Gold Bedroom Ideas (Color Matching Guide)

Here we share our gold bedroom ideas and color matching guide including how to use different decoration styles and the best shades to mix and match with gold. Bedroom with four post bed curtains and many pillows Gold exudes the air of luxury and elegance, showcasing beauty and sophistication. Let’s face it, anything with gold in it looks stunning and fancy. 

This color also fills any room with warmth and energy, turning the ambiance of a room cozier and more intimate. 

Now, imagine surrounding your bedroom with it.  No, you don’t have to go crazy with gold in your bedroom. Not using the color right might in turn make your bedroom look cheap and forced. 

This is the reason why it is important to know how to properly integrate gold into the design of your room to add to its value.

Mix Gold With Other Decoration Styles

Bedroom interior in dark beige tone with maroon curtains When we talk about gold, it screams extravagance and baroque style. One thing you can do is to combine this with other styles, like contemporary and modern styles. Gold is not just all about baroque and it works together with other styles as well. 

Gold Fabrics

Another way to use the color gold in your bedroom is by using gold fabrics and pieces of furniture. If you don’t want to surround yourself with gold paint, you can just choose to accent your bedroom through fabrics and pieces of furniture instead. 

Spacious bedrooom with gold elements wood furniture floors and large windows As an example, this bedroom uses gold as an accent through pieces of furniture and fabric. The gold color is embedded in the room’s curtains, pillows, bedsheets, and rug. The accent also looks good together with wood used all over the room. 

Gold Lighting

You can also accent your bedroom with gold through lighting. The gold hue can provide extra warmth to the room. And this comes in the form of a golden candle or a golden table lamp. The installation of these accessories can also add to the room’s charm and class.

One of the most popular gold lighting accessories that scream elegance is a chandelier. Installing a chandelier alone can add class to a bedroom, much more a golden chandelier.

Simple gold lighting can do the trick but let your imagination run wild when it comes to gold lighting.  

Master bedroom with traditional style curtains with valance The chandelier and lighting installed on the wall of this bedroom illuminate a gold hue that provides extra warmth to the room. The candle on the wall lamps and chandelier add to the charm of the room and give off a Baroque-ish feel to it. 

Gold Wallpaper

If you dislike gold paint or even just paint in general but want your walls with gold, you might want to try installing golden wallpapers. 

There is a wide range of designs of golden wallpapers you can choose from. Some of the best ones are color-coordinated with neutral colors like yellow and brown.

In choosing which wallpaper to use, make sure that it matches other elements of your bedroom. This includes your pieces of furniture and curtains. The colors should also match each other. 

Golden wallpapers mostly have interesting textures and paper types. The texture provides more character to the wallpaper, adding personality to the room it is installed in. 

In this case, the golden wallpaper is integrated with geometrical shapes that seem to have a life of their own. Compared to having a plain gold wallpaper, the texture and design change the appeal of the room. The edginess of the wallpaper is balanced out by the inclusion of fluffy pillows. 

Mixing Up Gold With Other Colors

Modern black and white bedroom with illuminated horizontal poster And finally, you can partner gold with other colors for your bedroom’s theme. Gold is a versatile color so using it is not a problem. 

Too much gold though can be overwhelming, which is why combining it with other shades creates more edge and personality. But what are the colors that can complement gold?

What Color Goes With Gold In A Bedroom

Rusty bedroom interior with king size bed standing next to a white cupboard with a mirror and wooden shelves armchair and posters on wall Using gold in your bedroom would mean knowing what complementing colors to use and which accessories and pieces of furniture can add value to the bedroom. 

From golden fabrics to metallic furnishing, using gold in your bedroom is all about the drama and elegance it brings. 

If you don’t want to use plain gold for your wall’s paint or your wallpaper, you can mix and match it with other colors. There are many color palettes to choose from. 

Truth be told, you might be overwhelmed with what to use. To start with, here are some color palettes compatible with gold. 

