Modern Driveway Gates (Design Ideas)

Welcome to our gallery of modern driveway gates including wood, glass and metal design ideas.Gray modern driveway gate

They say it is important for people to make good first impressions. Similarly, if the outside of your home is attractive, it will also make an excellent first impression. Having a great driveway gate design is a good way to set a theme to your home or simply impress.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, driveway gates are a very functional part of the home as they add another layer of security to your home and help clearly define your property. For those with pets in their home, fencing off their property and adding a secure gate is best so they can safely utilize the outdoor spaces.

With modern materials and manufacturing techniques, anything can be done with your driveway gates. The best gate design should complement the property and its surroundings.

Additionally, it should also fit your needs and lifestyle. Consider your personal needs when choosing your style, as it will significantly affect its practicality.

For example, a manually opened massive driveway gate will be impractical if you’re petite. If you have a small space, accordion or sliding-type gates would suit your space better. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so assess your needs before settling on something. [toc]

Types of Modern Driveway Gate Materials

Modern driveway gates come in many different materials, finishes, and combinations. Here are the materials popularly used:

Steel – is the most common material for gates, and has been used for many years ago. Steel can be molded into different shapes and forms, so whether you want to do a modern design or a more classic one, steel can get the job done.

Stainless Steel – a little bit expensive initially, but it will help you save on maintenance costs. High-quality stainless steel will not tarnish or get rusty even in extreme weather conditions, so you will not have to repaint it constantly.

Wood – wood is also a popular choice for gates. In modern applications, wood is usually used for decorative purposes rather than structural purposes. Wood and steel are usually combined, creating an interesting contrast of colors and textures.

Glass – not as commonly used as the other materials mentioned, but glass can also be used for your gates for a more posh, ultra-modern look.

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Modern Driveway Gate Ideas


The combination of steel and glass for this modern driveway gate is a nod to the modern look of the raw concrete wall fencing. These three materials together are very common in contemporary homes and buildings.

The exposed aggregate driveway leads to poured concrete in different-sized rectangles.

Modern Wood Driveway Gates


Wood and steel combinations for driveway gate design have recently been really popular. The wood panels give more dimension to the gate, and also add a bit of warmth.

This design utilizes a variety of wood panel widths, adding vertical patterns to the structure. This gate also features a heavy-duty sliding mechanism, making it practical with small spaces. The addition of the pedestrian gate entry also makes it convenient.


The use of horizontal wood slats on the barrier adds continuity to the design of the fencing. This gate uses durable stainless-steel frames with solid wood slats that match the material used for the wooden fence.


This is an excellent example of an industrial-style swing driveway gate. It has the classic combination of black-painted metal framing and vertical wood slats for the center panel, giving your property more privacy.


This gorgeous modern gate design brings together the whole property’s look. You will see that this is a well-thought-of automatic sliding front access made to complement the look of the house’s exterior.

The massive garage gate has a floating design – the metal framing is all clad with wood, while the sliding mechanisms are fixed on the concrete fence wall, allowing the gate to go without the bottom wheels. These sliders can be accessed with a remote for added functionality as you drive up.

It also provides a pedestrian entry, so you don’t have to open the massive gate when you enter the property. The rough concrete driveway finish is low maintenance and a good option for a variety of climates.


Sometimes, all we need is a basic white-painted wooden swing gate. This installation is a simple all-wood construction with a swingout design. Because this gate is low and a bit small, it will be easy to open and close it without difficulty.

The horizontal slats provide views to see who’s on the other side without opening the door. However, this comes at the expense of extra privacy.

Modern Metal Driveway Gates


The craftsmanship of this wrought iron construction is an excellent example if you want a more whimsical, art-deco look. Black metal, combined with dark-stained wood, metal mesh, and sculptural swoosh designs finished in antiqued gold, gives a nod to the classic style of the house and blends well with the overall theme of the property.

A glimpse of the brick paver driveway that runs up to the house is possible through the decorative gate chain fencing. Decorative entrance gates can provide curb appeal and make a beautiful first impression for guests.


If you want privacy but, at the same time, don’t want to completely block off the sunlight and airflow, using grated slats instead of fixed flat panels solves that.

The space behind your gate will practically be invisible from the outside but allow light and air to flow into the property.


What this gate lacks in height makes it up with its width. This low-profile automatic entrance gate uses all-steel construction with a cool grey paint finish that complements the color of the garage awning.

You will also notice that its custom vertical metal slats complement the vertical slats used on the balcony railings to create a cohesive look.


This is a gorgeous perforated steel sliding driveway gate. The design cleverly uses the perforated metal panels and adds that to the concrete fencing. The custom styling makes the gate look like a solid piece along with the fence. A basic gravel driveway is an inexpensive and low maintenance option.


For small garages and yards, a sliding mechanism would allow you to create a large opening without obstructing the pedestrian area. The low height of this small sliding driveway gate makes it look less intimidating and homier.


If you don’t want to block the facade of your home at all, use thinner metal bars instead of wide pieces to give it a more “open” and airy feel.

This driveway gate uses all stainless steel for the frames and the vertical metal tubes that add both function and design. Because the tubes used at the center are thin, they maintain an open, airy feel to the property.


If you don’t like the look of stainless steel gates, you can use ordinary steel and paint it to the color you want. This steel gate with classic tracery accent patterns complements the classic lamp posts used on the fencing and overall makes the whole design look cohesive.


If privacy and security are your main concern, using metal panels is the best solution, as opposed to horizontal slats. Not only does it cover up the property almost completely, but it also is harder to climb over due to the lack of areas to step on.

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