Matching Countertop and Backsplash

Here we share our matching countertop and backsplash design guide including reasons to do it, how to match kitchen fixtures, suggested combinations, and color coordinating tips.
Contemporary kitchen with quartz backsplash and quartz countertops with two tone cabinetryIn the whole planning and designing process of the kitchen, the backsplash is normally overlooked. Yes, you’ve created a cohesive design for your kitchen and even chosen the design of your floors and walls. But what about your kitchen’s backsplash?

A backsplash is installed in the kitchen for protection against oil and grease. Besides its main function though, a backsplash is now also being used to add style and ambiance to the kitchen.


Why You Need a Kitchen Backsplash

But do you really need a backsplash in your kitchen? Here are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to consider.

Wall Protection

Classy backsplash countertop sink faucet kitchenA backsplash can be used to protect your walls from oil splatters and spills. It will also help prevent stains from food and water, which will help you avoid mold and mildew buildup in your kitchen. 

In short, a backsplash will prevent you from having a dirty and dingy kitchen, free from mold and mildew.  

Keeps Insects And Rodents Away

Wood cabinets kitchen countertop under cabinet lighting backsplashA backsplash can also reduce the chances of insects and rodents visiting your kitchen. It can act as a barrier installed between the kitchen wall and the countertop. 

Once installed, it helps to keep pests from feasting on the leftovers in the kitchen.  

Easier Cleanup

White kitchen with center island countertop backsplash matchingIn the kitchen, a backsplash also makes it easier for you to clean up. Since it serves as a protection for your kitchen wall, it takes away hours of scrubbing that you would have to do if there is no protection from splashes and stains. 

And the best thing about this is that you can easily wipe the backsplash clean using a damp sponge or cloth. 

Adds Aesthetic Value

Geometric backsplash countertop light green cabinets kitchenYes, a backsplash also adds to your kitchen’s aesthetic value. You can personalize your kitchen using a backsplash and if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this is a great factor to consider. 

How To Match Countertops And Backsplash

Marble countertop backsplash gray glass cabinetsAfter deciding on installing a backsplash, one of the tasks you have to do is to match it with your countertops. Matching your countertops with the backsplash is relevant, just like matching any other part of your kitchen. 

And in matching these two (2) elements, choosing the countertops is said to come first before the backsplash. This means that you will have to match the backsplash to the countertops you’ve chosen rather than the other way around. 

But how do you match the backsplash to your countertops?

Follow The Color Palette

Wood cabinets drawers under cabinet lighting window countertop backsplashIf you’ve started working on your kitchen for sure you’ve already had a color palette that you’re following. When matching the backsplash to the countertop of your kitchen, sticking to that color palette is the best thing to do. 

Your countertops and backsplash should be able to complement each other and at the same time have cohesiveness with the entire kitchen’s palette. 

Choose colors that won’t overwhelm your eyes, whether it is cold or warm color palettes. Make sure that you also consider the spots and veins on the countertop in choosing a backsplash tile. 

Always create a balance between these two elements. If the countertop is bold, consider choosing a neutral backsplash. 

Match The Materials Of The Countertop To The Backsplash

Kitchen black countertop backsplash center island marble floorWhen you point out the backsplash you want for your kitchen, make sure you know to expect that there will be spills and splatters on it. Choose the materials that will make it easier for you to clean and also easier to match the countertops. 

Take into account the materials of the countertops and the backsplash. If you have granite countertops, choose a backsplash with materials that also match them. 

Choose A Focal Point In Your Kitchen

Backsplash with tile pattern kitchen countertopConsider the focal point in your kitchen and match your countertops and backsplash with it. The focal point is the element that captures the attention of anyone who enters the kitchen. 

If the focal point is a unique kitchen island, match its style when choosing your backsplash and countertops. 

These are only a few of the factors you need to bear in mind when matching your backsplash with your countertops. You can explore and study more factors to help you match the countertops and backsplash easier. 

Backsplash Countertop Combinations

Matching countertop backsplash sink stove white cabinetsNow, if you are still stuck and don’t know what backsplash countertop combinations to consider, we have some options for you to skim through. Choosing how to design and style your kitchen will affect the backsplash countertop combinations you can use. 

The colors don’t necessarily have to match but they at least need to complement or coordinate with each other. And of course, the important thing is that your kitchen oozes your personality. 

Same Countertop And Backsplash

Marble countertop backsplash kitchen appliances electric stoveOne of the basic countertop backsplash combinations is matching colors. Match the color of your tile backsplash with the color of your countertops so that they would appear connected and cohesive. Here are some perfect combinations following matching colors:

  • Wooden countertops – Beige backsplash tile
  • Neutral-colored countertops – Gray backsplash tile
  • Granite countertops – Brown backsplash tile

Contrasting Colors

Black countertop with sink faucet marble backsplashYou may also want to choose contrasting colors for your countertops and backsplash. You can be playful in choosing what contrasting colors to use but make sure that you also consider the colors of the following kitchen elements:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Curtains
  • Light Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Pieces of Furniture
  • Decorative Accessories

Don’t forget to consider your kitchen’s overall design too when choosing the contrasting colors for your countertops and backsplash combination. 

Coordinating Backsplash And Countertop Colors

Kitchen with light blue backsplash wood cabinets drawers white countertopIt is also possible to choose coordinating colors if that’s what you prefer! Choose one specific color and be creative in what hues and shades you match with each other. 

If you choose dark-colored countertops, your backsplash should have a lighter shade. This also works the other way around. 

Mosaic Tile Patterns

Mosaic tile pattern backsplash black countertop faucetYou can also use mosaic tile patterns when going for a matching countertop and backsplash. Mix and match them with pre-made and existing mosaic tile strips, as well as their colors. 

Most mosaic tiles though make use of bold colors, including grey, blue, and green hues. In this case, you can choose glass backsplashes and make the kitchen more elegant and sophisticated to look at. 

Mosaic tile patterns won’t work with countertops that have lots of patterns. A good example of this is granite. Granite countertops won’t match with mosaic tile patterned backsplash and may even be visually overwhelming. 

Mosaic tile patterns used on the backsplash are great to look at. These patterns are contemporary, playful, and unique so if you want something new, this might be the option for you. See more related content in our article about the different tile patterns & layouts on this page.

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