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Pros and Cons of Silk Sheets

The guide to the pros and cons of silk sheets including what they are, how much they cost, their advantage of silk over cotton sheets and more.
Bed with grey silk sheets decorative pillowsSeveral factors contribute to ensuring a good night’s sleep, including outside noise, daily activities, and even diet. However, most people tend to overlook that bedsheets, pillows, and blankets essentially affect the quality of sleep, too. 

While it may seem an insignificant detail, picking the right bed linens is actually crucial to your overall state of comfort. So, more people are now investing in perhaps the softest and most luxurious bedding for their bedsthe silk bed sheet.

People often say that there’s no going back once you’ve tried silk sheets. But how true is this?

Read on to find out the secrets behind the popularity of silk bed sheets, and why it’s such a worthwhile investment.

What Are Real Silk Sheets?

Breakfast tray on top of bed with dark silk bed sheet Silk sheets are generally made from woven fibers extracted from silkworms. Silkworms produce a type of protein called fibroin to make cocoons, which are then harvested, heated, and unraveled into strands. 

Finally, these strands are made into yarn and weaved into a garment or a type of textile that we’ve come to know as silk. 

Authentic silk sheets are known for their lustrous sheen and soft texture. You’ll find that real silk sheets typically produce a subtle shimmering effect under good lighting conditions, which indicate the prism-like structures of its natural fibers. 

While there are several silk varieties, Mulberry silk is perhaps the best one on the market today. It’s essentially cultivated under controlled conditions so a higher quality of silk is produced.

Pros And Cons Of Silk Sheets

Silk is considered the most luxurious out of all types of sheets. Although expensive, it’s undeniable that silk sheets elevate not just the quality of sleep, but any room’s aesthetic appeal as well. 

Silk Sheets Pros

Here are some of the top benefits of silk sheets for a guaranteed good night’s sleep.


Silk sheets have excellent thermal control properties, making them naturally comfortable and breathable to use. These sheets can both wick moisture away in the summer or retain your body heat on cold nights.

Extremely Comfortable

True to their advertised features and qualities, silk sheets help people to sleep more soundly. Their airy weight does not wrap your body too heavily, while their soft and smooth texture feels comfortable and pleasant to the touch. 

Overall, they make a mundane task such as lying in bed an especially pleasurable and luxurious experience. Check out our gallery of the different types of beds here.


Dust mites may get in the way of a good night’s sleep, especially for those who have dust allergies. 

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material, meaning it is highly resistant to dust and other elements that may cause an allergic reaction. 

Unlike other fabrics, it absorbs less moisture and prevents allergens from building up. 


Despite their seemingly delicate appearance, silk sheets are surprisingly durable and long-lasting. As the strongest natural fiber, silk is extremely resistant to typical wear and tear in bedding fabrics. 

Silk sheets also tend to retain their freshness longer compared to other bed sheets so they also need less washing. As a result, they tend to last longer too compared to other beddings.   

Improves Skin and Hair

There are various studies that revealed the important role of amino acids found in silk fibers in promoting healthier skin and hair. These acids enhance the skin’s metabolism which in turn slows down aging. 

Silk also soothes rash or sunburn by allowing easier movement and lesser pressure on the skin. It also lessens friction in the hair, reduced tangles, and overall keeps your locks healthier. 

Silk Sheets Cons

Like any home living product, there are still some drawbacks to using silk sheets. Here they are. 

More Expensive

Silk fabric production is a demanding and meticulous process. So it’s no surprise that high-quality silk sheets are very expensive.

Just make sure to invest in genuine silk sheets and not those cheap silk imitations that are made of chemical-based fabrics.

Requires Special Care

Silk sheets do not need frequent washing, but they do require special care to maintain the quality of the bedding.

Some of the factors you’d need to consider include the water temperature, detergent brand, and the overall cleaning process of the sheets.  

How Much Do Silk Sheets Cost?

Silk is generally more expensive compared to other fabrics, but their prices may still vary depending on various factors like the manufacturing process and location.

For instance, Chinese silk is more costly than Indian or Thai silk. Pure mulberry silk sheets, on the other hand, are more difficult to manufacture yet are extremely durablemaking them exceptionally pricey. 

Normally, you can expect to spend over $300 for quality silk sheets, and up to $600 for a whole silk bedding set.  

Are Silk Sheets Better Than Cotton?

Eye catching blue jacquard bed sheet and sofa bed in master bedroomCotton is a reliable fabric with many uses, but when it comes to beddings and sheets, silk definitely provides more significant benefits. Read more about our article on the different types of bed sheets here.

Both cotton and silk are made of durable materials, but the latter needs less maintenance. Silk sheets are also considered hypoallergenic, while cotton is moisture-absorbent and is more prone to allergens.

Additionally, silk provides better insulation and regulates temperature more effectively. Most prefer the smooth texture and comfort silk sheets provide, too.

Are Silk Sheets Hot or Cold?

Bed with silk bed sheet and pillow Overheating at night can negatively affect your sleep, and non-breathable sheets usually add to the inconvenience. Silk sheets, however, are known for their breathability and moisture control. 

They tend to regulate body heat extremely well and keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. 

Silk sheets naturally drape so they hold body heat when it’s cold, but also breathable enough to shed off the heat and keep your skin cool on hot days. In short, silk sheets are perfect for any kind of temperature or weather. 

Can You Wash Silk Sheets?

Silk sheets are definitely washable and not easily breakable despite their delicate appearance. 

Upon purchase of your silk sheet, hand-wash it first to soften the fibers and help preserve its sheen. After hand-washing a few times, you can then switch to using a machine. However, make sure it’s always on the delicate cycle and preferably with the sheet inside a mesh bag. 

Avoid using hot water during the washing cycle. Instead, use lukewarm water (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit) to maintain the bedding’s quality.

Are Silk Sheets Worth It?

Silk sheets may be a symbol of luxury, but sleep is even more priceless!

It’s important to have a long-term perspective when it comes to purchasing things that directly affect your health. That said, the advantages of using silk sheets definitely outshine their drawbacks. 

Compared to enduring uncomfortable and sleepless nights, silk sheets prove to be a wise investment. 

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