53 Backyard Garden Waterfalls (Pictures of Designs)

Backyard stone water feature waterfallThis gallery features beautiful pictures of backyard garden waterfalls with streams and ponds in a variety of designs. These water features showcase flower gardens, tropical plants and different materials and styles. Below you’ll find ideas and inspiration to create your perfect outdoor living space.

In the image above river stones border this backyard garden waterfall creating a peaceful environment to enjoy.  Water flowing through multi-level flag stones into the pond creates a calming, soft and gentle ambient sound.

The natural sound and sight of water flowing is soothing and can transform your backyard in to a relaxing oasis. Many backyard garden waterfalls are custom made from home and the results are amazing. From dramatic waterfalls flowing in to a lagoon like pond to soft trickling waterfalls next to a gazebo, only your creativity is the limit to your design.

Popular types of backyard waterfalls:

Rock Waterfalls – Custom rock water features come in many different shapes and sizes and include a variety of types of rock. They can be positioned to circulate water flow from their base back to the top, or collect in a pond before being recirculated.

Tiered Waterfalls – Constructed to allow water to flow at different levels. A tiered waterfall can work well with a backyard stream design to create a natural looking environment.

Garden Waterfall – With flowering plants that are carefully landscaped around a backyard water feature you an create a beautiful oasis. With careful planning a garden water feature can be created to look like a natural landscape.

Pond Waterfall – Backyard ponds can be anything from a relaxing place for quiet contemplation to a large sheetfall waterfall. Either way they can be a relaxing place to enjoy the energy of flowing water trickling over rocks.

Modern Waterfall – With sleek sophisticated lines modern water features look impressive and can really make a statement in your backyard.

Swimming Pool Waterfall – A water feature in the swimming pool is a great way to add drama and excitement. Kids and adults alike love to swim and play under the flow of water. They can be custom designed or are available to purchase as a kit you construct yourself.

Sheet Waterfall – Sheet waterfalls are designed to focus the water in a stunning sheet that cascades down like a work of art. Both mesmerizing and tranquil a sheet waterfall can look impressive and create a peaceful backyard ambiance.

Flowing water feature river to pond in Asian gardenThis boulder waterfall spillway creates a more natural appeal to this backyard garden waterfall design.  Different sizes and multi-colored river rocks are used to cover the surrounding ground and placed at the bottom of the pond.  A backdrop of trees and shrubs near the rock waterfall adds serenity and beauty to the landscape.

Backyard waterfall and stream next to pergolaA grill area under a trellis is great for entertaining and afford a view of the beautiful garden waterfall flowing into a shallow pond. Mix of decorative plants and trees gives this rock waterfall feature a natural and balance setting.

Garden waterfall and small pond in landscaped backyard This backyard water feature with a small garden pond creates a composed landscape with a relaxing sound of flowing water surrounded by radiant greenery of plants and trees.

Beautiful flower garden waterfall and pondFragrant summer flowers and scented foliage in shades of pink, lilac and silver-green hedges contrast the green trees surrounding this backyard garden waterfall. River stones forms the edge of multi cascades water flowing into a pond.

Backyard waterfall over paver retaining wallA tiered waterfall feature leading to a stonewall pond surrounded by ferns and shrubs creates a simple and relaxing element to this backyard water garden.

Custom pond and waterfall in backyardThe natural stone around the edge of this backyard garden water falls is lined with lilies and green plants; the outdoor lighting creates a serene ambiance.

Backyard Asian garden with waterfallInspired by a Zen approach, this garden waterfall is characterized by rustic assembled stones, a rock wall behind the falls, bamboo and plants growing in patches.

Small backyard waterfall and pondThis simple circular garden pond bordered with stone and a small waterfall flanked by flowers shrubs and grasses, creates a focal point for this backyard garden.

Modern stacked stone water feature in backyardThese waterfalls have multiple drops, outdoor lights and green foliage, perfect stone blocks with large round stepping stones gives this backyard a more natural feel.

Contemporary waterfall rain shower in backyardA modern Zen waterfall feature which gently falls and hitting rocks below; creates a calm vibe producing a peaceful approach to a nostalgic garden experience.

Backyard koi pond with waterfallThis tranquil water garden has a pedestal style bird bath as an accent piece, surrounded by trees, tall bushes, water lilies and green luscious grass.

Beautiful flower garden waterfallA beautiful hillside water feature built with receding layered natural rocks, high rolling waterfall enfolded with various rock boulders, trees, bushes, colorful flowers and grasses.