Pink/Rose And Gold Bedroom

Gold complements different shades of pink, from pale blush to dusty rose. Gold rose has even become one of the best shades to represent class and elegance. 

Pink and gold can also be combined with cool pastel colors and neutral colors, depending on how you want your bedroom to reflect and what ambiance you want to enjoy. 

If you want to bring out the pink tone more, you can pair it with saturated colors like black or navy blue. The pink tone radiates a warm accent that balances the dark colors. 

Gold bedroom with drapery valance set This pink and gold bedroom reeks of elegance, from its rustic-looking wallpaper to its heavy and sleek gold curtains. The pink blanket adds to that elegance and gives more character to the bedroom. And finally, the potted plant on the left side of the room gives it a refreshing and earthy look. 

Green And Gold Bedroom

Gold is also compatible with the different hues and shades of green, from fresh lime to soft sage. Green and gold even each other out, showcasing the humble earthy color and the luxurious color. If you appreciate this balance, you might want to try this color theme out. 

Bedroom interior with gold tie up curtains green wall hardwood floors bed and wood cabinet This bedroom uses a combination of green, gold, and brown, which is one of the most compatible hues that can be grouped together. These three colors offer a vintage feel to the room. 

The gold curtains and green wallpaper, along with the brown-colored pieces of furniture may seem simple but the color combo is classically stylish.  Read more about our guide on the colors that go with green here.

Neutral Colors (Beige, Cream, & Tan) And Gold Bedroom

Neutral colors, specifically beige, cream, and tan, are also easily compatible with gold. When you install these colors in your bedroom, you can enjoy the rustic ambiance that these colors provide. The nature-inspired colors are an excellent partner for metallic gold. 

Choosing a warm color together with metallic gold works well to maintain the warmth of all colors. Make sure though that the colors paired with gold are a bit lighter to be the perfect backdrop for gold. 

Gold bedroom chandelier lamp sofa chair glass door curtain This rustic-looking bedroom combines a softer shade of gold with cream, white, and tan. The warmth in this room is clear and emphasized, especially through the chandelier and lamps. 

The design painted on the wall, using black, blue, and white, gives the room character to be more than just a warm room. 

Bedroom with chandelier big windows and gold elements Compared to the other bedroom, this one is more refreshing to look at. The windows in the room provide the natural light that contributes to its refreshing look. 

The golden chandelier installed on the ceiling adds to the warmth of the room, as well as the gold frames on the wall. The darker colors of the pillows and the blanket provide a better ambiance for the room. 

Master bedroom with indirect accent light tray ceiling platform bed and gold ideas This bedroom is bigger compared to the other examples. With a grey floor and ceiling, the room may have been cold to look at without the installation of gold. 

The golden chandelier gives the room the warmth it needs to have balance. The gold and brown patterns on the pillows and blanket give the bedroom more personality. Read more about our guide on what colors go good with brown here.

Grey/Silver And Gold Bedroom

Grey and silver are often considered cold colors because of their cool metallic shades. And gold is a solidly warm color. The combination of cool and warm shades balances each other out. 

Gold and silver are said to be contradictory. The truth though, both are elegant and clean to look at. The key in combining these colors is to choose a dominant color and which one to serve as an accent. You may also want to settle on grey instead of metallic silver. 

The good thing about silver and gold is that there are many pieces of furniture in those colors. You can use it to accent your room with one of these colors by installing a piece of furniture.

Bedroom with gold hanging light blankets and barn door This grey bedroom will have looked plain and empty without the addition of gold, yellow, and brown accents. The chandelier offers additional warmth to the room, as well as the natural light that comes from the window and door. The patterned chair and yellow blanket also add personality to the bedroom.

Spacious bedroom with gold wall and porcelain floor Dominated by a darker shade of grey, this bedroom has a modern touch to it. This is evident in the style of the bed, as well as the chandelier and golden accessories installed on the walls. 

The natural light from the doors and the little window on the headboard, as well as the lamp on the sides of the bed, give the bedroom the warmth it needs. 

