17 Ways To Decorate A Kitchen Sink With No Window

different ideas for kitchen sinks with no windows

The kitchen sink under the window setup has been around since the 19th century, just when the hearth-centered kitchen was abandoned and plumbing systems improved.

Today, a kitchen sink with no windows may be the least desirable option since the mundane task of washing dishes is a more attractive undertaking if accompanied by the benefits of having windows.

If you do not enjoy the advantages of having a window above your sink, you can still improve your prep area with these kitchen ideas.

Does a Kitchen Sink Need a Window?

kitchen with black brick backsplash wood cabinets and stove

It is not a requirement to have a window above or near the kitchen sink. However, having a window above the kitchen sink has psychological, physical, and practical impacts.

You get a healthy dose of vitamin D daily along with a good lighting source, if you have a window above your sink area. Moreover, you have a view of the outdoors, which relaxes your eyes and reduces stress. If it is a functional window that can be opened or closed, you allow cross-ventilation through the kitchen area.

How Do You Decorate a Kitchen Sink With No Windows?

Hang indoor plants: Hang a row of potted indoor plants on your wall. Seeing these natural elements adds a homey feel to your kitchen area while providing a visually relaxing décor. Moreover, you get fresh oxygen while these indoor plants take in carbon dioxide in the air. It’s easy to water and maintain since it’s just above your sink, and you’ll better remember to water them.

After cooking, the kitchen tends to get greasy, and plant leaves develop a waxy build-up. Greasy plant leaves have to be cleaned and wiped down for the health of the plant. – The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Houseplants Alive and Thriving: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply, Sandy Ann Baker

Add undercabinet lighting: To help brighten the space add soft under-cabinet lighting. This will help keep the space from feeling gloomy and illuminate any other decor items you want to display.

Under cabinet lighting

Install a stone slab backsplash: I love the look of beautiful stone slab backsplashes such as quartz or marble, and seeing them always brings a smile to my face. It could be the next best thing to looking outside, and by using stone in a lighter color with interesting veining and variations you can create visual interest.

Use reflective mirror tile backsplash: A trendy reflective mirror tile mosaic or geometrically shaped backsplash can help brighten the space which is helpful for kitchens without a lot of natural light.

Linear mirror tile backsplash

Create a fake window using a mirror: Use a square (or whatever shape you prefer) mirror to create a faux window. You can use strips of wood to simulate the window mullions. Take note that mirrors will reflect, so every time you use the sink, you will see your reflection.

Install an LED-operated faux window: Since electronic parts have become more compact and powerful, it is not possible to have a thin LED glass that can produce natural light or flash images of nature. With a control button or using your smartphone, you can adjust the brightness or what image to use, making it one of the kitchen sinks with no windows ideas to consider.

Place the decal stickers: Wall decal stickers are the perfect option for small or unusually shaped walls above kitchen sinks, as you can virtually place any image or words to fit into the limited frame. The most common are quotes or sayings about family, cooking, or the kitchen.

Hang horizontal wood planks: Wood planks with a natural finish or painted and assembled horizontally are the perfect backdrop for wall decal stickers. You can also place a decoupaged image on the boards for a more rustic or vintage look.

Place a chalkboard: A quick and practical way to fill in the void above these kitchen sinks is to place a chalkboard frame. There are a lot of ready-made chalkboards with frames you can purchase from thrift stores that come with colored chalk. You may also make your own to customize the size or shape. Use chalkboard paint on ordinary wood, or you can also paint directly on the wall.

Hang a pendant: If you have a high ceiling, you can fill in the vertical space with a hanging pendant light. There are numerous designs available to choose from to fit your existing style.

However, be sure to have enough ample space that won’t disrupt your work around your kitchen. An allowance between the countertop surface and the bottom part of the sink is recommended to be around 30 to 40 inches.

Hang a wreath: Wreaths for all occasions are the perfect décor just above your sink. You can customize the design yourself, but it’s best to have greenery as a base to lift the look and give it a relaxing hue.

Living wreaths are also popular ideas where succulents and other desert species are combined, though you may check on the type of succulents to place since these indoor plants like direct sunlight. Bear Paws, String of Buttons, and Echeveria are a few examples of cacti plants that don’t need much light.

Hang-framed botanicals: The closest way to have plants is to display framed greenery without actually having live ones. Get dried botanicals arranged on a piece of white paper. Then, frame the objects in a glass enclosure.

farmhouse kitchen with wooden shelves

Install open shelves: Narrow, open shelves with a single tier or several tiers lined up in a row above your sink, which can allow smaller décor pieces to be on display. You can add a collection of china, figurines, cups, utensils, etc., to add visual interest.

It can also be a functional space, as you can place thin apothecary jars filled with spices or condiments. Potted plants can also be placed in a row; just make sure to secure your open shelf, as the potted plants can be heavy.

Arrange wall baskets: If you have a wider wall area just above your kitchen sink, you can add wall baskets to add color and texture to your walls. These are easy to do and affordable to add décor without carpentry skills.

Metal Décor in Organic Shapes: Aside from wood, metallic pieces are great for livening up a blank wall. There are faux metal decor pieces that are actually made from plastic, making them easy to hang because they are lightweight, and you won’t be worrying about them rusting over time.

Arrange a picture gallery: Three-piece pictures have become popular wall décor for wide walls above sofas, but you can also find three-piece set paintings or pictures that fit well above your sink. The three-piece panels add balance, especially if you have dual sinks. If you’ve got a smaller wall area, you can add random pictures above to fill in the space.

Hang a tapestry or tufted rug: Soften the look in your kitchen area with a decorative tapestry or tufted rug. You can make your own or simply purchase a tufted rug online. Numerous options with different designs and shapes will surely fit your style.

Hang a stylish or vintage clock: You can opt to use a stylish clock that fits the theme of your kitchen’s design. Alternatively, using a classic wooden cuckoo clock could be an eye-catching piece with its intricate design and interesting mechanism. Moreover, you’ve got a functional clock to remind you of the time.

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