25 Beautiful Transitional Kitchen Designs (Pictures)

Transitional kitchen with two islands with black cabinets and main white cabinets with agatha black granite and arctic white quartz

This gallery features beautiful transitional kitchen designs for ideas and inspiration. A transitional kitchen is often demonstrated as blend between traditional and contemporary designs. One of the great things about transitional kitchens are they allow the homeowner to unleash their creativity to get the exact kitchen they’ll love, without being confined to a specific style.

The transitional style kitchen in the photo above pays homage to old and new with its two kitchen island counters. To the left, the first kitchen island’s black wood paneling is topped with Agatha black granite, lit by two traditional profiled brass and glass hanging pendant lamps.

At the center is the kitchen island with an Arctic white quartz countertop and black metal faucet in a contemporary silhouette. The kitchen backsplash has a retro vibe with its checkerboard pattern and is neutralized with all white paneled cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The feature cupboards in wood and frosted glass at the top add lightness and a crowning feature to the kitchen. [toc]

Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchen designs are all about harmony and balance of styles and materials. Here are some of the best ways designers are combining traditional and contemporary designs to get the transitional kitchen look.

Transitional kitchen cabinets – With a streamlined profile, transitional cabinets are frequently made from wood with paneled style doors and are adorned with modern hardware.

Backsplash – Tile backsplash is often used in transitional designs to add color and texture to the space. Normally kitchens of this style have a more neutral color palette. However many interior designers use backsplash to introduce color and help bring the design together. Mosaic grid style tiles are a popular choice and come in many different colors and textures to get the right look.

Natural surfaces – Its common to see marble, granite, limestone, quartz and other natural materials used on countertops and flooring. Materials should have clean simple lines, devoid of edge treatments and ornate construction. It’s also not unusual to see countertop materials such as stainless steel and concrete. One of the beauties of this style is its versatility.

Natural materials combined with manufactured materials – It’s not uncommon to see materials such as wood combined with elements such as stainless steel. One of the hallmarks of this style is the combination of organic and man made materials.

Decorative ornamentation – Transitional kitchens often have just a touch of decorative ornamentation. Whether its millwork on the cabinetry, molding, or decorative flourishes its the little touches that can add extra style and elegance.

Luxury transitional kitchen with white cabinets, calacatta marble counter, espresso oak hardwood floors and metal pendant lights

Classic silhouettes of the modern metallic pendant lamps hang over the Calacatta marble counter with white paneled cabinets and black metal cabinet handles.

The marble is continued onto the backsplash, as is the white paneling of the cabinets and trims. Pinstriped green and white area rugs highlight the espresso oak hardwood floors, while the white recessed ceiling with downlights add height to this luxurious transitional kitchen.

Luxury transitional kitchen with calacatta marble counters, large island, hand rubbed antique brass pendant lighting and hickory wood floors

A pair of globular hand-rubbed antique brass pendants hang over the Calacatta marble countertop of the kitchen island in black paneling and plinth. Joining the island are its brass cabinet holders and beige upholstered bar stools.

The marble is continued on the kitchen’s backsplash, and the brass finish is continued over the range hood, with a thin band over the build-up. White cabinets and stainless steel appliances bring the modern vibe to this transitional kitchen, while the hickory wood floors tie the whole look together.

Transitional kitchen with black cabinets, concrete counter island, wood floors and high end appliances

Sleek black paneled cabinets and stainless steel appliances match the hanging industrial pendant lamps and trio of louvered windows on the kitchen backwall.

Breaking the modernity of this transitional kitchen is its massive rustic kitchen island in rough-hewn concrete, in an earthy shade of brown. The knotted wood planks used for the floors also match the rough finishing of the kitchen island and go for the more rustic look.

White cabinet transitional kitchen with arctic white quartz countertops, peninsula breakfast bar island and dining nook

This L-shaped kitchen uses its peninsula as a breakfast bar, while the kitchen island serves as nook with its black metal retro-style barstools.

Industrial metal lighting hangs over the kitchen island in Arctic white quartz, matching the stainless steel appliances recessed into the casework. Coffered ceilings add distinction to the space, and match the clean lines of the all-white paneled cabinetry.

The warm wood floor planks ties this whole transitional kitchen’s look together with the small dining table overlooking the outside.

Transitional kitchen with window seat bench, center breakfast bar island and white cabinetry

The vaulted ceiling of this transitional kitchen is broken by two small skylights, bringing in a lot of daylighting, assisting the mullioned window with window fan over the kitchen sink, and the window seat with upholstered bench to the side of the L-shaped kitchen.

Hanging from the slanted ceiling are a trio of petite glass pendant bulbs that illuminate the white marble kitchen island countertop decked in a light grey base.

The rest of the countertops are in black quartz, and is supported by white paneled cabinetry and a white subway tile backsplash. Light wooden floors further lighten up this kitchen and go with the classic barn-style wood stools.

