How Do I Choose The Right Size Exercise Ball?

Since many home offices use exercise balls an important questions is, how do I choose the right size exercise ball. Here we share tips that will help you determine the ideal exercise ball size.
Yellow exercise ball on purple yoga matAn exercise ball is a workout tool you can use for your back and your core muscles. Some even use it as an alternative for their office chairs. 

Also known as stability balls, these exercise balls can be challenging to use since it engages our core muscles and your stability.  

If you are interested in buying one though, one of the factors you have to consider before making that purpose is its size. Getting the right firmness and size of the exercise ball you use is important for optimal effect. [toc]

Buying an Exercise Ball for the Home Office

Exercise balls on ground different colorsWhen making a purchase of an exercise ball for the home office there are several things you should consider. See more types of home office chairs here.

  1. The size of your body – your height and weight plays a role in choosing the right size for your exercise ball. 
  2. Health issues you have
    1. Smaller exercise balls – enhances specific exercises
    2. Larger exercise balls – great for people with bad backs 
  3. Purpose of your exercise and your usage of the ball – here are some ways you can use the exercise ball for: 
    1. Working on your thighs, hips, and abs
    2. Strength workout
    3. Pilates or yoga
    4. Balance and stability stretches
    5. Core exercises

Consider these factors first before you go out of your way and purchase an exercise ball for your office. To be specific though, what size of exercise ball works for you? Read more about the home office exercise ball pros and cons here.

What Size Exercise Ball For an Office Chair 

Red and green exercise ballIn deciding the size of the exercise ball to buy for your office chair, your body is a major factor. 

To effectively make the most out of its function and the activities you will perform using the ball, your body should follow the following:

  • Allows you to have your feet flat on the floor when sitting upright on the floor (For even weight distribution)
  • Hips bent at 90 degrees angle with knees at the same level or slightly lower than your pelvis
  • Create a vertical line with your ears, shoulders, and pelvis when you bounce up and down

While standing up, the exercise ball should be slightly above your knee-level tall. You may need to have a larger ball if you have longer legs and a bit on the heavy side. 

A larger ball will also be better if you want to purchase an exercise ball to be used as an alternative for an office chair and for stretching purposes.

There are five diametrical sizes that exercise balls come in. The size you choose will depend on your height.

Exercise Ball Height to Size Chart

Here are the sizes and the particular height you should have to be able to use them. 

Height Ball Size (in diameter)
Under 4’8” 18 inches/45 cm
4’8” to 5’3” 22 inches/55 cm
5’4” to 5’10” 26 inches/65 cm
5’11” to 6’4” 30 inches/75 cm
6’4” and up 34 inches/85 cm

If you choose an exercise ball bigger or smaller than what you should use based on your height, exercising and doing workout routines in your home gym can either be too easy or too difficult. 

Employee sitting on exercise ball computer deskYour height is just part of the consideration when choosing the exercise ball to use though. You should also consider its flexibility and resistance in order to fully utilize this workout tool. 

There needs to be a bit of resistance and a little give on the ball’s surface. You can check this out by sitting on the ball. 

If it creates a little seat on the ball, this means more stability for your body, allowing you to sit more comfortably. The home office flooring you have will also impact the ball’s stability.

Best Size Exercise Ball For Office Chair

Work from home sitting on exercise ball indoor plantNow that you have enough information at hand to decide what ball to purchase, what do you think is the best size of exercise ball for your office chair?

The best size of the exercise ball you could have for your home office depends on your height and you might want to check the table previously presented. 

Another thing you can do to know what size of exercise ball to choose is to measure your arm’s length (from your wrist to your shoulder). After learning about your arm’s length measurement, choose the exercise ball with the nearest size to it. 

Make sure you choose a ball with size larger than your measurement. There’s no such thing as one size fits all in this case so it’s really important to know what size is best for you.

Exercise balls come in different sizes and colors. The most important thing to remember when asking yourself ‘how do I choose the right size exercise ball’ is that you should be comfortable using it. 

It is also important that, whatever your goal may be in purchasing one, you achieve it. See more related content in our article about creative small home office ideas on this page.

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