30 Craftsman Living Rooms (Beautiful Interior Designs)

Craftsman living room design

Welcome to our gallery featuring luxury craftsman living rooms. The craftsman living room style is known for its handcrafted custom design elements, high ceilings with exposed beams, open layout, and the warmth of its natural wood finishes.

Entering one of these spaces, one can feel the attention to detail and custom details that provide a warm and inviting ambiance.

Craftsman Interior Design

Here are a few of the top interior design elements of craftsman living rooms:

Custom wood finishes – One of the most distinctive attributes of this style is the warmth of its wood finishes and details. From its wood moldings to door & window casements, the custom wood finishes show attention to details of the Arts and Crafts style.

Exposed beams – Dramatic exposed wood beams look impressive and provide elegance to the space. These features are paired with high vaulted ceilings to enhance the look and feel of the space.

Large windows – The wood finishes of this style rely on plenty of light to brighten the room. Windows can also provide views to the outside and help maintain a connection to the outdoors.

Window casings – Windows are framed with detailed wood casings that work with door openings and ceiling treatments to match the overall design.

Hardwood flooring – Beautiful hardwood floors flow through the space to help create a connection to the porch, kitchen, dining room, and outdoor entertaining area.

Fireplace – A central hearth is the focal point of many craftsman living rooms. Fireplaces often have beautiful decorative mantels or wood or stone and are flanked by built-in bookcases, high windows, or cabinets. Different types of materials for fireplaces, such as stone, cement and marble, blend into the space gracefully.

Color Scheme – When picking paint colors for your living room, you’ll want to create an inviting, cozy vibe that screams “craftsman charm.” Imagine rich, earthy tones inspired by nature itself – think deep browns reminiscent of aged wood or potting soil. Warm it up with some terra cotta red and sunshine yellow accents. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

For a calming touch, work in some muted olive greens that bring the outdoors in. Maybe incorporate a pop of mulled wine for depth and contrast (yes, please!). The variation between vibrant and muted shades adds serious visual interest.

Combine it all, and you’ve got a cohesive, enveloping palette that captures the craftsman style’s effortless blending of rustic and refined. Texture is key too – layered materials in coordinating tones elevate that organic feel.

Craftsman Living Room Ideas

Spacious room with large window view and vaulted ceiling

The gorgeous formal living room in the picture above combines a generous floor space, balance and a high ceiling. Modern aesthetics were applied and combined with more classic elements, such as a brick fireplace, for a gorgeous balance of old and new.

Artwork and decor items complement the room’s design, with an end table and lamp showcasing some of these products. Walls are simply white, while the cathedral ceiling is a combination of maple wood planks and solid teak wood beams and trusses. Floors on the other hand, uses a more neutral pale maple solid wood flooring for a softer look.

The accent wall uses stone masonry cladding for its columns, with built-in maple wood display shelves. Furniture pieces are all matching, and is composed of two large sofas & two armchairs upholstered in light beige velvet,  a console table, coffee table, and a pair of side tables matched with an end table and lamp.

You will also notice that traditional-style rugs were strategically placed on open, empty spaces of the floor to make it look occupied.

Room with open beam plank ceiling

This living room design has a more relaxed, casual vibe to it, focusing on the large openings and the red tones of the solid teak wood used in the structure.

Walls, doors and windows are all made or clad with solid teak wood giving it a glossy, orange finish. Conversely, the ceiling uses a more neutral oak wood finish to help balance out the reds.

The furniture pieces match the over-all color scheme of the structure, using dark orange and brown upholstery for the accent chairs and sofas to match.

Luxury room with elegant furniture and large vaulted beams

This massive English style craftsman living room has not only a generous floor area, but also a high ceiling, making the space appear brighter and even more spacious.

Focusing on natural colors, most of the space uses neutrals with a touch of deep blue for a subtle accent color. The walls and ceiling use a uniform paint finish, which looks good, especially with the solid walnut ceiling trusses.

Hanging down the ceiling are wrought iron chandeliers which help set a cozy ambiance to the space, while the furniture pieces demonstrate classic elegance and excellent craftsmanship.

Room with white walls large arched doorway and beam feature ceiling

This living room has a more relaxed, tropical-Mediterranean feel, combining modern and classic elements to create this look.

You will see large arched openings characteristic of Mediterranean architecture, hardwood floors and exposed wooden ceilings, creating a very detailed and dynamic backdrop for the living area.

On the other hand, the furniture pieces are composed of a combination of Spanish furniture pieces and more modern upholstered sofas, creating a clean and crisp look while maintaining the elegant appeal of classic styles.

