50 Brick Kitchen Design Ideas (Tile, Backsplash & Accent Walls)

These kitchens feature exposed brick in the form of tile, backsplash & accent walls. An exposed brick wall can look amazing and bring character into a space. Using natural and rough materials in interior design is a popular trend and brick walls and accents can have a dramatic effect. Kitchens without a current wall can avoid costly remodeling by installing faux brick.

Contemporary kitchen with brick accent wall

In the picture above is a modern kitchen with solid wood mahogany cabinets placed against a red brick wall, breaking plainness and monotony and adding more personality to the space. It also adds texture and pattern, while still perfectly complementing the red tones of the cabinets.

Brick Designs in the Kitchen

There are many ways to bring brick into your style. Here are some of the most popular ways to create brick designs you’ll love:

All Brick Design – an all-brick layout can look amazing and is best matched with a natural-lit atmosphere, plenty of bright lighting, and bright cabinets for contrast.

White-washed Bricks – a design with white-wash paint can lighten up the space and give it a more contemporary style.

Brick & Beams – for a more industrial space bricks with exposed wood beams create a down-to-earth and warm ambiance.

Brick and Stainless Steel – this offers a mixture of natural and an industrial aspect for the design. Brick and wood beams are exposed for contrast against stylish stainless steel surfaces.

Brick Pantry Nook – a little alcove is built in between the kitchen and the dining room which is best suited as a space for cookbooks, glassware collections, and pantry accessories.

Brick Hearth – suitable for country kitchen designs wherein the archway and masonry wall are built offering the appearance of a heart that surrounds the range.

Rustic Brick Kitchen – it can be designed using vintage windows as well as a farmhouse table. The wall space serves its purpose as an open shelving.

Farmhouse Kitchen – this design makes use of combined brick backsplash, traditional style cabinets, and good-looking wood countertops.

Scandinavian Influence – known for its simple lines and modern cabinetry, masonry is often added as a backsplash to give a Scandinavian design a rustic touch.

Open Shelving – Open shelving allows one to really let the material standout and look great.

Craftsman kitchen with brick wall with windows

A modern space that uses an accent wall. The accent wall uses antique brick cladding which is a great contrast against the smooth solid teak wood cabinets and the light oak wood engineered wood planks of the floors.

Beautiful kitchen with white brick subway tile

For this space, the brick is a subtle addition, used as a backsplash. Dark walnut cabinets with white quartz and ash wood floors already create an excellent contrast, but the addition of gray tiles for the backsplash adds a welcomed pattern and texture to the space.

Contemporary kitchen with brick veneer wall

The accent wall gives this minimalist modern look a nice punch of attitude. Since the cabinets are plain white with white soapstone countertop and white walls, the walls add texture and pattern, breaking the monotony of the design and balancing the brightness of the white surfaces with the dark reds of the bricks. The engineered bamboo floors also aid in balancing the look, making it seem more interesting.

Modern kitchen with gray cabinets and gray brick backsplash with marble countertops

This modern design matches gray cabinets with a gray brick backsplash with great results. The white marble countertops and light European oak wood flooring helps to keep the design bright and inviting.

Contemporary kitchen with clay brick wall and stacked stone backsplash

Instead of antique or terracotta bricks, this layout opted to use large, masonry-sized pieces of one wall and paint it over with white, giving you an interesting accent wall. It also gives an interesting contrast against the rustic finishes, which focus on beige, brown, and other natural colors.

Contemporary kitchen with rustic brick wall and bianco bello marble countertops

This rustic style kitchen combines a more modern white-painted finish with antiqued bricks, creating a really interesting feel. It also uses reclaimed wood shutters as wall, creating one more interesting feature. White marble was the countertop of choice, breaking the roughness of the walls. helping you transition to the smooth black kitchen cabinets.

Country kitchen with brick peninsula and granite counters

In this kitchen, the brick cladding was applied on the bar counter face & sides, as well as the backsplash. The earthy tones of the tiles give a rustic appeal to the space which perfectly complements the solid Mahogany cabinets. These design ideas using natural stacked stone can look impressive and not break the bank during a remodeling project.

Country kitchen with brick wall and white cabinets

A modern transitional style kitchen that uses white-painted cabinets with clean, white countertop. This is combined with French door overhead cabinets and suspended shelves, to create a balance of classic and modern elements. At the far side is a wall with antiqued finish, giving the space a rustic touch.