Backyard waterfall with wood deck and seatingA perfect private slanted deck spot over-looking an alfresco layered stone waterfall cascading down and giving off a cooling and relaxing feel for this outdoor seating area.

Custom stacked stone stream and waterfall in backyardNature finds its way to this exquisite backyard garden waterfall design in the neck of the woods surrounded by paving stones using flagstones. The arrangement of stones makes this water feature look natural and inviting.

Large stacked stone waterfall in gardenA stream-like waterfall design, edged by different types of natural stones and tops off with a slab cut stone foot bridge gives this backyard an outdoor sanctuary surrounded by nature’s finest.

Large natural looking stone waterfall in backyardA garden pond surrounded by large boulders tapers off into a flowing waterfall.  A backdrop of ornamental trees adds softness and a bed of moss welcomes a contrast to the toughness and coldness of the stones.

Large stone water fall and streamTucked away under a stone pathway is a scaled-down cascading waterfall display flanked with marginal plants.  A small decorative frog squats on one of the steppingstone sets up a delightful centerpiece.

Luxury backyard with aqua pond and waterfallA secluded private backyard garden retreat enclosed by semi-dressed stone with trees and shrubs as backdrop, replicates a crystal clear lagoon with a waterfall design feature.

Natural backyard water feature waterfall and pondThis expansive rustic landscape defines an aesthetic element for a backyard garden waterfall.  The multi-level waterfalls cascading through massive river stones and field stones designed to achieve a natural look.

Raised backyard waterfall over grassEnhancing this backyard landscape is a garden waterfall feature using natural stone textures and multi-color blends of these irregular brick-layered field stone and combined it with the lush green grass.

Rock waterfall and pond next to wood deckThis multi-level overflowing backyard waterfall feature has a wide deck bordering on one side.  Moss covered natural stone lined the bottom of both shallow and deeper pond.

Rustic rock waterfall in backyardBounded by massive stone boulders, this outdoor garden oasis has two waterfall features cascading into a beautiful two tier shallow crystal clear fishpond.

Beautiful garden waterfall featureA picture perfect waterfall flowing into a stream-like pond from a higher level water feature edged by large boulders and lush foliage encompass this backyard garden paradise.

Stacked stone waterfall in backyardThis backyard garden has a rock waterfall surrounded by large boulders and different types of gravel, adding texture and color.  Lush vegetation and shrubs gives this garden a relaxing feel.

Two-tiered stone waterfall in backyard gardenFor an elegant touch, this backyard garden waterfall is designed using polished granite slab.  Rough textured rocks and boulder lined the spillway and stream creating pockets for plants adding color and beauty to the landscape.

Stone waterfall and pond next to backyard lawnAn informal design for a backyard garden waterfall brings a natural look using rocks and boulders surrounded by lush trees, bushes, shrubs and grass enhancing the beauty, color and form of this landscape.

Asian garden with river water feature flowing to pondThis elegant Japanese inspired backyard garden waterfall has plants surrounding the pond and maple trees which are classic elements for Japanese garden and landscape.  Different types and sizes of decorative rocks and boulders enclosed the multi-level waterfall adding texture and form to the theme.

Backyard garden water feature river under tree and next to wood benches Romance is in the air with this backyard garden waterfall design. The calming sound of water flowing into a stream, decorative landscaping stones, fragrant evergreen shrubs and cast iron garden furniture create an ambiance of a fascinating romantic setting.

Backyard rock garden with small water feature and pergolaMany backyard garden waterfalls are courtyard inspired and designed for that much needed recreation and relaxation.  In this photo an outdoor fireplace with garden furniture set, provides warmth and plenty of seating under a pergola for shade; perfect for entertaining guests anytime of the day.  A rock waterfall feature replaces a common fountain.

Small creek water feature with waterfalls in to pondThis natural planting arrangement and rock setting with multi-level waterfall flowing into a deep pond, is created to look as nature’s finest backyard garden waterfall landscape.

Small rock waterfall flowing in to garden pond with lily pads in backyardFinding a creative way to add a focal point to this backyard garden is by designing a waterfall feature with a rock lined pond, ornamental grasses, water lilies and yellow floating hearts accented by a perched ceramic bird.

Asian garden with small pond and flowing waterfallPerfectly nestled in the middle of this garden is a Japanese inspired design. Traditional plants such as evergreens, dwarf varieties of trees and shrubs, and sculptured bird ornaments standing on river rocks are very symbolic elements for this Japanese backyard garden waterfall landscape. Large boulder steppingstone replicates the customary garden bridge leading to a wooden pavilion with a view of the waterfall leading into a pond.