Beautiful room with exposed beams and light color marble fireplace

Neutral colors are mixed with subdued mint greens to create a younger, more refreshing look for this living room design. All wood finishes, including loose furniture, use the same walnut finish, giving it a wall-coordinated appeal.

The walls and ceiling are painted in a light cream color, giving the room a bright yet warm atmosphere, while other furniture pieces use a combination of light beige fabric and light mint green to add a touch of a soft, fresh look to the space.

The addition of natural light from the windows further enhance the vibrancy of the room, while strategically placed mirrors can help the light to bounce around and create a sense of space.

Incorporating greenery such as flowers, plants, and other botanical-inspired built-ins can further add to the freshness of the room, creating a soothing and inviting environment. A strategically placed throw pillow in a coordinating color can also tie the room together and create visual interest.

Craftsman room with detailed woodwork molding and fireplace

This living room design is a bit bolder and more experimental regarding colors and finishes. You will see a variety of patterns used all-throughout the fabrics used in the space, combined with a variety of polished wood finishes.

The massive display cabinet/shelf is made of polished mahogany and has a built-in electric fireplace and wall-mounted television. Being placed against plain off-white walls makes it stand out from the rest of the wall, and helps bring your attention to it, due to its massive size.

The furniture pieces, on the other hand, is composed of a leather-upholstered camel-back sofa and a floral upholstered sofa, combined with a striped Spanish-style Bergere.

The yellows and reds found in the furniture fabrics and pillows help add a touch of vibrancy to the otherwise neutral-colored space, while the addition of flowers and plants further adds to the room’s charm and allure.

Room with high sloped ceiling, brick walls, plank floors and fireplace

The steep gabled ceiling of this living room space is fairly reminiscent of Gothic-style architecture but only more modern in shape and form.

This living room only has the bar necessities, yet it still manages to be stunning because of the excellent combination of finishes. Solid Mahogany floors are used for the whole space and are paired with rustic bricks all over the walls, giving it a more aged/rustic feel.

Because of the strong red tones and texture of the walls and floors, the furniture pieces used are more low-key, upholstered in light beige linen with elegant scroll arms and a matching traditional rug.

Room with rough exposed beams and dark stain flooring

The orange and turquoise accent colors in this living area give the space a brighter, more youthful vibe, despite the classic craftsman interior architecture style.

Dark oak floors match the wooden beam finish, while the walls are paneled in white-painted wood with medallion accents, giving it a more neo-classic look.

Furniture pieces are mostly Spanish-inspired, with dark hardwood legs and neutral-colored upholstery. The inclusion of greenery in the form of plants and flowers can soften the rustic vibe, contributing to a more balanced atmosphere.

Room with stacked stone walls and blue and gold ceiling mural

This living room has a very formal feel, thanks to its formal and symmetrical layout. It also goes heavy with textures, using sandstone cladding for all its walls and golden walnut moldings for the ceiling.

The sandstone cladding gives the space a warm neutral background, which helps make the four black leather-upholstered armchairs stand out, as well as the wengue-finished wooden furniture pieces.

Custom cherry wood room with decorative woodwork and home bar

This craftsman living room design goes for a bolder color scheme, using classic floral patterns combined with a variety of materials in red.

Perfectly polished redwood is used all over the space – from the accent wall, the doors and windows, wall panelings, and even the coffer ceiling and its moldings.

The red adds a touch of bold yet warm glow to the space and is a perfect pair with the brown striped wallpaper. This living area has a more casual feel, as it is placed in a pool/game room with a casual bar area. The addition of mirrors can further enhance the room’s elegance and create a sense of spaciousness.

Custom wood room with decorative custom fireplace and glass chandelier

The golden walnut wood finish used all over this space leaves this design with an elegant impression. Perfectly polished golden walnut is seen all over the walls, the floors, the ceiling, raining, and even the built-in cabinetry, giving the space a warm and cozy feel.

Because there are many wood finishes already, the furniture pieces and even the fireplace mantle opted to use more neutral colors like off-white and gray to help balance out the warm tones of the wood. The result is a well-balanced design with a casual yet elegant feel.

Room with majestic chandelier and second story balcony

You can see the full living room layout from another angle, including both sides of the incredible custom wood and wrought iron wrap-around balcony.

Multiple built-in wood bookshelves, cabinets, and large entertainment center give this room a distinguished elegance. The large crystal chandelier makes a grand statement and enhances this space’s luxurious feel.

Room with dark truss ceiling

What’s really unique about this living room is its intricate exposed ceiling. Unlike usually exposed ceilings with plain wood beams, this ceiling features intricate latticework and an interesting shape reminiscent of a ski chalet.

