Color Changing Pool Lights

In this guide to color changing pool lights you’ll find the cost, electricity consumption, how they work, LED ideas, and how to change pool lighting colors.
Luxurious white villa at night with a big pool with color changing lightsPractically all types of pool lights do not have a defined objective. They do, however, add something that the remainder of your accessories does not – an enhanced mood. Selecting the proper color can increase you, and your guests’ enjoyment and the overall mood of the area.

Color-changing lights provide swimmers with excitement while they swim. Furthermore, it not only improves the feel, but also adds an essential level of security. They improve the vision of the bottom for parents and babysitters, particularly on the deeper side.


What Are LED Color Changing Pool Lights? 

Deck with ceiling beams, and a pool LED lights of a house with beautiful landscaping on backgroundLighting is beneficial for swimming at night. This enables you to do swimming practice sessions even past midnight.

To make it more interesting, color-changing systems allow you to modify the color concept for any nightly occasion. Furthermore, these fixtures may revolutionize your outdoor space and improve your household’s swimming experience.

These systems with colors that can be adjusted allow users to modify the ambiance and accentuate water attractions and architectural components. Furthermore, an illuminated area is indeed a real eye-catcher. It adds to the mood of your backyard or garden.

The color-changing options nowadays are mostly energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures that help you save money, increase the lifespan of your pool into the night, and enhance safety for night swimming and backyard gatherings.

How Do LED Pool Lights Work?

Swimming pool with LED lights and wooden deck and a fireplace on the side of a vacation houseThe connections operate by passing electricity through a semiconductor, which provides illumination, as opposed to halogen and incandescent fixtures, which depend on burning filaments. LED fixtures operate by simply connecting them to a power supply.

LEDs do not have a filament and are essentially small light-emitting semiconductors. An electrical charge flows through a microprocessor, illuminating the LED.

They have thermal radiators integrated to keep them cool while also increasing their luminance and functional life. Because of advancements in energy efficiency and conservation, wattage has become less essential than how much illumination a bulb really delivers.

LED fixtures are available in a multitude of colors that may be readily adjusted with the flip of a switch, the touch of a remote, or pre-programmed configurations. LED lights do use 3 to 5 times as much energy as standard halogen lights.

This type also emits approximately 90% less heat and energy, and they have an estimated life expectancy of roughly 50,000 hours, compared to approximately 5,000 hours for the old halogen version.

Can I Replace My Pool Light With LED? 

Swimming pool with color changing LED lights and railings in the backyard of a stylish home at duskYes, you can replace your old system with LED, and it is significantly easier than you could imagine. Their vivid and dazzling colors provide an amazing underwater light display, and you can alter the colors with a single touch of the remote to complement the mood.

Color Changing Pool Light Bulbs

Here are some of the top-rated color-changing bulbs you can find on the market:

LED Treo Pool Light by S.R. Smith

RGB Treo LED pool lightSee this LED Treo pool light at Amazon [sponsored link]

This product by S.R. Smith offers 5 watts of underwater illumination in 49 color options. It fits 1.5-inch fixtures on shotcrete, vinyl-coated, and fiberglass types. You have complete control over personalized colors and lighting schemes with this option.

There are 6 colors and 2 color shows to pick from, as well as a plethora of additional options such as customized colors and adjustable brightness levels. You can even select from 5 distinct trim plate coverings to match the surface of your outdoor structure. Depending on how far you have to reach, you can get this product with a wire that ranges from 30 to 150 feet. 

MicroBrite Color-Changing LED Light Bulb by Pentair

Microbrite backyard, patio, swimming pool white LED lightsSee this MicroBrite LED light at Amazon [sponsored link]

You can always improve the illumination with Pentair’s MicroBrite color-changing LED light bulbs as they feature remarkable brightness, illumination consistency, and vibrant colors. Their moderate size allows for the addition of dynamic illumination in previously unimaginable places in the modern pool and spa design layouts. With this product, you can add vibrant colors.

This color-changing bulb is compatible with all Pentair automation systems. Color-changing lights from Pentair give exquisite and vibrant colors.

They have 5 static colors as well as 7 stunning, pre-configured light displays. Pentair’s fixtures are ideal for accentuating steps and other architectural and water features around your pool.

