49 Backyard Deck Ideas (Beautiful Pictures of Designs)

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Welcome to our backyard deck ideas picture gallery. These wood design ideas feature a wide variety of decks of all types, shapes and sizes. An outdoor deck is a great way to maximize your home’s living space and connect the indoor living area with your backyard.

We hope these ideas will help give you plenty of inspiration for creating your own perfect backyard retreat.

The most popular types for the backyard are either composite or real wood. Here are some of the reasons to select composite or wood types for your layout:

Composite Decking – Using a combination of wood and plastic, a composite type requires less maintenance than traditional wood products. In addition, it doesn’t require the staining and sealing associated with real wood to help keep it looking new.

Composite is also splinter free making it easy on the feet. One of the minor downsides is composite materials usually cost more to buy at the beginning. However, once one factors in maintenance cost over the years it could actually cost less over time.

Luxury backyard with wood deck next to swimming pool

Wood decking – Natural wood is beautiful and provides an attractive look for creating an impressive backyard deck. The downside is wood can require more maintenance with staining and sealing to keep it looking great.

There are a wide range of material used in wood decks, with availability usually depending on where you are located and what types of wood products are being sold there.

The most popular types of wood is pressure-treated lumber, usually made from yellow pine. However, for luxury options, many homeowners opt for the rich beauty of cedar, mahogany or redwood.

In the image above, the backyard wood deck design is integrated into the swimming pool of a modern home. With lounge chairs, a hot tub, and the warm glow of the indoor lights, this deck was made for rest and relaxation.

There’s plenty of room on the deck for lounging, barbecue gatherings, and admiring the surrounding lawn and flowers. The elevated wood planters frame the house and really complement its landscaping and exterior.

Below are a variety of design ideas for inspiration for your home. Once you have found some styles you prefer, there are a number of deck design software programs available to help bring your idea to life. This option will help you determine what you want and save time and money if you decide to hire a professional deck contractor or architect.

Contemporary wrap around deck with metal railings and l shaped couch

A contemporary piece of design, this wrap-around design uses sleek metal railings, an L-shaped couch, and a minimalist design sense to create a unique outdoor experience.

Beautifully decorated composite deck and garden area with canopy

Outdoor decks sometimes use variations in floor finishes to indicate different areas or spaces. This beautifully decorated outdoor design has a garden area and canopies to keep itself cozy and inviting.

Beautiful wood deck with hillside views next to flower planter

This wood fixture uses a flower planter to put some nice color into the space. That, coupled with the amazing views that can be seen on this wood deck makes this space ideal for quaint gatherings or even just personal lounging time.

House porch deck with swinging love seat bench

What better way to enjoy your home’s outdoor deck than relaxing on an oversized swinging bench? These can be ordered or created yourself as a DIY project.

Composite deck behind modern home with water feature

Decks used for modern home outdoor spaces are typically subject to wear and tear. The use of composite materials is ideal for those situations. Here, we have planters and water features as well.

Composite deck under house with outdoor stone fireplace

This composite tongue and groove design located in a nook under the house is perfect for intimate family or personal time. The outdoor fireplace and the outdoor grill equipment provide various options for activities in this space.

Composite deck with long outdoor l shaped white couch

The long, outdoor L-shaped white couch really gives some personality to this composite type. Additionally, the black coffee table and al fresco dining set are also good furniture choices for this outdoor space.

Composite deck with planters metal railings and view of bay

Amazing views of the bay can be seen from this example of luxury design. The planters, metal railings, and a white lounge chair are also beautiful additions to the area.

Contemporary composite deck with hillside views

The contemporary design of the house and its backyard composite deck are further enhanced by the picturesque hillside views and lush greenery that surround this outdoor area.

Contemporary deck with city views and outdoor seating

The city view are equally as amazing as nature views. This contemporary design takes full advantage of its placement on the roof of a building by providing adequate seating to really create a space for social gatherings and lounging.

Contemporary deck with u shaped bench seating around modern gas fire pit

The U-shaped bench seating of this contemporary design surrounds a cozy and modern gas fire pit design, to protect users from the cold weather common in roof-top decks such as this.

Custom deck design with palapa and water views

The organic, custom design was made specifically for waterfront enjoyment. It has amazing bay views, beautiful palm tree landscaping, and modern outdoor furniture that gives this space a high-end tropical feel.

Deck next to garden with outdoor bar and long bench seating

This cozy little deck employs warm-colored wood, home gardens and plants, and a quaint outdoor bar that all come together to create an outdoor space that feels like home. The area features multiple steps leading to a custom bench made with composite products, ensuring a quality result.

