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Woodworking Design Software (Free & Paid)

Here we share our woodworking design software guide including preferred free and paid options and the best choice among these programs.
Piece of wood being measured pencil woodworkingWoodworking design software has become really popular ever since woodworking started to become a famous craft on TV and DIY videos. This software is very effective in terms of helping people familiarize design tools. This will help them develop their skills in creating unique items.

We are now living in a very modern and technological world. Ages ago, woodworking skills were enhanced by spending time in an actual shop or making designs on a sketch pad using pencils and other sketching tools.

But now, various software apps and sites have arisen and they truly help in expediting the woodworking design process.

However, what are the most reliable, user-friendly, and ideal woodworking design software apps or programs you can try? Let us talk about it in this article.

Free Woodworking Design Software

Drill tools woodworkingHere we share the free design software apps for woodworking design.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 wood working design softwareThis woodworking design software is built for PCs. This amazing and helpful software is free to use and it offers a lot of features that are simple to use. The results of your design in this software will amaze you even if you’re an expert woodworker.

To use this program, all you have to do is download or install it on your computer for free, connect to an internet connection, and enjoy all the free tools you’d like to try. No doubt this software will assist you in creating and visualizing the woodworking designs and pieces you can imagine.

You can use it for free at:

Easy Woodworking Design

Easy Woodworking Design wood working design softwareThis program provides step-by-step guidelines in order to provide an easy-to-follow blueprint. The goal of this is to give you an idea of your design without having to begin from scratch. 

The free version of this software lets you download the files directly from their website. If your goal is to start your new project, this might be a great tool for you to make something creative.

Use it for free at:

MacDraft Pro

MacDraft Pro wood working design softwareThis free design software is also a great option for people who want to practice and amplify their crafting and designing skills. It’s very user-friendly so it is ideal for beginners. 

It will be very easy to understand by people who have no experience in programming. It has a drop-and-drag function for easy design.

It has a free version available for download at:


Inkscape woodworking design softwareThis is one of the most basic woodworking design software on the internet, making it an ideal choice for beginners and non-techie people. It’s a good software to bring out all of your design ideas. 

Although it uses 2D designs, it’ll still be effective for making woodworking designs. It allows you to make and finish sketches in just a few minutes and it’s compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. 

You can try this software program here at:

Paid Woodworking Design Software

Measuring tape piece of wood woodworkingHere we share the paid design software apps for woodworking design.


TurboCAD wood working design softwareThis paid software is designed to work for Windows and Mac. It can assist you in creating professional 2D and 3D woodworking designs. 

They offer special features that are beneficial for woodworkers. They can easily design miter and dovetail joints, rabbet, and edge materials like base and cove. They can also make a list of materials required to complete their project.

They have a wide range of various pricing units. You can buy yearly subscriptions or buy the whole software so you can own it for a lifetime.

You can try using this tool at:


Solidworks wood working design softwareThis software is one of the top woodworking design software programs that offer numerous features. These features are all made to help you enhance your design skills and perform the most ideal patterns. 

It is very popular as it uses helpful templates that let you easily and quickly build countless projects depending on your needs and skills.

Solidworks uses message sections and forums so you can communicate with other aspiring and expert woodworkers. This will be a good way of receiving tips from other woodworkers about how to solve various issues and make exceptional designs and techniques.

Solidworks is available for download at its website:

3D Woodworking Design Software 

Power tool woodworkingHere we share the 3D design software apps for woodworking design.

SketchList 3D

SketchList 3D wood working design softwareThis program is a very unique and extraordinary 3D design software built to assist novice, intermediate, and advanced woodworkers. SketchList 3D has all the needed features so you can execute all the design ideas that come to your mind.

Almost everything you need in your woodworking design pursuit is present in this software. You can simply make designs on your computer and gain access to countless design tools that will help you save time and effort in producing lots of designs. It also offers tips and tricks so you’ll achieve the best results.

SktechList 3D is available for download at:


Blender woodworking design softwareThis free woodworking design software is an open-source program and it contains numerous helpful features. It uses a realistic 3D model interface that lets you easily and quickly create all the design concepts in your mind. 

It’s very easy to make edits and adjustments to your design process. It does not mainly focus on woodworking but it contains a wide variety of features that assist you in your woodworking design activities. 

It has professional modeling and sculpting tools that will allow you to create different designs with intricate details. Its 3D effects are what make the whole software perfect for executing woodworking designs.

You can check Blender out at:


Pro100 wood working design softwareThis program is designed for both woodworking beginners and professionals. It has an advanced 3D rendering function beneficial for your designs.

The Pro100 interface is very user-friendly. You can effortlessly perform designs and generate 3D renderings along with your preferred dimensions.

It provides the ability to determine all four elevations north, south, east and west to help create accurate designs. There is also customization ability with the shape editor. This allows one to create unique shapes for cabinetry, molding, custom objects and trim.

The Pro100 software is especially useful for cabinet makers since it provides cost calculations and price estimating. In addition it offers cut lists, cabinet lists and price list reports for yourself or your clients.

You can use download this program at:

Best Woodworking Design Software

Wood chisel woodworkingHere we share our pick for the best design software app for woodworking. 


SketchUP wood working design software programSketchUp is one of the most popular woodworking design software programs downloadable on the internet. For the majority of people, this might be the best software as it has so many helpful and creative features that will truly help you visualize all the designs that are on your mind.

Download SketchUp at:

This free software helps you to make detailed 3D models of furniture pieces that you might like to build. This program is also perfect for novice woodworkers so that they can regularly practice and enhance their woodworking skills. 

SketchUp helps you to create designs as if you’re doing it in actuality. If you’re already an expert, you’ll appreciate how innovative the features are.

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