Color-Changing LED Pool Light Bulb by Seuron

Color changing pool lightsSeuron’s color-changing offering features 11 constant colors and 2 multicolored light shows, transforming your swimming area into a breathtaking exhibition of shimmering lights.

This small 40-watt bulb can brighten up a huge area, replacing a 300 to a 500-watt light bulb and utilizing up to 50% less energy than competitor products.

Furthermore, it is designed to endure for 5 years submerged in the water, so you will not need to replace it anytime soon. Given that it is one of the most economical options on the market, this option offers excellent value. This bulb will function with your current system, whether it is 12V or 120V. 

Best LED Color Changing Pool Light Bulb 

A house pool with color changing LED lights and a wooden bench at the sideThe best color-changing option would be the ones manufactured by S.R Smith and Pentair.

The Treo LED light bulb by S.R Smith is quite impressive in terms of how beautifully it can illuminate the water once it is connected. The white light is steady and brilliant, with a wide dispersal that sufficiently provides illumination. The color selections are highly vivid, and they contribute to the atmosphere of the area. It also has a color memory function.

Moreover, the TREO light design is serviceable for 3 years, ensuring that you receive your investment back out of this purchase. Overall, these are among the best fixtures available nowadays.

Pentair, on the other hand, is a trusted brand, so we believe that their MicroBrite LED pool light would be of excellent caliber. This product consumes up to 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

With this color-changing light bulb, you will undoubtedly achieve the desired colors or light shows. You will also receive the reputable Pentair name and its reliability.

How Much Are LED Pool Lights? 

Swimming pool of a house with a pink swan floatie and LED lightsA LED fixture will cost around $200 to $700 per fixture. The cost difference will be determined by the product’s quality.

LED lights can create colors that are up to 15% different from the ideal particular color wavelength. LEDs are thus priced based on their deviation from the ideal: the more costly, the nearer to the ideal.

The price will also be influenced by the material employed in the light fittings. These lighting fixtures re enclosed in cages to prevent water from entering. Plastic cages are less expensive than stainless steel housings, but they may be less robust and aesthetically pleasing.

Inground Pool With LED Color Changing Lights 

swimming pool ranch home nightYou can find color-changing options that are designed for inground pools. 

Pentair’s IntelliBrite programmable lights use LED technology, which is the new big thing in terms of energy efficiency, lifespan value, luminance, and serviceability. This model is designed for inground types.

Intellibrite underwater LED pool lightSee this Intellibrite LED light at Amazon [sponsored link]

IntelliBrite uses a mixture of separate colored LEDs to create a dazzling range of colors. Such configurations are power-sequenced to light and process through colors at varying speeds and color sequencing. 

Color Changing Above Ground Pool Lights 

Residential pool at night with LED lights and two sun loungerAbove-ground pools require specialized lights. The color-changing lights you must choose must be designed for above-ground applications.

If you want to transform your ordinary above-ground type into a celebration area, the color-changing lights by Ocean Blue Water Products may be the model to choose from. This model can display 16 various colors, allowing you to constantly select the one that is appropriate for the occasion.

It also has 4 light settings, thus you can configure it to strobe, flash, fade, or a gradual transition to maximize the lighting impact for partying or peaceful enjoyment.

Furthermore, this version fits in the typical water return channel on an above-ground type, making installation a quick and simple task that will not affect your warranty.

Do Pool Lights that Change Color Use More Electricity?

Swimming pool at night with LED lights and natural stone slab on the sideLED lights that change colors require somewhat more electricity than ordinary LED bulbs due to their progressive features and constant color-changing. However, its electricity consumption remains far lower than that of standard light bulbs.

However, if the color-changing lighting is not LED (e.g., halogen or incandescent), it will likely consume more electricity.

How to Change Pool Light Color 

Swimming pool with sun loungers LED lights and fire pits on the cornerFlipping the Switch Until You Get Your Chosen Color – Changing the colors of your swimming space light is quite comparable to switching the light on or off. To begin, flipping the switch activates your light. Turning the switch off and on again will cause the light to change to the next color.

By continuing this method, you can quickly cycle among the many colors and light displays. Continue flicking the switch on and off until you achieve your preferred lighting color.

Automation Using a Remote Control – An automation setup is a way to go if you want to operate your lighting fixtures from a single spot. Automation enables users to arrange pump cycles, heating, cleaning, illumination, and other functions using a remote control.

For more information about creating your own custom backyard, see our list of pool design software programs here.

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