Country kitchen with brick wall brick floors and limestone countertops

A traditional style kitchen uses a combination of colors and finishes, giving it a dark and heavy look usually associated with Baroque interior style. Bricks were used widely in this space, on the floors, and even around the cooking range. The dark red of the material is countered by the light beech wood cabinets and the beige wall paint, creating a balance of dark and light colors.

Rustic kitchen with reclaimed brick and exposed beam ceiling

A rustic style contemporary kitchen that combines the clean smooth surface of marble and gray-painted cabinets, with the rustic oak wood cabinets and beams. The wall behind the range cooker uses an antique finish, giving it a rustic appeal. Luxury appliances and the use of modern lighting and natural marble counters keeps the interior design new and exciting.

Country kitchen with high arched ceiling with exposed beams and brick wall

The sloped ceiling with skylight gives this space its charm, making it look bright and inviting. Wood beams span the ceiling area, which also serves to support the drop lights. One side of the wall is completely clad in bricks and serves as the built-in niche for the oven.

Craftsman kitchen with arched brick wall above countertop

The old arched window of the wall clad in bricks was filled with concrete and used as the main wall. It uses solid maple cabinets and a mahogany laminated island. Gray solid surfaces were used for the countertop, giving it an industrial look, while the former arched window serves as the wall in which the hanging racks are attached. See more kitchen island ideas on this page.

Cream traditional kitchen with brick breakfast bar and brick accent wall

The walls are preserved in this area, using it as the niches in which the built-in cabinets are placed. The antique bricks have a faded beige color which matches well with the light cream-painted cabinets. The bar counter’s front is clad with bricks but is darker than the walls. See more brick kitchen island ideas here.

Eclectic kitchen with brick wall dining room

This modern kitchen is quite expansive, using a uniform look for its cabinets by applying maple wood laminates and tops them with green granite counters. The dining area wall just beyond one of the island counters is clad with terracotta bricks, giving it a bold red-orange color.

Elegant kitchen with white cabinets and brick wall

The fully brick walls help complete the effect and look in the image above. The washed-out pattern and texture given by the walls give it more personality and help give it an edgier look. While the main cabinets use a light cream finish, the island uses an antique gray color for its base. Right above it are three pendant lamps, adding to the elegant appeal of the area.

Galley kitchen with brick vaulted ceiling

This galley kitchen tries to achieve the look of a traditional design with multiple arched ceilings. To complete the effect, the ceiling has an arched design using a running bond pattern and the floors use a brick finish with a chevron pattern.

Kitchen with brick accents and dark wood island

In this traditional style kitchen, the bricks were simply used as accents for the arched openings and windows, adding a framed effect. The cabinets are a combination of solid oak and dark mahogany, topped with black granite. The faded brick surrounding the window panes and archways gives the space an elegant feel.

Kitchen with brick backsplash and bright wood cabinetry

An open-plan layout with solid cherry wood cabinets and beige granite countertops gives an elegant traditional look. Combined with orange-toned engineered wood floors and ceramic brick backsplash, it gives an orange glow throughout the space, balanced by the white walls of the rest of the house.

Kitchen with brick veneer wall

A compact modern design that uses modular cabinets in white with light cream quartz counters. An L-shaped part of the walls is clad with red bricks, adding texture that contrasts with the white cabinets.

Kitchen with European cabinets and brick backsplash

Another modern kitchen goes for a clean and elegant look. It uses traditional-inspired cabinets in white finish and topped with solid teak wood butcher’s block countertop. To add a little bit of texture & pattern, the backsplash uses white-washed bricks.

Kitchen with marble tile backsplash and brick veneer

This small traditional-style kitchen completes its traditional look with its combination of finishes. Solid walnut cabinets with traditional paneled design are combined with cream granite counters.

In between two columns is the cooktop, and an arched exhaust cover goes right above it. The columns and the arch were both finished with brick cladding to go with the over-all concept of the space.

Kitchen with polished seafoam green granite counter and brick fireplace

This kitchen has a more modern look, combining white-painted cabinets with a solid mahogany island. It has one wall clad in bricks with a built-in fireplace, and there is also a column clad in the same material, helping add texture.

L shaped kitchen with metal mosaic stainless steel brick backsplash

The previous examples use terracotta, but this modern design also uses a modern adaptation. To complement the modern white cabinets and beige granite are stainless steel tiles with a brick pattern. This backsplash option is easier to maintain and clean, making it an ideal material choice.

