Feng Shui Kitchen Colors (Design Guide)

With the right Feng Shui kitchen colors, you can transform and enhance the heart of your home while promoting balance, health, and prosperity.

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The literal definition of feng shui means wind for “Feng” and “Shui” for water. These are both associated with good health in Chinese culture, which plays into the concept of feng shui in design.

In design, the concept is properly placing the items and colors in your home to bring you good fortune. This relates to where items go, the colors you use, and the direction they face in your home. The right placement is meant to have positive effects, while poor placement can lead to poor fortune.

If you want to incorporate feng shui into your own home, it’s often easier to break things down room by room. Here, we’ll look at the colors you should use in your kitchen.

Choosing Feng Shui Colors For Your Kitchen

Feng shui blue cabinet kitchen design with green dining chairs

Regarding feng shui, the colors you use in your home carry weight. For now, let’s take a look at the overall colors in feng shui before we consider where they should go and how to use them.

For neutral colors, you’ll mostly want to lean on whites and soft grays. The use of black is also beneficial, but it doesn’t fit just anywhere in accordance with the rules of feng shui. Black actually falls under the category of a water color while white is associated with the element of metal.

For the element wood, green is often used, especially in the East Bagua area. As one might guess, colors like red are most often used to represent the fire element.

In all, the basic concept behind the colors in your kitchen plays heavily into the feng shui. At the same time, you aren’t extremely limited in your choices.

Later, we’ll take a deeper look into which colors are best suited to certain areas of your kitchen and what those areas and decisions mean in relation to the benefits of feng shui.

What Are the Best Feng-Shui Kitchen Colors

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There isn’t a single blanket answer to this question. Everyone’s kitchen is different, so that different colors will suit individual kitchens. Yet, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you choose a color that suits your home.

Here are some of the best Feng-Shui hues to consider:

Color Element Meaning Application
Yellow Earth Cheerfulness, warmth & stimulates digestion Ideal for welcoming friends and family
Red Fire Passion, energy & stimulates appetite Use sparingly for vitality in accents
Orange Combination (Fire & Earth) Social atmosphere, stimulating & energetic Perfect for an energetic vibe, that is not too intense
Green Wood Renewal, vitality & health Promotes a healthy lifestyle, and brings in the outdoors
White Metal Purity, cleanliness & spaciousness Promotes a spacious feel. Use with colorful accents

In addition, think about the bagua of your home. This refers to the energy map of your space. This includes the following;

● Fame and reputation
● Wealth and abundance
● Creativity and children
● Love and marriage
● Health and family
● Helpful people and blessings
● Career and life path
● Spiritual growth and cultivation

Once you determine this, you can decide what to focus on in your kitchen. These are also associated with different areas and colors, so you can choose what you want to focus on in accordance with the principles of feng shui.

It can also help determine where to use color in your kitchen. This goes beyond the paint on the walls to include areas like cabinets, tiles, countertops, art on the walls, and miscellaneous decorations and countertop kitchen appliances.

We’ve gone over the fact that there are a variety of colors that you can use in your kitchen in accordance with the principles of feng shui. We’ve also covered that there isn’t a single color that is perfect for every kitchen as the main focus because everyone’s different.

That doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own with how you use the colors in your kitchen. There are a few key tips to keep in mind, though.

For instance, white is great as a neutral color because it looks clean and fits well into a food preparation space. On the other hand, using only white throws off the kitchen’s balance and can make the space look too sterile. It’s best to accent it with appropriate hues in the form of artwork, a background for decorative and utilitarian items, and accent walls.

Other tips to remember include using yellow to boost social interaction, blue to soothe occupants, and green to boost digestion. Another common kitchen feng shui color is red, but it should only be used as an accent so as not to overwhelm the room.

You can use kitchen cabinet design software to try out different colors on your room’s layout to see which types appeal to you. Many programs allow you to generate a kitchen layout in 2D view and then go into the design in 3D to see how it may look in person.

Feng-Shui Kitchen Colors Based on Position

When it comes down to choosing the colors in your kitchen according to feng shui, it’s important to remember how crucial direction is. The direction in your kitchen plays a huge role in choosing which colors to use and where. Here, we’ll break down some of the basics.

Feng shui color by position of room


The south in feng shui is related to fame and reputation, so choosing the right colors is worth your time. Bright, warm colors work well here, such as orange, red, or bright yellow.

This can overwhelm a kitchen easily, obviously, so most suggest using them as an accent wall. You can also incorporate items in purple, red, or gold here.

Above all, you’ll want to avoid blues and blacks in the southern region of your kitchen.


The southwest is related to love and marriage. For this area, Earth tones are a great choice, but stronger, hotter hues can be applied here as well. You’ll want to avoid cool colors in this area, though, such as blue, black, whites, and grays.


The bagua area of children and creativity, the west is best for earth hues and steering away from fire colors. Clean grays are a great choice here, as well as pure whites and warm earth tones.

If you just rely on white, though, you’ll have to be careful to not make your kitchen look too sterile. The use of earthy colors and even gray can add a touch of warmth to the room. See more examples of kitchens with gray cabinets here.


An East area kitchen uses the wood element and should focus on Earth Feng Shui colors. One can use green and brown colors and try to avoid adding too much white to the space.


A north area kitchen will need to focus on color balancing between the water element and fire. Thus, some of the best colors for this space are blue, gray, black, and white.


A Northeast area kitchen shares the same earth element as a kitchen in the Southwest area. Use earth element colors like beige, sandy and taupe along with fire colors such as yellow, and red.


The bagua area of the northwest is blessings and helpful people. Similar to how you decorate the western part of your kitchen, so stick to earth tones paired with grays and whites. Leave water and fire colors out of this part of your kitchen.

With the tips we’ve looked at here, you can go forth and decorate your kitchen in accordance with the rules of feng shui. This is meant to help balance your home and leave it feeling energized, improving both your home and your mood!

Read more about Feng Shui colors on this page.

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