Laundry Center vs Stackable Washer & Dryer

A stackable washer and dryer are reliable appliances that create extra room in your home and create a more space-efficient lifestyle. Laundry centers meet this demand by incorporating a top loader and dryer inside a steel framework in one unit.

Laundry center vs stackable washer and dryer

Laundry centers combine a washer and dryer, with the dryer on top and the washer on the bottom. This layered structure reduces their size and better uses space constraints, making them ideal for apartments and small spaces. Stackable units can offer more features but might drive up the cost.

Nonetheless, which one is the better option? What are the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of centers vs stackable washers and dryers? Let us discuss these questions in this article.

Difference Between A Stackable And Laundry Center

A stackable washer and dryer set consists of two units that occupy the same portion of ground space as a single one. You can pick between a top-load and a front-load washer with stackable washer and dryer sets.

Some laundry center towers include a top-load washer, whereas a stacking washer and dryer set normally includes a front-load version.

Most stackable units are full-sized units that can be bought individually and constructed next to one another. Furthermore, compact units must be purchased in combination with a different stacking kit.

The difference between a compact unit and a full-sized unit is that the compact unit will be considerably smaller, the dryer will be condensation-dry, and there will be fewer manufacturers to pick from.

On the other hand, appliance centers are created to provide a quick and easy solution to your clothes cleaning needs. Having said that, the majority of these machines have less specific functions and wash cycles.

Plus, they are already stacked and do not require any stacking kit to connect the washer and dryer. Therefore, if you prefer something simplistic and classic, a center would most likely meet your demands. 

Laundry Center Pros and Cons 

Laundry vertical appliance combined in one unit


Laundry centers are ideal for apartments due to their vertically stacked structure – The most significant benefit is the capability to conserve space in your laundry area.

By placing your washing machines vertically rather than horizontally, you help open up more ground surfaces for other equipment and tools, such as an ironing station, baskets, garment racks, and other accessories.

Furthermore, its permanently stacked structure makes it ideal for compact laundry rooms or mini-apartments and houses since they are primarily designed to optimize space where capacity is restricted.

Laundry centers (dryers) are available in gas-powered and electric-powered variants – They can feature either an electric or a gas dryer. There are several sources of power obtainable depending on the condition and environment of your laundry room.

Such alternatives enable you to use whatever energy source is most convenient for you, whether it is gas or electricity.

Classic and neat appearance – Their look is perfect for homes with a minimalist aesthetic. Their appearance is very streamlined and simple.

Laundry centers are not too costly – Another advantage is their low cost. They are typically less expensive than the overall price of a separate washer and dryer, making it an excellent alternative for economical homeowners.


Compactness means fewer features and laundry capacity – Since they often include a smaller washer and dryer, their space-saving layout can be both a benefit and a burden. This implies that each unit’s clothing capacity is reduced, causing you to do smaller batches of laundry and extending the time of the entire cleaning procedure. 

Moreover, centers are typically less complicated than standalone and all-in-one units, but unfortunately, they have fewer unique features and washing cycles.

In addition, keep in mind that the majority of centers are quite simple machines. These versions often provide only the essential washing and drying operations and do not have the complex features supplied in more expensive standalone machines. 

Depending on your individual washing needs, this may or may not be an issue. There are centers with more complex functions, but those features will increase the price.

The dryer is difficult to reach – To reach inside the dryer, shorter individuals might need to stand on tiptoes or use a step stool. This would be a significant disadvantage if the majority of your household members are short.

Laundry centers with gas-powered dryers require a vent – A vent to the exterior is required with gas-powered dryers. This would increase the cost and duration of the installation.

Stackable Washer And Dryer Pros And Cons

Stackable washers and dryers


They are ideal for small spaces – Stackable washer and dryer units are often constructed with compact spaces in consideration, even when sold individually. If you do not have a dedicated laundry room or want to preserve storage capacity, a smaller stackable unit may be suitable.

A stackable washer and dryer may easily fit into a closet area and be tucked away for a cleaner aesthetic, occupying only around 2 feet of space.

They offer more effective cleaning – Front-loading washers use less water and electricity. Rather than filling a complete container with water during the washing cycle, a front-loading machine only uses the quantity of detergent required without compromising cleaning performance. 

Stackable washing and dryer systems are quite versatile – Stackable washer and dryer systems are a versatile alternative for refreshing laundry rooms. Numerous stackable machines have free-standing capabilities and can work side by side just as well; all it takes is a few materials and a basic understanding of washers and dryers.

Stackable washer and dryer units have a modern appearance – These units are very modern-looking, making them a great choice for modern houses. They do have that newfangled look that makes your space appear more luxurious.


Stackable units may be extremely tall – If the washer and dryer are stacked vertically, you might have to extend your arms widely or use a stepladder to access the dryer controls or even load the dryer if you are on the shorter side.

Not all stacking types are pre-assembled – To firmly mount the dryer on top of the washer, you might need to purchase an add-on stacking kit from the product manufacturer or distributor. Although they are not outrageously costly, they do cause additional expenses.

A regular inspection is required – To prevent your stackable unit from falling, you must always double-check its security. Check your instruction manual to make sure no screws are loosened or that any pieces of your stacking kit need to be changed.

How Long Do Laundry Centers vs Stackable Units Last?

Laundry centers (permanently stacked washer and dryer) have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. But of course, this might vary as it will mainly depend on how they are maintained.

Stackable washer and dryer units, similar to regular appliance centers, have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. However, if you want to maximize the efficiency of a stackable washer and dryer, ensure they are precisely level and utilize a stacking kit.

Laundry Center vs Stackable Washer & Dryer Cost

Standard laundry centers are not that overly expensive, but they are not cheap as well. If you are going to look out for their price only, you might see decent models starting from $1,000 to $1,400.

Stackable units, on the other hand, can be a little bit more expensive in general. Even smaller versions of combo washer and dryer systems can run up to $1,500 or up to $2,000. If you purchase a front-loading washer and dryer individually, you might end up spending close to that amount on each unit.

Laundry center and stackable washers

Which Is Better: A Stackable Or Integrated Laundry Machine?

This question might cause some arguments as both of these units have their own advantages and drawbacks. For example, in terms of cost, you will find more affordable laundry centers as stackable units are typically more expensive. 

However, stackable washer and dryer units normally have more unique washing features than laundry centers in terms of expediting and enhancing the cleaning process. 

In a nutshell, laundry centers can be a smart option if you wish to save money and if you do not need any extra washing features. But, if you want a more luxurious and functional unit, you can pick a stackable washer and dryer.

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