Transitional style kitchen with arabescato statuary marble counters, backsplash pendant lighting and open plan

This open plan dining and kitchen space is bordered by four sets of French windows facing the patio. Arabescato statuary marble counters are supported by grey paneled cabinetry with industrial-style handles and are illuminated by industrial style pendant lamps hanging over.

The sandstone flooring in random coursed ashlar further give this transitional that rustic country vibe.

Transitional style kitchen with corian countertops, island and artichoke pendant lights

A large double door stainless steel refrigerator is framed by walnut wood grain cabinets above it, and matches the finish used for this kitchen’s cabinets, shelves and drawers.

The countertops are in white Corian and the kitchen island is topped with a duo of artichoke pendant lights. Three wicker chairs that serve as dining chairs add color to this transitional kitchen and complement the redwood plank flooring. The entire kitchen is lit up via two eye-level sliding windows and trio of square clerestory windows.

White transitional kitchen with brown cabinet island, calacatta gold marble counters and classic pendant lights

A pair of classic pendant lamps in glass and silver hang over the Calacatta gold marble countertops of the kitchen island, supported by a brown wood base of drawers.

The off-center kitchen island is made to stand out because of the white wood and glass paneled cabinetry on the rest of the kitchen counters that continue the Calacatta gold marble on its countertops and backsplash. Clean modern lines in this kitchen come from the limestone tiles on the floor in its light beige earth tone.

White transitional kitchen with dark color island with breakfast bar and marble counters

The bold veins of the Calacatta marble countertop are complemented by the smooth wooden paneling of the kitchen island’s base, as well as the white paneled cupboards and drawers surrounding the stainless steel kitchen appliances.

The grey and white linear tile backsplash and warm wood plank flooring are added to the modern, clean lines. The rustic vibe is brought to this transitional kitchen via the hanging glass box with filament bulbs over the kitchen island.

Dark cabinet transitional style kitchen with open layout

The bold veins of the marble kitchen countertops match the marble tiles for the flooring. Dark wooden paneling and cabinets bring an almost Gothic vibe to this transitional-style kitchen, as do the hewn stone tiles laid out diagonally for the backsplash.

Modernity is brought to this space via the sheer white curtains, large picture windows, and the metal and glass pendant lamps over the kitchen island and dining table.

Kitchen with transitional design, high gloss white cabinets, penant lighting and quartz counter island

The kitchen cabinets are in high gloss white, paired with stainless steel appliances recessed into the casework, which lend a modern vibe with mirror-like surfaces and clean plain lines.

The grey quartz counter follows suit, as does the grey and white linear backsplash lit by pelmet lights. The retro turning point in this transitional kitchen comes from the two irregularly shaped hanging lamps over the kitchen island and its white and brown tiling. The dark, polished wooden flooring brings the whole look together.

Luxury kitchen with large breakfast bar island topped with carrara white marble counter and pendant lights

A large kitchen island with six upholstered Antebellum style barstools is topped with Carrara white marble and supported by bleached grey wood columns, that matches with its cabinet base.

White diamond-shaped tiles dot the entire backwall of the kitchen countertops and is only broken by the wood finish of the hanging L-shaped shelves and brown painted range hood.

The mullioned windows also provide light amidst the dark wood textures, as do the pair of Modernesque glass pendant lamps hanging over the kitchen island.

Transitional kitchen design with african rainbow granite counters, dark shaker cabinets and mini pendant lights

Elements of white and brown come together in this transitional style kitchen that originates from the natural feel of the African rainbow granite countertops, paired with dark shaker cabinets and cross-cut reclaimed wood stools.

More modern elements are inserted via the stainless steel appliances recessed into the casework and the white and grey cut stone backsplash. A marriage of old and new is apparent in the style of the three glass pendant lamps hanging over the kitchen island, anchored to the polished wooden beams on the kitchen ceiling.

Transitional kitchen with brazilian arabescato quartzite counter, custom island, classic pendant lights and white oak hardwood floors

The warm grey tones of the Brazilian Arabescato quartzite countertops go well with the travertine tile over the fireplace. The grey tones of the kitchen island is matched by its stainless steel sink and wooden paneled cabinetry with stainless steel appliances and hardware.

Modern looking sliding doors leading to the outside are complemented by Old World hanging pendant lamps and white oak hardwood floors, while the beamed ceiling marries both styles together, creating a transitional style kitchen.

Transitional kitchen with brown quartz counter breakfast bar, white cabinets and farmhouse sink

A large brown quartz countertop with four brown barstools is topped with brass wash basin fixtures and brass hanging pendant lamps. The brown tiles on the floor match the brown quartz of the countertops, as well as the white and brown strip tile backsplash. The deep brown and brass tones of this transitional kitchen are toned down by the white and glass paneled cabinetry, as well as its plain silver hardware.