Deck with pergola and benches overlooking landscaped backyard garden

The pergola and benches on this wood deck give you a nice space to really appreciate the beauty of nature seen all around the area.

Deck with white painted gazebo and white railings

The classic design aesthetic of the white-painted gazebo, as well as the white railings, give this roof deck a rustic, yet high-end feel not often seen anymore nowadays. The addition of beautiful railing accents makes the space even more charming.

Elevated wood deck on hill in the backyard

This elevated wood design is tucked against a small hill in the backyard of a home. With a rustic brick retaining wall and modern wicker furniture to adorn it, this outdoor structure feels intimate yet fresh.

Horizontal and vertical design deck with raised planters

Wood is the material of the hour for this roof deck design. From the standard block wood parquet flooring to the wooden raised planters and furniture, this outdoor structure creates a warmth that goes perfectly well with the warm outdoor lighting used in the space. The accents incorporated into the railing seamlessly enhance the overall design.

Lake view deck with glass railings

The lake views from this lakeside deck are almost framed by the trees that line the shore. The glass railings make sure that none of the amazing vistas are blocked.

A rough stone walkway leads to a stone fire pit for perfect lake views and outdoor entertaining. The outdoor area is flawlessly designed with attention to detail, providing a cost-effective yet luxurious outdoor living space.

Lake view deck with outdoor stone fireplace

The outdoor stone fireplace and the lake views off of this cozy wood deck make this the perfect place for the homeowners to unwind after a long day. The railing ensures safety while the artful accents add a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Large elevated wood deck design with swimming pool and gazebo

Luxury designs look most impressive when they maximize a backyard’s views and enhance the available living space. In this backyard, the swimming pool and gazebo were added to take advantage of the sheer floor area of this large elevated wood deck.

The use of wooden and wicker seating furniture also gives this middle-of-the-forest lounge space some charm and warmth.

Large two level deck with outlook of surrounding trees

Two-level designs such as this one really take advantage of vertical space and maximize usable floor areas. Giving the space two balconies also lets you appreciate desired views and outlooks of the surrounding trees all the more.

Luxury deck with modern chairs glass railings and city views

This luxury type uses modern chairs, sleek glass railings, and, most importantly, breathtaking views of the city to really create a unique outdoor space and experience.

Luxury deck with white outdoor furniture and waterfront views

The gray-painted luxury deck almost seems to kiss the water in this waterfront design. The picturesque views are complemented by the white outdoor furniture and the clear glass railings of the design.

Modern deck with outdoor lounge chairs

Modern homes do well to have modern designs. The choice of bamboo landscaping, the zen design of the planters and outdoor lounge chairs, and the overall peaceful aesthetic of the space are made for meditation and relaxation.

Modern ipe deck around swimming pool with wood outdoor furniture

This modern ipe deck fronts the custom swimming pool located behind this cozy abode. Each step of the area is meticulously crafted to ensure safety and durability while maintaining a visually appealing design.

The simple yet striking designs of the lounge area seating set and lounge chairs are perfect for this type of setting. The quality of the installation and maintenance of these areas is crucial for elevating the overall experience, similar to how people invest in fencing services to secure and beautify their property.

Modern oceanview deck with stunning views off homes main living room

Ocean views are the stars of this contemporary design. Its adjacency to the home’s main living room connects these two lounge spaces to almost create one super space that blurs the line between interiors and exteriors.

Multiple level deck with metal railings and view of trees from hillside

Using multiple levels with outdoor decks effectively segregates the space and creates a unique design experience. Proper maintenance of the fences also contributes to their quality and longevity.

The metal railings, ashen gray decking, and pops of color with the furniture really serve to contrast the view of the trees in this hillside design.

Oceanfront wood deck in florida with tropical palm trees

This oceanfront wood deck in Florida is located right on top of the white sand beach. The natural tropical palm trees frame the view of the crystal blue waters in the distance. This design is the epitome of luxury tropical living, made complete with professional fencing installation around the property.

Outdoor deck steps from bedroom with patio furniture and large retractable door

This outdoor deck utilized the smart use of weathered, rustic decking to really give this area some personality.

Additionally, the large open doorway that separates the bedroom from the outdoor space, when opened, almost seems to join the interior and exterior spaces together.

Swimming pool deck with outdoor furniture and canopy

This swimming pool deck design protects its outdoor furniture with tarp canopies. Its adjacency to a nice, luscious green yard really makes this space open and spacious.