Mediterranean kitchen with green marble brick mosaic backsplash

The cabinets of this kitchen all use solid oak wood in its natural color, topped with a light gray granite countertop. The ceiling has wooden beams, adding to the traditional effect, while the brick-patterned backsplash tiles in a combination of blue hues add a more modern look to its surface.

Mediterranean style kitchen with brick wall above oven and granite island

The brick-clad wall with arched exhaust cover really gives a bold accent wall in this traditional kitchen. The cabinets are painted in a light cream color and topped with matching cream granite. The bold red accent wall gives an interesting focal point amidst the muted colors in this design.

Modern kitchen with red brick veneer

A small modern kitchen that focuses its color palette on red and orange tones. Floors are engineered teak wood, while cabinets were laminated in cherry wood topped with white quartz to help tone down the reds. The back wall was clad in terracotta bricks, adding a small but interesting feature to the area.

Off white kitchen with cream brick backsplash

White-painted bricks give the same effect as white subway tiles, giving this classic French-inspired kitchen a modern twist. This small kitchen has a simple &  elegant look, using an antique white finish with distressed edges for the cabinets &  topping it with a solid Mahogany butcher’s block counter.

Rustic kitchen with brick fireplace and black tile backsplash

This Mid-century modern kitchen has a fun combination of colors and finishes which creates an eclectic yet cohesive look. Modular cabinets are all in white using black granite for the main counters and solid teak for the island.

There is a fireplace wall along the walls of the main cabinets which is clad in terracotta bricks while the backsplash uses black-painted bricks with white grouting. The contrast of the two brick finishes creates an interesting visual appeal that looks perfectly in sync with the design concept.

Rustic kitchen with brick fireplace and exposed beams

This is another mid-century-style kitchen but has a more provincial/rustic inspiration. Pale wood finish floor tiles combined with white walls and brick accent walls provide the perfect background for the gray paneled cabinets with perfect white counters and faux white brick backsplash.

Rustic kitchen with brick fireplace wood countertops

This small kitchen has that relaxed rustic modern look, with an excellent combination of colors and finishes. The floors are light maple-engineered wood, with white vertical wall sidings. The cabinets are a combination of fray and gunmetal gray, topped with solid concrete for that raw industrial look.

There’s also a brick wall in which the main counters are set, creating an excellent contrast between the bricks and the gray of the counters.

Rustic kitchen with brick wall and tile backsplash

This classic kitchen has a small accent wall clad in antiqued bricks. Against the accent wall is a free-standing retro oven painted in black, creating an interesting focal point/center-piece. The main cabinets are paneled Mahogany cabinets with a white marble countertop and a built-in ceramic sink.

Rustic kitchen with large brick wall

The wall against which the cabinets are is completely clad in large pieces of bricks, creating a large texture/pattern on its surface. The same bricks were used for the floors, creating a continuity of patterns, but the material repetition has a tendency to make the space look too busy so to balance it out, white was the color of choice for the cabinets, while gray was used for the countertop.

Rustic kitchen with large dining island and brick around stove

A very large traditional-style kitchen that uses solid cherry wood floors, creating a bold background. The cabinets are of solid walnut with beige granite counters, while the island has a light gray base with beige soapstone countertops. Surrounding the range cooker is a built-up wall and exhaust cover clad with bricks, to make it look like an old fireplace.

Kitchen with brick oven surround subway tile backsplash green island white cabinets

This interesting kitchen with shiplap ceiling remains light and bright with its white cabinets, marble countertops, and subway tile backsplash. An interesting rustic brick design surrounds the two ovens creating a rustic touch in this transitional space.

Traditional blue cabinet kitchen against brick wall

This unique rustic-style kitchen embraces its architecture and adapts its design to match. Against the brick walls are antique/weathered finish kitchen cabinets in a unique blue shade topped with soapstone counters. To tone down the rough finishes, the rest of the walls were kept plain white, including the ceiling.

Traditional kitchen with brick archway entry

An elegant transitional style kitchen with a semi-open layout, separated from the rest of the house only with a large archway clad with bricks. The kitchen uses simplefied paneled cabinets in white with gray backsplash tiles with subtle geometric patterns, giving the design a modern touch.

Brick kitchen with ceramic tile backsplash

This modern kitchen uses a built-up wall clad with terracotta bricks, creating a faux archway opening, as well as creating a niche for the built-in ovens. The cream laminated counters were topped with a gray solid surface, while for the backsplash, emerald green ceramic tiles were used, giving it a shabby chic appeal.