With wood flooring throughout, a rustic chandelier, and wall sconces, this room definitely evokes old-world charm and elegance.

Room with double sphere chandeliers

Craftsman living rooms often have high ceilings and wooden exposed beams. This bright craftsman-style living room features a stunning vaulted ceiling with exposed beams that support two rustic wrought iron sphere-shaped chandeliers.

Rich wood flooring flows throughout the space and is complemented by a stone fireplace and multiple French doors.

Room with arched outdoor view and cement fireplace

Heavy wooden furniture pieces combined with fully upholstered furniture were used in this Mediterranean-style home. The spacious floor is divided into an open floor space and a compressed living area/entertainment room.

This area has a fireplace in the corner, a stone mantle, a full wooden entertainment center, and orange-upholstered furniture pieces. These pieces stand out well, as the walls and floors are simply off-white in color.

Room with wall of windows and large circular wrought iron chandeliers

Adapting an open layout, this living area sits in the middle of the floor. Surrounding the central living room are the bar, dining, and other sitting areas.

This room is very spacious with a high ceiling and wooden beams & trusses, giving it a bit of a rustic country look, especially since it also uses two large wrought iron chandeliers.

The walls are painted light cream-beige, creating a nice neutral background. For the furniture pieces, this living room uses traditional style furniture upholstered in white to make it stand out from the warm background.

It also has accents of steel blue and a printed loveseat with round blue patterns. The use of blue as an accent adds a nice cool touch to the warm-toned interior.

Room with elegant furnishings, decorative fireplace and custom woodwork paneling

This living room design will definitely take you back in time as it looks like it came right out of a classical painting. You will see the heavy use of wood in this room – dark walnut wall paneling and beams combined with golden walnut flooring.

The luxurious and elegant look is even more emphasized because of the gorgeous crystal chandelier, the heavy traditional style rug, and the stone fireplace.

The furniture pieces in the room are pretty sparse – 2 armchairs with red tapestry fabric, two side chairs, and a piano. However, the combination of finishes and patterns is already enough to create this lively and elegant classic interior style.

Ocean view room with exposed beams, high windows and dark wood floors

A more modern Mediterranean-inspired living space with massive folding doors and a high ceiling makes the interior look really bright and spacious. The walls and ceiling keep a basic off-white finish, and is paired with solid dark oak wooden floors for a more classic look.

For the furniture pieces, you will see a combination of solid Mahogany wooden pieces and canvass-upholstered sofas and armchairs with accent pillows in teal and yellow gold for a fresh, youthful feel.

Traditional room with cream custom cabinets and wrought iron chandelier

This living room has a more “lived-in” appeal, as it looks more casual and less formal than the other examples, adding accessories that also show the owner’s personality.

This neo-classic inspired interior has many false columns on the walls and the windows and enjoys a spacious ceiling area to boot. Instead of off-white, this room favors light yellow paint for the walls, combined with white moldings and accents.

On the other hand, the ceiling uses white painted wood planks, which helps add texture to the surface. The furniture layout is quite symmetrical –  a pair of matching sofas, armchairs and square ottomans were used to complete this look, all of which uses different fabrics for the upholstery.

Room with high end custom wood windows and detailed fireplace

A classic style living room with a good balance of curves and straight lines creates a dynamic feel to the simple design. For a fresh and clean look, the walls and ceiling area ll in plain white, with white moldings.

The doors and windows have teak wood frames, which stand out well against the white walls. For the furniture, there’s a simple 2-piece sofa upholstered in light cream with red-orange accent pillows and a mint green accent chair.

A large round mahogany coffee table with gilt and fluted sides is in the middle. The living area also has a fireplace with a unique mantle design.

For the finishing touches, two pale gray traditional rugs were used to cover the teak wood floors, while an elegant crystal chandelier hangs on the ceiling.

Room with slate floor tiles and dual chandeliers

Large open space and a high ceiling give this living room a grand feeling. The basic finishes in the interior details are a combination of warm and cool tones.

Cool for the floors as it uses natural stone tiles and warm for the walls and ceiling, using a combination of off-white walls and oak wood moldings. Hanging from the ceiling are two classic chandeliers to give the room a warm glow.

More modern pieces were favored for the furniture to help balance the heavy details and carvings of the interior architectural details.

The furniture pieces are all upholstered in white, with a nice combination of mint green and lilac for the accent pillows and accessories to give it a soft cool tone.