Traditional stained deck with circular design

The traditional stain of this wood deck creates a beautiful aesthetic and gives this space a lot of warmth. Backyard ideas with circular designs help to keep the space feeling welcoming and cozy.

View of wood deck from bedroom through wide doorway

The wide view of the wood deck from the bedroom can also be achieved by using a wide, almost completely open doorway. This also permits the bedroom to have nice clear views of the forest beyond.  The wood structure itself has wood outdoor seats and a hot tub.

Wood deck at modern home with cushioned wood furniture

The wood deck of this modern home uses its architecture to provide partial cover. The cushioned wood furniture uses white upholstery to really contrast the warm browns of the design.

Wood deck at traditional home with white railing and wood benches

This traditional home also has an appropriately traditional wood design with white railings, weather wooden decking and benches, and wrought iron cushion outdoor seating. It is located on the corner of the house, giving it some shade, adequate wind breaks, and a cozy feel.

Wood deck in backyard of modern home with pathway

This elevated wood deck located in the backyard of a large modern home uses the support of stilts to keep itself level with the rest of the house as well as the patio design with pool. To reinforce the sense of security and some privacy, adding quality fences to the property is a must.

Wood deck in penthouse apartment with city views

Penthouse apartments can have outdoor luxury decks as well. In this example, an amazing city view can be appreciated on the minimalist lounge chair of this deck.

Wood deck overlooking bay with day bed

The unique use of an outdoor day bed and additional patio furniture really creates an amazing lounging experience for this bay-side wood deck.

A modern lava rock fire pit creates an alluring nighttime ambiance, while elements like decor and panels add protection against the environment.

The relaxing views of the water and the marina offer great value to this inviting place, which can be enjoyed day or night.

Wood deck surrounding swimming pool with pergola

The pergola on this wood deck provides adequate sun protection for the lounging space accented by the wicker cushioned couch and glass-top wicker center table. The wood deck also surrounds a personal backyard swimming pool, and the stylish outdoor panels elevate the overall decor.

Wood deck with hillside views, synthetic chairs, sofa and outdoor dining table

The amazing hillside views seen from this wood deck can be fully appreciated with the outdoor dining table and chair set as well as the wicker outdoor sofa and armchair set. The use of glass deck railings also makes sure there is no obstruction to the views, while protection from the elements is provided by the design.

Wood deck with outdoor dining table and hot tub

The patio area of this wood structure uses cushioned seating and brightly colored throw pillows, creating a stylish decor. The ceiling fan is also a nice modern touch.

The outdoor dining table gives the homeowners al fresco dining options, and the hot tub at the back adds value to this luxurious space.

Wood deck with outdoor dining table overlooking canal

Luxury decks overlooking canals such as this one are undeniably beautiful. This multi-level waterside structure has a wicker dining table set on the upper level, and a couch and armchair lounge area at the lower level.

Wood deck with sitting benches leading to ocean

This design has built-in sitting benches made out of the same weather and rustic wood material also used on the decking itself. The design connects to a stairway that lead straight to the beach.

Wood deck with stairs leading up to small cottage

Stairs were used to connect the wood deck to the small cottage, both of which are located on different levels. In addition to the use of stone and pine tree landscaping, it also uses a variety of beautiful outdoor furniture to liven up the space.

Wood deck with stone fireplace and picnic table

Many ideas originate from the goal of sitting around a focal point such as a fireplace, fire pit, or water feature. The deck above is a nice juxtaposition of stone and wood, with its grand stone outdoor fireplace serving as its focal point. The white cushioned wicked couch and ottoman set is complemented by the picnic table and benches located behind it.

Wood deck with pergola, sunken fire pit, hanging lights and outdoor dining table

This amazing custom design is equipped with a sunken fire pit and built-in wooden benches for an ideal nighttime gathering spot. The pergola frames the outdoor dining table and has hanging string lights to create an alluring ambiance.

Luxury wood deck island over pool with cabana

A luxury wood deck island with a cabana surrounded by a beautiful sparkling pool could be the perfect place to find some shade on a hot summer day. The cabana is wired with misting jets, ceiling fan and lighting to provide all the amenities you need.

Elevated wood deck with outdoor furniture and projection screen

An outdoor deck can be a great way for friends and family to gather and watch movies together. A large outdoor projection screen can be inexpensive and easy to setup and offer a new way to enjoy your backyard.

Wood deck with sunken sitting area in backyard of house

Sunken conversation pits are typically seen used in living rooms, but in this wood deck design, they can be seen used outdoors. The ashen gray wood decking and railings go extremely well with the olive green of the seating cushions. Visit this gallery page for more wood deck ideas for your backyard.

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