Large double sided rock waterfall in gardenA ledge waterfall gives this backyard garden an eye-catching grand effect for to this outdoor living space. The cascading water flowing through multi-layer massive boulders creates a soothing vitality.

Decorative waterfall in a gardenMassive rough boulders surround this multiple cascades waterfall. Indulge in the sound of water flowing over the rocks for a soothing cooling effect adding an excellent atmosphere of luxury.
Hot tropical swimming pool at resort with waterfall feature and reclining chairs on the patio with turquiose waterLocated in the middle of a pool is an elegant massive rock waterfall feature; adding to this spectacular view are colorful plants on top of the rock formation.

Chinese garden with flowing waterfalls pver natural looking stone formationsMultiple cascade of waterfalls pouring from a pond above into a deeper basin below bounded by rough layered rocks, trees, spiky grasses, bushes and other ornamental plants.

Pool with a waterfall in a resortA classic round backyard pool is designed with an extra touch of elegance by adding a waterfall feature using natural rocks and boulders. Tropical plants, flowing trees and trimmed grass add textural contrast to this lovely backyard garden landscape.

Waterfall and pond with goldfish in japanese gardenWater overflowing through river stone rocks into a two-tier fishpond bounded by pruned shrubs revealing architectural form and its bold textures create an interesting elements of a Japanese garden inspired scenery.

Garden waterfall flowing in to pondLined by different types and sizes of rocks and flower beds, this backyard garden waterfall creates a soft and soothing sound and relaxing feeling.

Beautiful natural style pond with waterfall at a farm house backyardDifferent types of ferns growing around and in pockets in between moss covered natural stone boulders. Lattice trellis and hanging plants adorn above this backyard garden waterfall.

Rock pond with small waterfall and natural looking streamStacked flagstones border this pond while river stones are placed on bedrock. Aquatic plants float on the deep end of the basin and other ornamental plants are placed along the edges. The soft cascade of water adds to the soothing nature of this backyard garden waterfall. Koi fish brings more color and life to this water feature.

Waterfall detail in Japanese garden with blissful natureDesigned for peaceful contemplation, this backyard garden waterfall provides a spiritual haven for visitors. Fiery Japanese maple offer a colorful contrast and create balance to the green pruned trees and other oriental plants. A pagoda stone lantern, multiple cascades waterfall and zigzag bridge create artistic focal points. River stones and natural rock boulders symbolizes strength and endurance.
Natural style rock waterfall in gardenA sheet waterfall pours over this man-made rock waterfall feature surrounded by evergreen shrubs and ferns as part of a mixed hedging gives this backyard garden a natural touch.

Ornamental pond with waterfall in gardenTall grasses and other plants flourishing in moist soil surrounding this backyard garden waterfall rock feature is designed for a natural landscape. Water lilies and lotus flowers adds interest and color to this waterfall pond.

Rock stream flowing in to two pondsMultiple waterfalls that flows into a two-tier pool surrounded by stacked natural rocks, mixed border of flowering plants, tall grass hedges and lawn create a vast elegant landscape.

Garden landscaping with stone waterfall and pondLayers of rocks border this backyard garden waterfall feature. Ferns and natural pond plants provide beauty and balance to this outdoor rock waterfall. Stone ornaments adds appeal and focal point.

Garden path with waterfall and pond surrounded by brick paversArched bridge inspired from Japanese motif is the focal point of this refreshing little backyard garden waterfall design. Potted flowering plants, grass, rocks and wood chips as ground cover enhances this garden landscape.

Garden water feature made of concreteMultiple sheet waterfall overflowing to multi-tier ledge bordered by different types of plants add textural contrast to this backyard garden waterfall landscape design.

Beautiful rock waterfall with colorful plants in the gardenTwo-tier waterfall feature bordered by large natural rocks and pours into a moss bedrock pond soothes the senses. Adding a pleasing contrast and color are shade-giving trees and water-loving plants.

Garden with stone stream and small waterfallsAn ornament gnome guards this backyard garden waterfall feature bordered by different types and sizes of rocks and boulders. The grass, ferns, potted flower and aquatic plants softens and adds beauty to the landscape.

Large waterwall with potted flowersMultiple sheet waterfall vigorously flowing over rocks into a pool cast mists into the air giving off a cooling effect to this backyard garden waterfall. Flowering plants on sculptured rock face creates drama to this waterfall feature.

Natural looking rock waterfall attached to swimming poolBackyard garden waterfalls should may a big impression. This image showcases a stacked stone waterfall feature designed for a multi-level pool. A wooden bridge over the deeper pool creates an access to the other side into a secluded area of the garden.

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