White And Gold Bedroom

Any color can be partnered with white and this is the same way with gold. While it may appear simple and plain, the combination of these colors actually looks elegant and classic. 

White space with a golden accent is glamorous and sophisticated to look at. You can use a gold accent through borders, frames, and accessories, whatever works best for you. 

Masters bedroom with wood floors and gold blanket This white and gold bedroom showcases a cozy look that would make you want to stay all day inside it. Dominated by white through the walls and pillows, the color is evened out with gold and yellow through the curtains and the blanket. 

Contemporary bedroom with gold frame white wall wood furniture and ceiling lights This white, gold, and brown combo bedroom provides a rustic and homey look. The white walls are accented by the golden frame plates on each side of the bed. The golden canopy holder gives an accent to the white bed. 

The natural light on the glass wall gives warmth to the room, as well as the crystal chandelier, even adding class to it. Meanwhile, it is the wooden pieces of furniture that give the room its rustic look. 

Beautiful master bedroom with lighted geometric tray ceiling with chandelier A good addition to white and gold is the color black and that is clearly seen in this bedroom. The room is dominated by white, with the bed, windows, and ceiling. 

The gold accent can be seen on the light, including the chandelier and lamps, as well as the pattern on the curtains. And the black borders the pieces of furniture and the drawers and bench near the bed.

Blue And Gold Bedroom

You may think that the combination of blue and gold sounds quirky and weird. The truth though is the blue is one of the most complimentary colors that can enhance the color of gold. 

The combination of both colors allows everything to pop. And while this is definitely a bold combination, you always have the creative freedom to use enough blue or enough gold to reflect your personality.

Eye catching blue jacquard bed sheet and sofa bed in master bedroom This bold-looking bedroom is dominated by the color blue and accented by gold. The bed and loveseats all have darker blue while the walls and curtains have a lighter hue. The gold accent can be found on the chandelier and the bed poles, with crystals and silver improving their style.  

Gold bedroom with ceiling fan Compared to the previous bedroom, this one is dominated by gold and accented by blue. The walls, bed, and bench are all in gold while the accents of blue can be found in the lamps and the patterns on the pillows. 

The room also has white windows that allow natural light to warm the room and a dark wooden floor that evens out that warmth. 

Bedroom with blue and gold elements wood shelf and carpet This blue and gold bedroom is cozier and homier compared to the two previous bedrooms. The blue hue is installed on the walls while the gold accent can be seen on the artwork pieces by the bed. 

The addition of the wooden pieces of furniture, grey rug, and grey and beige pillows and blankets provides a more cozy feel to the room. Read more about our guide on what colors go with light blue walls here.

Black And Gold Bedroom

Another bold color combination for your bedroom is black and gold. While some people may be wary of using black, it is actually nothing to be afraid of.

In fact, both black and gold are elegant colors to consider. There is this certain mystery in black and there is guaranteed luxury in gold. While it may be a bold combination, it is also a flexible one. 

You don’t have to paint your room all black just to consider this idea. If you want, you can choose gold to dominate the color of your bedroom and accent the room with black. 

You may want to install black decor and accessories or black patterns on your pillows and curtains. You have every freedom to include the right amount of black you are comfortable with. 

Bedroom with gold blanket pillows wood floor white wall ceiling lights glass windows This bedroom is one of the examples of using black just as an accent. The bedroom has white walls and a bed but it is improved upon by the accents of black and gold. The blanket and pillows are in hues of gold while the nightstand and border of the windows/glass walls are in black. 

Bedroom with gold accents coffered ceiling window lamps and sofa chair This bedroom on the other hand has more confidence in using black and its hues. While the floor, windows, and rug may be in white, the bed is dominated by black, as well as the nightstands. 

The gold accent can only be seen in the chandelier, the lighting of the lamps, and somehow the walls. Grey, brown, and yellow also pop in the bedroom through the blanket, pillows, and a vase of flowers on the shelf.

See more related content in our article about the different colors that go with gold on this page.

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