29 Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room

In this gallery you’ll find beautiful open kitchen designs with living room including ideas for paint, finishes and decor.
Contemporary kitchen with open concept to living room and waterfall travertine counter island Homes & apartments with open plan design continues to be popular, especially among new developments. Such layout is favored because it helps save space and gives a lighter feel to the space. Open plan layouts are often applied on common areas, such as the living room, dining room & kitchen for residential properties.

People usually have different reasons for favoring open layouts. The living room & the kitchen are not often placed adjacent to each other, as the dining area is usually the one placed adjacent to the kitchen. Placing it right by the living area does have it’s advantages though, most especially if you love multitasking & entertaining your guests.

An open plan living room allows you to see what is happening in the living area while preparing food (or perhaps watch tv while cooking) and also allows easy access & communication with the people in the room, making it perfect for entertaining guests.

How to Define Spaces in An Open Kitchen and Living Room Design

Open concept kitchen and living room design with wood beams floorsFor this question we asked architect and designer Ellen Siloy, for her best tips on how to define open concept kitchen and living room design spaces:

Group Furniture. Sometimes it only takes a little rearranging of furniture to define areas in an open living and kitchen space. For instance, group sofa lounges together to create a cozy area for conversations without impeding the open feel of the space.

Placing furniture at an angle, such as a lounger a t 45-degree orientation helps differentiate the spaces while adding dimension.

Use Low Profile Furniture. A simple low-profile sideboard can easily define space without blocking the view. Choose a double-sided console, for instance, so the storage shelves could be accessed on both sides.

Area Rugs to Anchor Spaces. One of the easiest ways to differentiate zones in an open plan is to use an area rug to anchor the different elements.

An area rug can pull together the elements into one space. One can also choose a different pattern or color for each area to further define spaces.

Use a Different Floor Material or Directionality. Like area rugs, using a different floor material for each area can easily define spaces. This method of defining between an open-concept kitchen and a living room is practical when at a renovation or building stage.

Assign a Focal Point in Each Area. Creating a standout design feature in each area which can also add interest and a focal point to the spaces.

A large painting for a living area and an eye-catching backsplash, for instance, are great ways to draw the eyes to the spaces -and like the rugs can bring the elements from each space together.

Use Lighting to Differentiate Spaces. Different types of lighting can help to create distinct areas. Use overhead lighting in the kitchen and living room areas and use task lighting over the dining table or reading nook.

Utilize Vertical Lighting Fixtures. While a different color or temperature of lighting can define each space, a vertical light fixture can create an invisible boundary between spaces.

Use Color to Create Boundaries. Painting the walls or using wallpaper in different tones can define the areas. However, be sure to choose tones that won’t clash.

The areas can have the same color but with a different undertone whereas usually, the kitchen has that warmer hue. A subdued version can create that subtle difference as well.

Use Architectural Features to Separate Spaces. Utilize architectural features like columns or beams and use them to define different areas. Wooden stilts or screens are a popular option for living areas and can create an attractive feature.

Explore Metal Accents. Using metal accents such as the floor or wall inserts can give that subtle difference between spaces. Metal room dividers can also add a more obvious barrier and add an interesting layer of texture. Then, unify elements by adding metal accents to the living and dining area.

Paint Ideas for Open Living Room and Kitchen

Open plan traditional–kitchen with cream cabinets and engineered oak flooring We talked with interior designer Giezl Ilustre, about how she chooses paint for an open concept kitchen and here is her reply:

When deciding on a paint color for your open living room & kitchen, keep in mind that it should be able to tie together the two spaces without seeming over repetitive. It should be able to match or complement the colors used both the living room and the kitchen.

To get the right balance carefully consider the big picture to create a cohesive design. For a balanced design flow you will want to bring a little of each color from one room to the next. To learn more about the best kitchen paint colors take a look at this page.

For suggestions try playing with different shades of white, taupe and warm colors, as they are generally easy to match with any style. You can also use neutrals like gray for more contemporary looks, or light brown shades for a warm and cozy feel.

Try using colors of different intensities from the same color palette. The use of a color wheel can help you find complementary color schemes that will have a pleasing effect. For example shades of blues and greens often work well together.

This lovely country style kitchen takes full advantage of the open layout, connecting the kitchen, dining as well as the living area. Warm colors & finishes gives it a romantically antique feel. The cream kitchen cabinets match the room’s furniture and decor to provide an inviting ambiance.

