Mother of Pearl Countertop (Kitchen Designs)

Kitchen with pedant lights hardwood floors and island with mother of pearl countertop in a luxury home with view of dining room outdoor patio and living room with brick fireplace

Have you ever heard of the “mother of pearl countertop”? No, it’s not something made of pearl, but yes, it is a countertop.

Mother of Pearl countertops can be a bit tricky especially since this topic is rarely discussed but  if you want to know more about it, this is the right venue for it. Let’s start with its definition.

Mother Of Pearl Countertop Designs

Kitchen with stainless steel appliance small pendant lights tile backsplash hardwood floors island with mother of pearl countertop and view of the dining area

Mother of Pearl countertops is made from quartzite that has unique veining and is mostly quarried from Brazil.

Most quartzite used for these countertops has an interesting flow and movement. It can come in varied colors through their veining but generally, it has this overall beige tone that will be obvious from the very start. Mother of Pearl countertops has minimal acid sensitivity.

The quartzite used in these countertops can also be used for the following applications:

• Mosaics

• Vanity Tops

• Exterior Floor and Wall (For Freeze-Thaw Environments)

• Interior Floor (For Commercial with Heavy Traffic Environments)

• Interior Floor (For Commercial with Light/Medium Traffic Environments)

• Interior Floor (For Residential with Heavy Traffic Environments)

• Interior Floor (For Residential with Light/Medium Traffic Environments)

Quartzite colors can also range from creamy beige to grey, with different veining colors to consider too! And if you also hear the term “Madre Perola Quartzite”, they actually mean the same thing. To see how quartzite is different from quartz countertops visit this article.

Luxurious kitchen with a large waterfall quartz countertop island barstools wood floors pendant lights and mosaic tile backsplash

Mother of Pearl Quartzite Countertops is made from a natural stone that has a similar look to marble since it has deep long veins and subtle but impressive undertones. It is often in beige color but can also have brown and grey tones. Its veining can also be in different colors, including green, gold, and grey.

Quartzite comes from the combination of sandstone and quartz under immense heat and pressure. This makes the quartzite have its hardness quality that is even better than that of quartz.

Durability is actually one of its main features with some of it having more durability in surfaces than granite while some have softer surfaces. Read our comparison guide of quartzite vs granite countertops for more related article.

Benefits of Using Mother-of-Pearl Quartzite

Modern kitchen with ceiling beams black rattan pendant lights glass door cabinet large glass doors and island with mother of pearl quartzite countertop

If you are thinking about choosing Mother of Pearl Quartzite Countertops, here are the benefits you can expect to enjoy from it.

• Durability – With how it is formed, these countertops are guaranteed to be incredibly strong and more durable compared to other natural stones. Learn more about the most durable kitchen countertops here.

• High Resistance to Scratching, High Temperature, and Chemicals – These features have been developed under intense pressure and heat over time. 

Open modern kitchen interior with stainless steel appliance island tile backsplash wood floors and view of the dining and living room with ceiling beams

• Cost – The price of these countertops depends on how exotic and the quartzite it’s made from is but can fall between $60-$80. (The price is higher if the design of the quartzite is nearer to marble and can get as high as $130 for that.)

• Low Maintenance – These countertops straightforwardly only need water and soap for cleaning. 

  • Wide Range of Quartzite Colors – You can choose from a wide range of colors depending on the quartzite, including the following:
    • Earth-toned Quartzites (for rustic and transitional kitchen):
      • Chateau Blanc Quartzite
      • Platinum Quartzite
      • Storm Sand Quartzite
      • Taj Mahal Quartzite
    • Light-colored Quartzites (for classic and traditional; kitchens):
      • Bianco Superiero Quartzite
      • Calacatta Quartzite
      • Ice Flake Quartzite
      • Opus White Quartzite
      • White Storm Quartzite
    • Dark-colored Quartzites (for modern and minimalistic kitchens):
      • Arizona Night Quartzite
      • Belvedere Quartzite
      • Full Moon Quartzite 
  • Marble-like Look – You can choose Mother of Pearl Quartzite countertops as an alternative if you want marble countertops but cannot afford them (Incredible swirls and colors with elegant veins and a variety of hues). 

Beautiful white kitchen with hardwood floors stainless steel appliance tile backsplash and a large island with quartz countertops and cushioned stools

Mother of Pearl quartzite countertops will be in their optimum beauty and state and preserve that condition with daily cleaning or monthly cleaning if not in use. Simply use cloth, warm water and soap and avoid cleaning them with alkaloids and strong chemicals. 

Quartzite Vs. Granite

Empty kitchen with hardwood floors white cabinets stainless steel appliance brick tile backsplash and pendant lights hang above island with quartzite countertop

If you are thinking about choosing Mother of Pearl quartzite countertops but thinking about going for granite too? If yes, here are the differences you will encounter when considering both quartzites and granite.

Bright kitchen with dark brown cabinets island with granite countertop and view of the dining area outdoor patio and living room with brick fireplace

Quartzites Granites
More of an igneous rock More of a quartz
Durability: Harder with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale
Resiliency: High tendency to cutting, etching, and scratching but more UV resistant Resiliency: Scratch-resistant but less UV resistant
Appearance: More subtle and less bold Appearance: More depth, dimension, and movement
Cleaning: Warm water and soap dish Cleaning: Specifically-designed stone cleaner
Sealing: Once a year Sealing: Once a year
Cost: Slightly more expensive because it’s rarer Cost: Slightly less expensive

Visit our marble vs quartzite countertops comparison guide for more related content.

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