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Galley Kitchen Lighting Ideas 

See the best galley kitchen lighting ideas including light fixtures, ceiling options, and tips on how to brighten this design.

different galley kitchen lighting ideas

Galley kitchens, which are usually narrow, are often tight and poorly lighted. This is why anybody wishing to freshen up this space should start with their lighting.

The lights here produce rays for a narrow room. A small space does not require many lights because this would over-illuminate and waste too much electricity. 

They may be claustrophobic and confining. Luckily, homeowners can make these small areas appear larger by employing various fixtures.

Grey kitchen interior with open door to the hallway

Therefore, you might believe that illuminating this space is restricted to in-built or flush-mount options. Below, you’ll see a variety of luxurious options to help you break out from the ordinary lights you’re used to.

Galley Kitchen Light Fixtures 

Galley kitchen in modern loft

See different types of lighting fixtures below.

Under-Cabinet Light Fixture

Modern kitchen with appliances and under cabinet lighting in luxury apartment

Use zones that are commonly disregarded for illumination when space is limited. Under-cabinet lights is a brilliant method to provide your countertops with some essential illumination without taking up the valuable ceiling or floor space.

LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Search for light fixtures that complement the design of your cooking space.  Sleek, rectangular LED flush mount ceiling light fixtures are appropriate to install since they blend in with the surroundings while delivering effective vivid illumination. Visit our guide on the pros and cons of LED lights to learn more. 

Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Galley kitchen with european cabinets and semi flush ceiling lighting

Because of their size, semi-flush mount ceiling light fixtures are ideal. A semi-flush mount light fixture with four customizable heads would be better as it will allow you to appreciate multi-directional illumination in this area.

Linear Light Fixture

Galley kitchen with linear ceiling light fixture

Another great choice is linear light fixtures, particularly if your floor area or counters are long and narrow. A narrow light fixture will cover the whole surface area while lengthening the space’s appearance and feel.

Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Ideas 

Here are some of the most popular ideas.

Interior of modern kitchen with built in appliances

Built-In Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Using Two Recessed Lights

Contemporary galley kitchen with recessed lighting

The pathway is illuminated by two built-in circular recessed lights. This is probably the most popular arrangement that most of us are familiar with. The recessed lights can distribute illumination to all parts with this setup.

For your reference, in-built options is ideal for a simple design.  Due to the restricted area, this option could maintain the area’s basic design. Built-in lights, on the other hand, may provide insufficient illumination though.

Extra Bright Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Using Pendant Lights

Modern kitchen with wooden worktop white unit and blackboard

Ideally, this area must be vivid and energetic. That is most likely the primary goal of this space. To accomplish that objective, you can use lovely pendant fixtures that can be hung above the counter for added style and brightness as well.

It creates a bright light that is sufficient for you to conduct a variety of tasks in a little area. During the evening, the lighting becomes the only source of illumination. The bright light is sufficient, even if only one bulb is installed.

Inviting Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Using Two Big Flush Mount Lamps

Traditional kitchen with gray floor and counter topsIn a cramped space, we can’t help but go for a bold art style. This space can be mounted with two large flush mount fixtures to complement the décor. The lights provide enough illumination. Because of the great size of each bulb, they would indeed be a fun thing to gaze up at.

Customized Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Using a Chandelier-Inspired Light

Luxury white kitchen with window and dining area

Dual illumination schemes are used in this design. The primary emphasis is on chandeliers. Because it adapts to the classic style, the illumination appears to be one-of-a-kind. A chandelier, which serves as the focal point of the illumination, could provide that character.

This type of illumination generally has a bird nest covering to safeguard the chandelier. The robust metal is used for both the cover and the support. It ppears to be both solid and ancient as a result of this.

Sophisticated Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Using Differently Sized Bulbs

Kitchen with bar counter refrigerator oven and lights

We are all accustomed to a single tiny bulb. However, you can apply some bulbs of varied sizes. Perhaps, this is the basic concept behind this design.

The illumination is generally made up of five bulbs that come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from little to big. The biggest bulb is placed in the center of the platform. Each bulb is connected by its own cable, which is then hung from the ceiling.

Best Lighting For A Galley Kitchen 

Modern kitchen with veneer cabinets, white solid surface countertops, pendant light and stainless steel circular range hood

Built-in, recessed, pendant, and chandelier lights are the greatest selections if you’re going with this design.

For illuminating minor activities, puck lights, under-cabinet fixtures, and indented lighting can be ideal. 

However, if you intend to install these lights on the ceiling, the best option would be recessed cans or pendant lights, if we’re talking about appropriate illumination and a pleasing aesthetic.

You can use decorative lighting sparingly, but be sure to use passive fixtures approaches such as vivid paint colors.

How Do You Brighten A Galley Kitchen?

Grey modern kitchen in a luxury apartment with stainless steel appliances

The major technique to open and brighten this part of the house without windows is to place lights across the whole space. 

When natural light is not an option, concentrating on a system that does not allow shadows to come in is essential for adding depth to narrow spaces.

You just have to select the right types of lighting fixtures that will give you much-needed illumination and ensure that it will complement the overall design.

How Many Lumens Does A Galley Kitchen Need?

galley-style kitchen with wood floor

This part of your house, on the other hand, will require a higher degree of illumination, roughly 70-80 lumens per square foot. Just multiply the square footage of the space by this amount to calculate the lumens required.

However, since this space is much smaller compared to conventional designs, they may only require around 10-20 lumens per square foot. But still, it will depend on how bright you want this space to be.

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