Picnic Table Dimensions (Sizes Guide)

Here’s our guide to picnic table dimensions, including standard, ADA, six and eight-person sizes, and different leg and tablecloth measurements.
Backyard picnic table with fruit basket

There are many picnic tables available in all shapes and sizes. Some are for kids, some for six-seaters, and some are big enough to seat the whole family.

In this article, we talk all about picnic tables and their dimensions to guide you on your quest to find the one for your backyard.

Standard Picnic Table Sizes

Picnic tables are designed to provide various seating specifications, but there’s always one recognized standard

The standard picnic table dimensions are usually 6 to 8 feet long, have a width range from 28 to 30 inches, and have a height from the ground of about 28 to 34 inches. Their benches are generally 17 to 18 from the ground to the seat.

Most manufactured products stand 30 inches tall and have similar sizing.

Picnic table dimensions

How Tall is a Picnic Table?

How tall a picnic table is varies from one table to another, but the usual model seen in parks and camping grounds usually has a height from the ground up of about 28 to 32 inches.  The benches on the table have an average elevation of about 17 to 18 inches from the ground.

These measurements allow enough room for an average adult to get in and out of the seat easily.

How Long is a Standard Picnic Table?

Again, how a picnic table spans on the tabletop varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Still, the usual model seen in parks and campsites has a tabletop length of about six feet.  This measurement allows 24 to 30 inches of seat perimeter for each person.

What is the Length of a Picnic Table Leg? 

A standard picnic table leg has two primary measurements.  First, we measure the length of a leg from the ground to the tabletop, and frequently, this measurement is 30 inches.  Second, we calculate leg length from the floor to the benches, and the standard measurement for this side is 17 inches.

Picnic table bench

6 ft Picnic Table Dimensions

Six-foot picnic tables are the type you regularly see at campgrounds, beaches, and parks. This size could seat one to eight people.

Rectangular six-foot tables have sizes of 6 feet in length and have a typical 30 inches in height. They have a median elevation, from the bench to the ground, of about 17 inches.

8 ft Picnic Table Dimensions

Eight-foot picnic tables are quintessential for large families and groups. This type could seat up to eight people comfortably (it could seat up to twelve if a person were to sit on each end).

Rectangular eight-foot tables have dimensions of about 8 feet in length, and like their six-foot counterpart, eight-foot designs are 30 inches in height. They also have a median elevation, from the bench to the ground, of about 17 inches.

Visit this page to find the measurements for other dining table sizes.

ADA Picnic Table Dimensions

According to rules and regulations, a commercial ADA picnic table should generally have one seat taken out or one side of their benches shorter to guarantee wheelchair users can freely approach the structure and fit comfortably. 

However, ADA regulations can vary from state to state. Thus, researching these rules is essential before purchase or construction.

Generally, here are the sizes needed for most of them.  The surface height should be about 28-34 inches above the ground. It should have a knee clearance of about 27 inches in minimum. 

There is a clear floor area of 30-40 inches at each seating space and an accessible route for the wheelchair to get to the seat.  At least 19 inches from the table inward is needed for the leg and knee to extend comfortably.

There should be a 36 inches wide floor space around the perimeter for the seat to be accessible by the wheelchair.  If a wall is present on the ground, 36 inches of wheelchair-accessible space should be provided.

On locations where the furniture is immovable from the wall or the floor, 5% of the tables should be ADA regulation compliant.

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Picnic Tablecloth Dimensions

Table Size Standard Size Drop Length Cloth Measurements
Length 72″ (6 ft) 6″ informal – 10″ formal settings 84″ or 92″
Width 28-30″ 6″ informal – 10″ formal settings 42″ or 50″

Explanation: A standard 6-foot picnic table should use a cloth 92 inches long and 50 inches wide for formal settings. This recommendation is based on having a 10-inch drop on each side. The drop length is adjustable based on preference.

For an informal setting such as camping or a day at the park, a 6″ drop can be used. In this case, a 6ft surface would need a tablecloth of 84″ long by 42″ wide.

Backyard picnic table

What size of tablecloth do you need for a standard picnic table?

If you have a square 54-inch all-over table, then essentially, you need a tablecloth that is at least 66 inches or even longer. 

A regular rectangular six-foot picnic table should have a tablecloth of about 84 inches long to fit the 72 inch length. The width of the cloth should be at least 36 inches long to cover the 29 to 30 inches width of the top. 

Options for a standard round shape with a circumference of 54 inches will use a tablecloth that is 66 inches

There are many tablecloth materials, but vinyl, pleather, and plastic can work best because of their weatherproof properties, inexpensive cost, and durability.

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