Decorating Open Floor Plan Living Room and Kitchen

Bright open plan kitchen with muted green painted walls and dining area There are many fun ways you can decorate and style your open kitchen and living room. Just keep in mind to avoid blocking views in order to maintain good visibility in both spaces.

Play with textures – use textured finishes on some walls such as the backsplash or the fireplace. A subtle change in texture goes a long way and helps keep your design from feeling bland.

Use contrasting colors – Contrast the primary color found on your room’s walls and floors (primary color) with color accents (secondary color) to provide a pleasing scale in your design.

Add pendant lamps – unique pendant lamps instantly add more style and personality to your design. This especially looks good when placed above an island counter.

Add plants – instantly add life to any space by adding live plants and flowers. Not only would it make your space look more alive, but it also helps clean the air!

Utilize the correct amount of lighting – Make sure you have adequate lighting and create focal points on accents such as built-ins, artwork or areas of contrasting color to create visual interest.

Below are excellent examples of open living room and kitchens you can take inspiration from.

Open concept country kitchen with living room and brick fireplace Classic French style cabinets in a powder blue and white creates a light and refreshing atmosphere. Brick-clad fireplace and wooden beams add texture and depth to the design.

Small open plan cottage kitchen with white cabinets and wood flooring Limited space made using white food the kitchen cabinets the most practical choice. The kitchen is placed perpendicular to the living area, using the console tale and the sofa top separate the two spaces workout completely blocking it from one another.

Open plan contemporary kitchen with two islands and attached living room The kitchen is the main feature of this open layout as it occupies most of the space. The sofa faces the kitchen island counters to facilitate entertaining.

Open Floor Plan Kitchen Living Room and Dining Room

Open plan dining room and kitchen is more common as making them directly connected/share the space is more practical.

The efficiency of serving the food just right after you have prepared it makes it an ideal choice for families and those who like to interact with guests. It is definitely the ideal layout for multi-taskers.

Open modern kitchen with center island dining nook and living room access This kitchen is a great place to entertain guests with a wide open concept with plenty of space. Adding that bright orange modern bench adds a nice pop of color and a more refreshing vibe to this sleek kitchen design.

A long kitchen peninsula facing the living room with a stainless steel cooktop provides plenty of work space for meal preparation.

Contemporary kitchen with large open plan design dining room and living room This contemporary kitchen features a large open plan design that reaches in to the dining area and living room. The room has beautiful light oak flooring that ties it all together and looks great paired with the kitchen’s white cabinetry and marble countertops.

Dark modern kitchen with open concept dining room and living room design This open plan kitchen is directly accessible to both the dining area and the living area, making it an ideal space for families who enjoy food preparation together. This also helps make the space feel bigger, as less partitions creates the illusion of  a bigger space.

Modern kitchen open to dining room with black cabinets and light wood flooring High ceiling gives this kitchen and dining area a spacious feel despite its small floor area. The kitchen is a sleek combination of dark wengue cabinets and marble countertop, while the dining area is a simple 6-seater round glass table, making it an ideal breakfast area.

Modern kitchen with dark gray cabinets and open to living room With a very limited floor area available, adapting an open layout for the kitchen, dining and living areas is the most ideal arrangement. Instead of a separate dining area, the kitchen island also doubles as the dining table, enabling the design to maintain a sleek and minimalist feel, with large open areas.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets with open concept to living room The use of glossy white kitchen cabinets helps make the space look bright and very modern, to match the over-all concept of the space.  The living area is directly accessible from the kitchen, and the TV is even visible from the cooking area, allowing you to multi-task.

Remodeled kitchen to be open concept with support beams intact connected to island An illusion of division is created using a series of door frames in this classic style kitchen design. The illusion allows you to have a sense of privacy in the kitchen, while at the same time, maintain the open layout as everything in the kitchen is still easily visible.

This type of design is often the result of necessity as the support beams may be costly to remove during an open concept remodel.

Traditional open concept white cabinet kitchen with attached living room If you want to maintain a definite separation between spaces, yet don’t want to use a full division, using a higher counter to divide the kitchen between the living area is a good design solution.

This allows you to create a demarcation between the two spaces, while maintaining enough visibility and easy access between the two spaces.

Contemporary kitchen with open concept dining breakfast nook and living room Using all white for the kitchen helps balance-out the dark brown color used on the flooring, while also bringing your attention towards the kitchen area.

