Mosaic Tiles For Shower Floor

Here’s our mosaic tiles for shower floor design guide including different types such as porcelain and ceramic tiles.Luxury bathroom with black hexagon mosaic floor tile shower freestanding tub marble countertops gas fireplace


One of the most challenging decisions an interior designer ever has to make is what tile to use for the shower floor. There are so many options out in the market today.

It would be even fair to say that the market has long been overridden with a large number of design options. However, more choices does not make for easier decisions as there is a lot to consider for as far as shower flooring options is concerned.

The first consideration that needs to be made while choosing a shower floor tile is durability. A shower floor needs the kind of tile that can withstand the moisture and chemicals that a bathroom will be subjected to.

Another element to consider is the ability to adjust and seal properly based on the levels or the slope on the shower floor.

With these two practicalities in mind; it’s easier to consider what types of flooring options are best for a shower. [toc]

Is Mosaic Tile Good For Shower Floor?

Bathroom with small glass mosaic tile shower floor floating vanityMosaic tiles for shower floors are a favorite and make for a great flooring option for bathroom showers. Mosaic tiles usually have textured surfaces and embossed in some areas.

This means that for as far as wetness or moisture is concerned, these tiles are able to effectively withstand them without getting slippery or without causing unjust harm to whoever is using the shower.

It is aesthetic because there can be a mixture of colors, textures, and even sizes. It can easily adjust to the slope of the shower floor.

These adjustments would usually require for the tiles to be cut in at times irregular shapes and pieces and although this can be a bit of a challenge for most of the other tiles out there; it is something that can be easily done for a mosaic tile.

The general consensus is that mosaic tiles are great for shower floors because they provide design, traction, and durability. [Source: Construction of Mosaic Flooring]

Are Mosaic Tiles Waterproof?

Bathroom with chain link style mosaic tile shower floor quartz walls glass enclosureMosaic tiles as stand-alones are not waterproof. As a matter of fact, there is hardly any tile out there that is ultimately considered as waterproof. However, with the use of a proper sealant, any mosaic tile can be made waterproof.

There are three types of sealants used with mosaic tiles. There are the membrane-forming ones, the concrete types, and the penetrating types. The type of sealant used dictates what the finish will end up looking like.

The process would usually involve the process of applying several coats of sealant to the grout; preferably in excess. After that, said excess is then wiped off of the tiles for a smoother finish. Once the grout has been applied, it is critical to seal in the mosaic.

Sealing is critical to keeping the mosaic tiles safe from water and UV exposure of any kind. Properly sealed mosaic tiles would also usually result in surface areas that are pretty easy to maintain or clean.

The perfect base is critical for a mosaic tile project especially when there’s flooring involved. It’s always best to sand down the surface first before applying the tesserae substance or the base.

Sanding the surface down allows the mosaic tile bottoms to adhere to it better. This is the case for concrete or wood bases. If the base is something fairly smooth such as metal, it is recommended to sand it to a rough surface to still encourage adherence.

Thin-set mortar is then used. It is usually applied with a customized spatula and is set to fill in the cracks. Once applied, it is best to wipe off the excess with the use of a clean cloth before the tesserae underneath the tiles dry out.

In most cases, contractors have also used wet sponges to get rid of the excess. Care and urgency is required when applying the mortar. It can be very difficult to remove it if it hardens in areas where it shouldn’t be in.

Porcelain Mosaic Tile For Shower Floor

Bathroom shower with porcelain mosaic tile floor and black white spanish style tile floorIf the goal is to get a shower floor design that looks good and feels unique and personalized, then porcelain mosaic tile is definitely the way to go.

Mosaic tiles for shower floors usually vary greatly in terms of sizes and finishes. This lends out a lot of designing options for the homeowner out there.

It has been noted that a well-designed bathroom with an inviting walk-in shower can usually boost the overall market value of a real estate property. This means that shower flooring options should not be taken lightly at all.

It can be very durable and water resistant. This is why this is the perfect tile choice for shower floors are porcelain mosaic ones. Porcelain mosaic tile looks best at eye level. It creates an interesting type of visual that other tile types are just unable to make.

Ceramic Mosaic Tile For Shower Floor

Bathroom shower with ceramic mosaic tile floors french glass style enclosure quartz wallsCeramic mosaic tiles are great for shower floors because of their hardness and density. Also, for areas where frost may be a common occurrence, these mosaic tiles can withstand it pretty well with little to no trouble at all.

Shower floors are also quite prone to staining and being exposed to chemicals and bathroom products. These tiles are highly resistant to stains, scratches and moisture of any kind.

It has a high breaking strength which means it can withstand a lot of pressure, making it perfect as a bathroom flooring option.

More than that, it has a very low water absorption rate. All of these traits are important for what makes a great flooring option. It doesn’t require polishing or waxing and can stay clean using a common damp mop.

Do You Need To Seal Mosaic Tiles?

Bathroom with marble mosaic tile shower floors and walls dual shower headsMosaic tiles are like delicate artwork that need to be kept together and held in place. Not sealing them in will make them prone to water and stain damage and might even eventually cause them to erode over time.

Sealing them in is absolutely required to maintain their durability and long term aesthetics. Properly sealed tiles also mean that the maintenance is front loaded.

With the proper sealing, it usually doesn’t require anything more than the usual scrub and wipe. Very seldom will polishes or special cleaning agents be required either.

What do you think about mosaic tiles for shower floors? Share your opinions in the comments below to let us know what you think. For more related content take a look at our article about the best tile for shower walls.

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