Bedroom Wall Paint

Two paint finishes are the most ideal options for bedroom walls, particularly the flat/matte or eggshell paint finishes. A flat finish can absorb light most efficiently, so even if the lights are on inside your bedroom, they won’t bounce back onto walls and strain your eyes.

Remember, a bedroom is where you rest and sleep, so it should also be the best place where you can completely rest and relax your eyes. 

Moreover, applying flat paint finish to your bedroom walls will certainly guarantee an eye-pleasing effect. For one, if your bedroom walls have blemishes such as scratches or holes, a flat finish can effectively conceal them.

Aside from a flat finish, eggshell paint finish is also an excellent option for bedroom walls since it’s mostly a combination of both flat paint and semi-gloss finishes. It’s also much more durable and easier to clean. Additionally, just like a flat finish, eggshell paint can also perfectly cover wall blemishes.

What Finish to Use for the Bedroom Ceiling

Best finish for bedroom ceiling

A flat paint finish is undoubtedly the best option for your bedroom ceiling since it allows for the least amount of light reflection, providing a relaxing view for your eyes. 

However, if you want a more durable paint finish for your ceiling, you can also consider applying an eggshell paint finish. It’s not completely eye-relaxing like a flat finish, but it’s at least very easy to clean.

Furthermore, it can also revamp the look of your bedroom as it’s a little glossy at some angles, which can give your room an aesthetically pleasing effect.

What Finish for Bedroom Furniture Paint

Penthouse bedroom with dark gray walls gray flooring

To give your bedroom a chic and stylish theme, consider applying gloss or satin paint finish to your bedroom furniture.

Once you’ve applied oil-based or latex paint to your bedroom furniture, the next step to enhance its appearance is to give them a gloss or satin paint finish.

Gloss and satin paint finish are both highly durable, very easy to clean, and elegant-looking, which are the perfect choices for your bedroom furniture.

Best Combination of Paint Finishes to Enhance Your Bedroom

Overall, there’s no wrong combination of paint finishes. What we’ve just discussed are some of the best paint finish options you can try so you can enhance the look of your bedroom, making it a truly comfortable and relaxing place, deserving of your inner sanctuary. 

Still, your own preference is the most excellent option and certainly, the choice that truly matters. 

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