Contemporary kitchen with open concept living room and eat in dining island and marble countertops Marble continues to be a popular material choice for its classic appeal and versatility. It instantly adds a more sophisticated & luxurious feel to any space.

In this case, marble was used on both the kitchen and the living area, tying up the look of the two spaces. The golden maple cabinets adds a warm touch to the overall feel of the space.

Contemporary kitchen with open plan design to dining room with built in bench Structural limitations sometimes hinder on creating a completely open layout, but you can always find ways to work around it. This dining and kitchen for example, uses a large opening between the kitchen and dining to help achieve the look and feel of an open layout.

Kitchen with open plan design to living room and dining room The small floor area makes an open plan necessary for spaces such as this example. With careful planning, it was successfully able to create an open layout that combines the kitchen, dining and living areas. It also maintains a cohesive look, featuring classic style furniture and cabinetry.

Open concept contemporary kitchen with living room dining room and hardwood flooring Elegance with a touch of rustic appeal is the main charm of this open layout kitchen. Classic French style architecture and matching furniture pieces, combined with classic-inspired kitchen cabinets and lighting makes this design look refreshingly classy.

Open plan craftsman style kitchen with living room fireplace and window views Modern with baroque inspirations, this contemporary kitchen and living area is a gorgeous example of open plan kitchen & living rooms.

The amount of natural light and the tasteful finishes used on the floors, walls and ceiling not only add to the beauty of the space, but also help tie up the design/overall look.

Open plan kitchen and living room with blue cabinets off white cabinets and two islands By exposing the solid beams and trusses on the ceiling, the space not only adds a more open feel to the space, but also gives it more personality. Soft cornflower blue kitchen cabinets gives a light and refreshing feel to the mainly warm-toned color scheme.

Traditional kitchen with open concept living room and dining room Another great example of an open layout with a clear space demarcation. This kitchen uses kitchen counters to separate the kitchen between the other areas, while still maintaining an open layout.

Contemporary kitchen with open living room in apartment Many apartment and condo owners are faced with how to design a smaller space that provides for the kitchen, dining and living room. This contemporary kitchen offers an open concept with breakfast bar island adjacent to the living room with a sectional couch.

Open Concept Kitchen & Living Room in a Small Space

Small spaces benefit the most in open layout concepts. There are, of course limitations and challenges depending on the floor plan your are working on, but once you find a way to work around the limited space, the open space layout’s benefits would definitely outweigh its cons.

Smaller spaces would need a more careful planning and should keep in mind how you use the space in actual practice. The design should definitely make your life easier according to your routine/habits, or otherwise help improve your current practices.

For kitchens, modular kitchen cabinets is a great practical choice, as it allows flexibility and mobility. Because of the possibility of a limited counter space, do consider built-in appliances to help save space.

Luxury apartment with small kitchen and open living room and dining area This apartment features a compact kitchen with peninsula and an open plan layout opening to the dining area and living room. Wood flooring tie the rooms together while decor such as the dining room’s area rug and the living room’s artwork help to designate each individual space.

Small kitchen with marble counters gray cabinets with open concept design This contemporary kitchen’s design allows the cook to face family and friends while preparing meals and looks out upon the main living space.

A marble topped peninsula is ideal for families to eat on the go as well as for socializing and entertaining. The gray and white kitchen design offers a neutral complimentary color palette that is attractive and sought after.

Small contemporary kitchen with island and open to living room This apartment features a contemporary kitchen with modular cabinets that opens up to a small dining and living area.

A large glass window allows plenty of natural light that is enhances by a variety of light fixtures such as the modern track lights, globe pendant floor lamp, recessed and under cabinet lighting.

Contemporary open plan kitchen with maple wood floors and two tone cabinets This open plan kitchen opens to a small dining area and living room. The microwave oven is built-in with the overhead cabinets because of the very small countertop space left.

Small kitchen with portable island and open layout For small kitchens finding sufficient counter space can be a issue. Using a portable island is a great way to allow diners to eat-in the space and help the cook face outwards while keeping an eye of small children or entertaining guests. This wood topped portable kitchen island also has a countertop that hinges up providing even more space when needed.

Small one wall open plan kitchen with white cabinets and gray tile backsplash Some layouts really don’t have the luxury of the space, so a more compact design is needed such as this. You can do away with a kitchen island if there is really no space for it, and try using sleek & compact appliances that fits your kitchen counters.

For even more open plan ideas visit our gallery of open concept kitchens.

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