Kitchen with brick facade wall around stove

Instead of simply painting the built-up walls in which the cabinets were built, this kitchen uses brick print wallpaper to achieve this look without taking up too much thickness and without the grease-prone crevices typical to real brick walls.

Traditional white cabinet kitchen with brick archway

This transitional style kitchen takes inspiration from provincial rustic kitchens, using white kitchen cabinets with vertical wood panels and combining them with solid teak butcher’s block counters. The kitchen was indirectly parallel to the dining area, which in turn is separated from the living area with a large arch opening clad with bricks.

Traditional white kitchen with brick arch and travertine backsplash

Intricate paneling on the cabinet doors gives this kitchen that elegant appeal. Paired with light cream walls, this kitchen is definitely laid back and looks relaxing. One side of the kitchen wall has a built-up wall with an arched opening which acts as a ‘window’ towards the other parts of the house.

Traditional kitchen with brick arched ceiling

In this luxury kitchen design with a traditional style, the brick finish was surprisingly applied on the ceiling, instead of the walls. There’s a large recessed ceiling right above the kitchen with brick cladding, while the kitchen itself features basic traditional style cabinets using oak wood and cream granite counters.

Brick Backsplash

Here are some of the most popular brick backsplash designs:

  • Brick Backsplash – available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, brick backsplash is one of the easiest ways to get the look in your kitchen. Brick mosaic tiles can give you a traditional, contemporary, or modern look depending on the type you install.
  • Open Pipe Shelving – brick is exposed to plumbing pipe shelf units which are located on either side of the sink. It promotes an industrial loft feeling while in the kitchen.
  • Faded Brick – there is a perfect balance when faded surfaces are used together with industrial elements like stone finishes and floating shelves. The natural fiber shades add warmth to the ambiance.
  • Striped Brick – it uses stripes of paint for the creation of visual interest on walls. Pots and pans can be hung to complete the look of a true chef’s kitchen design.
  • Washed Out Brick – mute colors of faded brick wall fit well with colorful cabinets and offer contrast for countertops.
  • Mirrored Backsplash next to brick – mirror adds contrast to bricks and a patina that balances between wood cabinets and rough, earthy colors.

Traditional kitchen with red brick backsplash

A transitional kitchen space combining rustic finishes to achieve this rugged yet elegant look. Modular cabinets were painted in a gunmetal gray color and topped with a white solid surface for that modern masculine look. Using weathered wood effect floor tiles and faux brick ceramic tiles for the backsplash enhances the rustic appeal of the space, making it a perfect kitchen for any bachelor’s pad.

Traditional kitchen with brick veneer and wood countertops

Another transitional style kitchen adapting a clean and crisp-looking white and wood combination. The cabinets are white, while the counter top uses cherry wood butcher’s block. There’s an exposed column with brick cladding jutting out of the left wall, and for the backsplash, white glass mosaic tiles with rectangular pattern was used.

Traditional kitchen with high brick ceiling and brick wall

There’s a certain feeling of grandeur and elegance in this contemporary kitchen design due to its finishes and very high ceiling. Glass backsplash tiles in an aqua color give a stylish feel. Looking up, you will see the bricks on the ceiling surface and wooden beams spanning the ceiling. In contrast to the busy ceiling are plain white walls and simple white cabinets painted red with a massive gray island.

Traditional cream cabinet kitchen with clay light color brick backsplash

This is a compact kitchen with a traditional cabinet design that uses white-washed bricks for its backsplash, in a combination of running bond and chevron patterns.

White classic kitchen with clay brick backsplash

In this modern transitional style kitchen, brick-patterned ceramic tiles were used as backsplash material as it can give you the rustic look of real bricks, but has a smoother surface and fewer crevices which can accumulate dirt or grease.

Traditional white kitchen with brick accent wall

A minimalist transitional design adds more personality to the space by adding a brick accent wall on the side. The small accent wall helped add texture and color to the space without overwhelming the white cabinets and black soapstone of the counters.

Large smoke color brick backsplash porcelain tile

A close-up look at this brick backsplash tile that is constructed using porcelain with a smoke color finish.

White kitchen with marble counters and brick subway tile backsplash

The brick subway tile backsplash used in this modern transitional style kitchen is made from gray soapstone, giving it an elegant natural satin finish. The gray color is very subtle and soft, perfect for the black solid surface and white cabinets.

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