Transitional kitchen with calacatta white marble counters, butcher block island and wide plank hardwood flooring

The butcher block countertop of the kitchen island matches the built-up wall surrounding the TV in the living room. Rustic elements also exist in the pair of wicker pendant lamps over the kitchen island, as well as the solid wooden stools beneath it.

Redwood floor planks match these rustic features, while the Calacatta white marble countertops backsplash provides a contrasting natural finish. Clean white lines of the paneled cabinets and kitchen island support create a blank modern canvas where the wood and marble finishes can shine.

Transitional kitchen with carrara white marble counter island, white oak wood floors and two color cabinets

The bold veins of the Carrara white marble countertops are complemented by the knots and grain of the white Oak wood flooring.

Rustic finishes in this kitchen also bring out the random coursed ashlar stone at the living room’s accent wall, and are brought together by the steel box frame hanging over the kitchen island with a dozen filament bulbs.

The light grey walls of the kitchen provide a good backdrop to the two-tone cabinets, with the kitchen island featuring medium grey casework, and the kitchen backwall cabinets in an off-white color.

Transitional kitchen with cathedral ceiling, large rectangular island and wide plank wood floors

The sloped cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams in white is highlighted by two wall-mounted lamps at the back wall of this transitional kitchen.

The backwall also features a black and grey backsplash, as well as two double hung windows, along with white paneled cabinetry and recessed stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel stools were also used for the large rectangular kitchen island topped with Arctic white quartz.

The kitchen island also features dark wood paneled cabinetry and plinth, and is complemented by the warm, knotted wood plank flooring.

Transitional kitchen with dark blue cabinets and white island with white bar stools

This transitional kitchen features white quartz countertops and white paneled cabinetry with highly unusual rustic features. The finishes of the casework for the wall-hung cabinets incorporate dark blue and glass, along with recessed stainless steel appliances.

Carrara marble is also used for the kitchen backsplash, whose fine grained lines contrast with the rough, rusty feel of the range hood, as well as the drum-shaped pendant lamp hanging off the trusses of the ceiling in exposed wood beams and black iron straps.

Transitional kitchen with gray cabinets, arctic white quartz, snowfall granite countertops, subway tile and globe pendant lights

White glass subway tiles run along this transitional style kitchen’s backsplash and match the linearity of the warm wood strip flooring.

Off-white cabinetry and trims are matched with stainless steel handles and topped with Arctic white quartz countertops. The kitchen island is made to stand out not only with its stainless steel wash basin and faucet but also the Snowfall granite countertop.

The kitchen is illuminated via strip lights under the hanging cabinets and a pair of globe pendant lamps over the kitchen island.

Transitional kitchen with snowfall granite breakfast bar island, drum pendant light, porcelain tile floor and sliding barn door

The modern- rustic feel of the sliding barn door in black wood and polished chrome hardware is also apparent in this kitchen, which has a mix of modern finishes and rustic elements.

The travertine tile flooring’s linear veins contrast with the speckled Snowfall granite countertop of the breakfast bar and grey and white backsplash behind the stovetop and range hood.

Cross-bracing in the light grey cabinetry and shelves also calls back to the barn style, while the pair of Contemporary brass lamps over the kitchen is;and and its matching steel and cushion bar stools exude Modernity.

Luxury kitchen with black cabinets, beige marble counters and exposed beams ceiling

Exposed black painted wood beams over the white beadboard ceiling match the cabinets and casework of this transitional style kitchen. The modern touch of color is complemented by the Calacatta gold marble countertops and brass faucet and cabinet handles, as well as the patterned mosaic tiles used for the flooring.

Cosmopolitan black framed windows and French doors are also complemented by the pair of brass and glass hanging pendant lamps over the kitchen island. The kitchen is given extra illumination using retro modern spotlights on the ceiling.

Transitional kitchen with white cabinets, breakfast bar, porcelain tile floors and industrial dome shape pendant lights

White cabinets with heavy paneling are all around this kitchen and support stainless steel appliances recessed into its casework.

Travertine tile flooring and white marble countertops add more natural finishes, as do the trio of wood and black metal barstools. This high-ceilinged kitchen culminates in a trio of metallic industrial dome-shaped pendant lamps hanging over the kitchen island.

transitional-Kitchen with white cabinets, thassos subway tile backsplash, nickel pendant lights and marble counter island with breakfast and bar black bar stools

The black and white elements in this transitional kitchen are given life by the touch of nickel in its pair of hanging pendant lamps, as well as the wooden beam over the ceiling and its warm wood strip flooring.

White was used for all the paneled kitchen cabinets, as well as white quartz for the kitchen countertops and Thassos subway tile backsplash. The kitchen island plinth and casework were done in a light grey tone and were made to match the black breakfast bar stools.

The sliding window over the wash basin that brings in light is made lighter via the under counter strip lighting, as well as the light coming out of the glass-paned top cabinets.

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