Log Cabin Kitchens (Cabinets & Design Ideas)

One of the most interesting parts of log cabins would definitely be the kitchen, as you will find different approaches and techniques to achieve different looks. Since log cabins put emphasis on natural finishes,kitchen cabinets are usually made of solid wood.

Luxury kitchen in log cabin with island granite counter and travertine tile

In the image above this luxurious log cabin home features the gorgeous natural finish of the timber used, letting the natural knots and other imperfections of the wood come through. For the kitchen, the aim is to visually separate it from the other areas of the home, without using partitions and while still maintaining the natural feel of the interiors. To do this, black slate tiles were used for the flooring, for its textured surface, resulting in a very natural feel. [toc]

Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Log cabin kitchen with wood beams granite countertops and solid wood cabinets

Wooden cabinetry can be finished to match the color of the log cabin finishes, or can also be completely different to add visual interest and contrast. Solid-colored cabinets can also be found, but they are usually still made from solid wood and are simply painted over and given a weathered finish.

For the countertop, log cabin kitchens are often seen with a variety of natural stones, both smooth and rough such as slate, granite, travertine, sometimes even hammered metal, stainless steel, or solid wood. Countertops can be a great way to add contrast to dark or light wooden surfaces. Lighter color countertops can be used to help the space from feeling too dark and help emphasize a warm environment.

The rustic appeal of log cabin kitchens is further enhanced by using unique elements and light fixtures. You will often see apron sinks, hammered metal, bronze, wrought iron, and other decorative elements to help reinforce its natural look. Multicolor backsplash made from stone or tile is also a great way to add detail and give it your own sense of style.

Below you will find different styles and designs of log cabin kitchens, ranging from simple compact designs to larger, more glamorous open-floor plans. (For more ideas visit this page featuring popular kitchen cabinet styles for your home)

A frame log kitchen

This compact log cabin has a sleek modern design, using gorgeous solid cherry wood for its structural framing, as well as the doors, windows, and other finishes. The kitchen naturally follows the overall concept of the log cabin, using cherry wood for its kitchen cabinets, but in a lighter finish with more toned-down red undertones.

It also combines it with a dark teal overhead cabinet, and a unique limestone backsplash with stainless steel behind the stove for easy grease cleaning.

Galley style log style kitchen with polished brick floors

By combining a variety of color tones, this log cabin is able to give more depth and playfulness to the design. Terracotta tiles were used for the floors, white antique white was used for the kitchen cabinets to create a good transition between the pine wood wall panels and the terracotta floors. You will also see a different wood color used on the wooden ceiling slats, which helps create more depth and variety.

Wood designed kitchen with breakfast bar

Going for a modern aesthetic route, this log cabin kitchen uses lighter colored wood materials to create a bright and fresh-looking design. In this particular example, light pine wood was used for the kitchen cabinets, which matches the engineered wood flooring and creates a subtle contrast against the cherry used on the wooden beams and doors.

Wood beam kitchen with butcher block island and track lighting

By combining different textures and depths, this log cabin kitchen is able to achieve a clean and light look for its layout despite using the uniform wood and finish color of the entire design. The timber structure uses a teak finish, which is also used on the ceiling slats and the solid-wood kitchen cabinets. Also, to help tone down the heaviness of an all-wood design, the walls of the kitchen are flat drywall panels for a cleaner canvas.

Log custom kitchen with granite countertops

High ceiling and large picture windows makes this modern log cabin kitchen look more welcoming and less heavy, because of the abundance of natural light and the spacious ceiling area. The solid timber logs on the walls has a gorgeous walnut finish, while the floors uses Maple for a lighter finish. The kitchen cabinets are made from gorgeous solid golden oak, giving it a very natural look and a polished finish.

rough timber kitchen with island and large wood beams

This log cabin uses wood logs with prominent burls, giving it a unique pattern and look. For this reason, the kitchen uses lighter and smoother wood finishes to help balance it out and create a design that still looks bright a clean even with the extensive use of wood. Solid Ipswich pine was used for all the paneled cabinets and were finished with natural linseed oil for a subtle smooth sheen.

Beautiful rustic kitchen with custom cabinetry red onyx counters and herringbone pattern brick floors

This log cabin kitchen goes for a heavier, rustic/antiquated look. It uses reclaimed wood and antique cabinetries to achieve a very aged look. This spacious floor plan uses reclaimed solid wood beams for the ceiling, and has kept its natural aged finish and texture.

The floors are also quite busy as they use terracotta bricks in a basketweave pattern. The walls, on the other hand, are simply painted in an antique white finish to balance out the look and to create a light and clean background for the heavy wooden kitchen cabinets.

Single wall log knotted cabin kitchen with wood countertops

By keeping the natural texture of and finish of the wooden logs and simply giving it a few layers of clear coating for protection, this small log cabin gives a very rustic and lived-in appearance. This type of finish could appear too busy for some, so to balance it out, the flooring used is light walnut and paired with walnut cabinets.

Rustic plank cabin kitchen with ladder to loft

The high ceiling and the skylights make this stunning log cabin kitchen even a better place to work in as it has better ventilation and more natural light. The consistent use of walnut on the cabin structure and the cabinets makes them look like they’re one with the structure, while the concrete look vinyl flooring and the quartz countertop helps tone down and create a break between the wood finishes. A large mirror panel was also added to make the space feel bigger.

Wood beamed kitchen with u shaped island and wood countertops

This beautiful rustic wood design features a custom u-shaped island with breakfast bar seating, large wood beams, and an amazing copper range hood.

Rustic kitchen with solid wood cabinets wood counter and stone back splash

Combining natural stone, stainless steel and 2 wood finishes and 2 countertop materials in one kitchen space sounds too busy in theory, but this design is able to pull it off. The walls use natural stones for one wall and mahogany driftwood pieces on the perpendicular side match the finish of the solid wood floors.

Kitchen equipment, backsplash, and open shelves are in stainless steel, while the cabinets use weathered oak, topped with a combination of beige travertine and black granite.

Modern wood finish kitchen with gray cabinets, custom wood island, wood dining nook and wood beams

A departure from many of the previous log cabin kitchens this design features contemporary-looking gray cabinets combined with a variety of custom solid wood features. Some of the standouts include the distressed wood island with built-in stove top, the custom wood dining nook, the large copper apron sink, and the wood beam ceiling.

Bright rustic wooden kitchen at mountain cabin

This gorgeous space is a great approach to creating a more contemporary-style log cabin kitchen. Weather oak planks were used all over the flooring, creating a light and neutral base.

The walls were plain and painted in oatmeal to create a clean canvas and give more emphasis to the gorgeous cherry wood used all over the design. The cabinets also use the same wood finish and top with black travertine to give a bit of contrast.


We have seen architecture, interior design, and furniture design evolve, go out of style, and go back in style over the years. Different environmental, social, and economic factors have all affected and triggered these changes, and so design styles have evolved to accommodate these changes. Log cabins, for example, date back a very long time ago in Scandinavian countries and were brought to America when Europeans came to settle.

Log cabin homes were originally used as dwellings when pioneers arrived in a new land. These buildings were made by only using cut trees and do not need nails or glue. While the original log cabins were mostly utilitarian, today’s log cabins are mostly adapted as a “style” used in country homes or vacation homes, and can now be seen with simple designs to the most luxurious design styles.

Tell us what you love about these wooden kitchens, or if you have any decorating tips in the comments below.

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