Beautifully decorated space with large windows, and off white color furniture

When modern and classic elements are combined, it’s typically the interior architectural details that adapt the classic style, but in this example, it’s the other way around.

The interior architecture is simple and modern, with straight lines and devoid of unnecessary details. Walls are painted in light beige and use golden walnut windows and doors, paired with the same wood for the flooring.

The furniture pieces take a classic English style but use a neutral color scheme for the upholstery to match modern architecture. All pieces were upholstered in a light beige color with various textures and uses accent pillows to give a little pop of color.

Room with backlit ceiling, wood molding and large area rug

This spacious living area has a relaxed feel to it despite being a little more classic in design style. The ceiling height is standard, with cherry wood moldings for the coffered ceiling and yellow LED strip light for the cove lights.

The walls are white with cherry wood moldings, and the fabric choice for the window drapes is gold. The furniture pieces also follow this fairly warm scheme, using beige upholstery to keep it neutral and tan leather for the large ottoman.

Room with detailed wood lattice framed windows and custom style

This attic-floor living room has a very dynamic ceiling design, composed of various crisscrosses of wooden beams and trusses in solid teak wood.

The ceiling already commands your attention, so even if the space is sparsely furnished, it still looks unique and interesting.

There’s simply a matching sage green upholstered scroll-arm sofa set, a maple wood coffee table and side tables, and two small storage shelves at the back.

Room with large picture windows and round beams

This living room is modern cabin-style, using solid pine logs to construct the space, and combining it with clear glass for a very bright interior.

Inside is a small stone fireplace, and two large curved sofas upholstered in brown leather to match the over-all theme of the space.

Room with leather furniture and rustic theme

The unique ceiling slopes create a unique dynamic feel in this living room design. All artificial lights are in warm white for a more cozy feel, giving it a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

The living area has an open layout, making it look more spacious and using large, bulky furniture pieces. There are two brown leather sofas and two striped armchairs for the seating, and one large solid teak coffee table with matching side tables.

Room with view of canal and large crystal chandelier

This living room is a more casual lounge area composed of many sitting areas and even a bar area, which is perfect for entertaining guests.

The massive space has large sliding doors and windows, giving the room a gorgeous view of the sea and an excellent supply of natural lighting during daytime.

The walls are oatmeal in color, with matching carpet flooring and solid Teak wood coffer ceiling with an elegant crystal chandelier.

The furniture pieces are all classic in style, and uses a variety of fabrics, adding both texture and more personality to the space.

Room with french doors and tongue and groove wood

The spacious living room in the picture above overflows with a classic English vibe, with a rustic appeal as it uses all earth-tone colors.

With three double doors opening to a patio, the inside looks bright and well-lit despite the fairly dark finish on the walls and the solid wood coffer ceiling.  

All furniture pieces have matching plain beige upholstery, making the entire living area look cohesive. The presence of natural light, greenery, and mirrors can effortlessly elevate and refine the room’s overall aesthetic

Room with luxury furnishings and elegant vibe

Rustic colors and finishes combined with antique furniture definitely give off an authentic classic vibe to this living room design. Walls are painted in cream to match with the sandstone floor tiles, while doors and windows uses dark oak wood frames.

On the high ceiling, you will see ornamental wooden trusses with a unique design, making the ceiling an interesting architectural detail.

There is also a large stone fireplace inside, with two built-in display cabinets/shelves on each side for balance, and massive furniture pieces upholstered in warm colors to keep with the colors scheme. The result is a well-balanced design with a casual yet elegant feel, and the addition of different types of candles and vases provide further options for personalization.

Room with sectional couch, marble flooring and wood coffered ceiling

The interior architectural details of this living room design is a combination of modern simplicity and small classic details to give it more dimension. Off-white walls and ceilings were paired with mahogany doors, windows, and ceiling coffer.

Furnishings takes a more classic design style, using gray velvet l-shaped sofa, paired with a white wrought iron coffee table and a unique column capital for a side table and classical order-inspired floor lamps. The quality of the interiors is further enhanced by the selection of living room furniture, including stylish sectionals that complement the room.

Warm room with tall ceiling

Craftsman living rooms are known for the warmth of their natural wood finishes. The snow-capped mountain background gives a cool tone to the environment, so to counter this, the whole interior of this living room goes of a bold red and orange color scheme, giving it a really warm feel.

Walls uses solid pine boards for cladding, combined with solid teak wooden supports. The fireplace uses warm-toned masonry stones for its finish, and all furniture pieces, including the area rugs and accent pillows are upholstered in warm colors as well.

Lights used are also warm, giving the space a warm and cozy glow despite the cool background seen outside the large windows.

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