Spanish Tile Patio (7 Types & Design Ideas)

Spanish tiles have been around since the Medieval ages, most popularly used for churches and palaces. These artisan tiles eventually found their way into private homes, most popularly used in kitchens, floors, bathrooms, and, of course, patios. Different periods will depict different trends and influences in Spanish tiles.

Spanish tile patio

Some designs have obvious influences from the art and culture popular at that time, such as Mediterranean, Mexican, etc. Traditional Spanish tiles were also an art form, beyond its functional and aesthetic use and were used as a medium to depict different scenes similar to paintings.

Types of Outdoor Spanish Tile

There are different types of outdoor Spanish tiles you can choose from. Here are the most popular tile options used outdoors:

Spanish saltillo tile patio with outdoor furniture and umbrella

The picture above is a great example of traditional Saltillo tiles in a variety of sizes and colors. The tiles were installed to form a classic rosette pattern, creating a visual definition of spaces in the patio. You will see a variety of colors and gradation on the terra cotta colors, which is typical of Saltillo tiles.

Saltillo Tile

Traditionally Saltillo tiles are hand-pressed sun-dried raw clay tiles that give it its signature uneven edges due to its hand-made quality.

These types of tiles also give a more rustic look and are generally more durable. These usually come in terra cotta colors, ranging from yellow, orange, red, and gold.

Color and patterns vary with each tile depending on how they were dried, which is part of the charm of these designs. Saltillo is sometimes referred to as Terra Cotta tiles, and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

On average, Saltillo tiles cost between $5 to $8 per square foot. Price can be lower or higher depending on the design, color, and size. Custom-made Saltillo flooring will, of course, cost more.

Spanish style terrace patio with gold tilesFollowing the theme of the architecture, this patio uses mainly yellow-toned terra cotta or Saltillo tiles. You will see hints of red terra cotta on some, which is naturally seen on this type of tiles.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles also known as Mayólica or Talavera, are enameled with oxides that give it its signature glossy look and milky-white glaze. These have a strong Islamic influence when it comes to colors and patterns, and this type is most popular for its hand-painted designs.

Glazed tiles’ price will vary depending on color, size, and intricacy of design. Hand-painted designs can cost as much as $20 to $100 per tile. On average, it can cost anywhere from $8 to $100 per square foot.

patio with spanish tile steps and red brick pavers

For this spacious veranda, red terra cotta tiles with stamped flagstone patterns were combined with glazed hand-painted riser tiling.

The glazed tiles were applied on the patio’s stair rise, so it doesn’t have to directly come in contact with the foot traffic, allowing the designs to last longer. 

The glazed tiles’ bright blue, white, and red colors also add a nice accent to the area, making it more attractive.

Cement Tiles

spanish style patio with cement tiles

This modern patio used cement tiles with Moorish-inspired patterns as an accent. The achromatic scheme of the tiles helps it blend in and also gives it a more contemporary feel.

Cement tiles are a more modern adaptation of traditional Spanish hand-painted designs. Cement surfaces offer extra durability at a lower cost, making them a better choice in high-traffic areas.

Ceramic tiles are more resistant to fading when sealed properly than traditional options. Expect them to last for years! Another benefit is its customization – as they come in a wider variety of colors and patterns and can also be customized to your own pattern.

Just like glazed tiles, the pricing for cement tiling will vary depending on the size, pattern, and colors. Price can range anywhere from $3 to $5 per square foot, and will cost more for custom designs.

Here are some great examples of Spanish tiles you can use for your outdoor patio.

Hand Painted Tiles

spanish mosaic tile patio

This patio uses a combination of square saltillo tiles and small hand-painted mosaics as accent pieces, creating a hopscotch (also known as pinwheel) tile pattern.

This is a great way to introduce hand-painted tiles to your patio flooring without having to spend a fortune for an all-glazed flooring. See more types of tile patterns here.

Terracotta Tile

Spanish style patio with saltillo tile

This small outdoor patio uses a combination of saltillo tiles in their natural terra cotta colors or orange and yellow tones. The larger square pieces are in orange, while the smaller accent tiles are yellow and were applied in a corner square pattern/

spanish style patio with light pink ceramic tiles

This gorgeous patio gives off a romantic English vibe with its red color and natural finish. The Saltillo tiles are applied in a diamond pattern, with the darkest shades at the center, and framed with lighter-colored inlay and surround to create a carpet-like effect.

Spanish Pavers

spanish style patio with curved windows and metal lattice security fence

For this patio, natural stone pebbles surrounded by red pavers were used to create a promenade pattern that converges into a round center. The use of pebbles gives it a more natural and rustic appeal that matches the garden theme of the space. See more paver patio ideas on this page.

Colorful Glazed Tiles

rooftop spanish tile patio with outdoor furniture

Because this is a small indoor/outdoor patio, real glazed tiles were used for the floors. The colorful hand-painted tiles use a combination of navy, yellow, and white colors that give a very classic Mediterranean look that still matches the modern architecture of the space.

For more different designs, visit our gallery of the types of patios here.

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