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Cast Iron Sinks Pros and Cons

Here we share cast iron sinks pros and cons together with their cost, benefits, several tips on how to maintain and clean them as well as the comparison between cast iron and fireclay sink.
A clean kitchen cast iron sink a sponge and washing up liquid can be seen near byOne of the most popular kitchen sink choices nowadays is cast iron. Cast iron sinks are a favorite choice since they’re highly robust, long-lasting, and gorgeous. It also comes in a wide variety of designs, colors, and prices.

However, what exactly is a cast iron sink? Does it give a lot of benefits? What are its disadvantages? Let us know more details about cast iron sinks in this article.

What Is A Cast Iron Sink?

A white empty kitchen cast iron sink with liquid soapCast iron is a durable and heavy iron composition that establishes the sink’s foundation. Some of the cast iron sinks are made out of recycled iron, making it a more eco-friendly kitchen sink option. 

A cast iron sink’s surface coating is porcelain enamel. It protects the base cast iron and provides the surface a lot more smoothness, glossiness, and added durability.

Cast Iron Sinks Pros 

There are a lot of reasons why cast iron sinks are popular, especially in high-end houses. Here are the pros of cast iron sinks:

Modern kitchen with cast iron sink and wooden counter• Cast iron sinks are very easy to maintain. It can be cleaned easily because of its even and smooth surface. Wiping it using a lint-free cloth with a cleaning solution is already enough to clean grime.

• The materials used to build the sink can retain heat very well – it’s beneficial when you’re washing plenty of dishes using your hands. 

• Cast iron sinks are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. 

• Every cast iron sink can last for a very long time. It can also withstand harmful elements; it won’t corrode and fade out even after many years.

• Some of the cast iron sinks are eco-friendly as some of them are made out of reclaimed and recycled iron content.

• Even after many years, cast iron won’t get cracks and dents. It’s a lot more durable than stainless steel.

• The coating is made out of porcelain enamel. Meaning, it has a super glossy finish which adds stylishness and elegance. It adds massive value to your kitchen.

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These are the reasons why many people love cast iron sinks. They’re all about durability, reliability, and elegance, in a nutshell. 

But why do some people dislike this type of sink? What then, are its disadvantages?

Cast Iron Sinks Cons

Here are a few reasons why some people won’t prefer cast iron sinks:

Kitchen cast iron sink with burner and toaster on both sides• If not handled with care, the porcelain enamel can be scratched or chipped off. Once the cast iron gets exposed, it might get vulnerable to rust.

• It’s very heavy so it needs very well-built and solid support that will strongly hold the sink.

• Over time, the enamel will stain. Abrasive cleaning objects can scratch the glossy finish.

• Cast iron sinks are very expensive. In fact, cast iron sinks are some of the most expensive sinks to buy and install.

Are Cast Iron Sinks Better?

A kitchen with cast iron sink, a faucet with running water, apple slices on chopping board at the side and a glass pitcher with waterGenerally speaking, cast iron sinks do have a lot more beneficial features than any other types of sinks. They can withstand strong and harmful chemical elements, and they’re durable enough to last for so many years.

Moreover, the gorgeous and smooth glossy finish of a cast iron sink gives your house a lot more value. It makes your kitchen sink so pleasing to the eye. 

Other than its appearance, it’s also a good option in terms of durability. The combination of enamel iron makes cast iron sinks resistant to cracking and denting.

One other thing that makes cast iron sinks better than most stinks is that they are available in many colors, designs, and configurations.  

Do Cast Iron Sinks Scratch?

Modern kitchen interior with wooden bowl on chopping board faucet and sink on foregroundCast iron sinks are not that prone to scratches. If you’re persistently and cautiously taking care of them, such as cleaning them with soft cloth or microfiber, scratches can be avoided. 

However, if you’re going to clean them using harsh cleaning materials such as steel wool, wire brushes, or the sponge’s abrasive side, your cast iron sink will likely get scratches. 

This is why it’s never advisable to clean cast iron sinks with these harsh cleaning objects, or else, the scratches will expose the base cast iron, making it prone to rusting. 

Even though the enamel coating can be repaired, the sink’s overall appearance might not look elegant as before.

Are Cast Iron Sinks Hard To Clean?

No. Cast iron sinks are very easy to maintain and clean. The well-polished and smooth enamel coating of cast iron sinks makes them non-porous. 

You can simply clean them by following these easy steps:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the sink with water after every usage. 
  2. Let the sink completely dry. You can just leave it as it is since it won’t leave any ugly watermarks. However, you can also dry it by wiping the sink with a soft cloth or microfiber. 
  3. Always clean the cast iron sink with non-abrasive cleaning materials. Never use steel wools, abrasive sponges, or wire brushes to avoid scratching. 
  4. To remove stains, simply combine water and baking soda and apply the mixture to them. 

Which Is Better: Cast Iron Or Fireclay Sink?

Kitchen with fireclay sink and cabinetsCast iron and fireclay do have a lot in common. They’re both durable, easy to clean, beautiful, long-lasting, and they can both withstand harsh chemicals and other elements. They’re also both vulnerable to stains. 

However, although they’re both durable, a fireclay sink has its few advantages. Since it’s made out of clay-based ceramic that’s fired in a kiln at a very hot temperature and a protective glaze is fused to the clay, a fireclay sink can be more long-lasting than cast iron. 

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But then, the longevity of these sinks will still mostly depend on how the owner will take care of them.

In terms of weight, fireclay sinks are lighter than cast iron.  Fireclay sinks are more scratch-resistant than cast iron but they’re also more expensive than any high-grade sinks, including cast iron. 

But in terms of style and design, cast iron sinks are quite more elegant and eye-pleasing. 

We cannot conclude which one’s better between the two as they both have their own benefits and unique features. They’re also similar in numerous aspects. 

Both of these sinks can be a great option, but of course, it will still depend on your needs, budget, and preferences. The final decision will be yours. See our kitchen island with sink guide for more ideas. 

Why Are Cast Iron Sinks So Expensive?

A modern white kitchen with white furniture and big windowsCast iron sinks are very durable and long-lasting. They are composed of two layers – the heavy iron alloy and the thick porcelain enamel coating. The purification process of the cast iron is also done for a very long time. 

No doubt, the materials, weight, and process of how the sink is created are what make cast iron sinks so expensive. 

Most homeowners also believe that cast iron sinks can last for a lifetime. The longevity of cast iron sinks is also what makes them expensive.

The installation process and other additional materials to successfully install a cast iron sink is the last thing that makes it expensive. 

Since cast iron sinks are made out of pure and heavy materials, they will need well-constructed and robust support to firmly hold them.

See our guide on the differences between a single vs double kitchen sink for more kitchen design ideas.