Modern Carriage House Plan (2 Bedroom 2 Bath)

Here we share our modern carriage house plan with 2 bedroom and 2 bath including its floor plan and exterior & interior design.
Modern carriage house with sloped ceilingA modern carriage house brings the traditional style towards the 21st century, modernizing a medieval look. 

Generally an outbuilding home concept, a modern carriage house can either be a refurbished version of the old and original carriage house structure or a new building designed to look like original carriage houses.  

These modern carriage houses can be a big attraction, especially considering their connection to the past (especially if they have been refurbished and restored!). If you want to have your own modern carriage house, you can do so with a plan. 

Want 2 bedrooms and 2 baths? Yes, that’s also possible! Here are some considerations if this is what you want to have. [toc]

Floor Plan (2 Bedrooms & 2 Baths)

When discussing a modern carriage house plan 2 bedroom and 2 bath, the size of the lot and the structure should always be considered. 

This will determine the number of rooms you can accommodate in your home, as well as the number of floors you want to have for your house. 

Main Level Floor Plan

Modern carriage house floor plan 1st floor with garage

See this Modern Carriage House Plan on this page link.

Second Level Floor Plan

Modern carriage house floor plan 2nd floor

Before you start planning the design elements you will use for your home as well as what you’ll choose between contemporary style and rustic appeal, the floor plan and layout is necessary to focus on first. This home though is a modern carriage house but let’s set that aside first. 

Supposing you choose a 2-story home with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, here is an example of a floor plan you can use. 

This floor plan includes both private and public spaces in the property, with all areas easily accessible to the home. The first story has the following public, semi-public, and private elements:

Entrance Porch: covered space upon entering the home & leads to the foyer and verandah behind it

• Foyer: with doors on each side (access to the two garages) with staircase leading to the private spaces in the second floor

2 Garages (for 3 cars each)

• Verandah: covered and opens at the back into the backyard

Full bathroom with a shower

Rear Elevation View

Rear elevation floor plan modern carriage house

Rear Elevation – Walkout


Floor plan modern carriage houseThe second-floor houses more private areas with an open floor plan that gives you a view of all of the common areas on the floor. 

Some of the common and private areas on the second floor include the following:

• Kitchen: on the left upon climbing the stairs 

• Dining area: on the right upon climbing the stairs

• Family room: large, open, and semi-public space for gathering and entertaining 

• Main suite: considered as master’s bedroom and can be accessed through the family room (placed on the far end of the second floor for maximum privacy)

• Junior suite: another bedroom that can be accessed through the dining room (placed on the far end of the second floor for maximum privacy)

• Covered deck: located above the first-story veranda and behind the staircase and can be accessed through sliding types of glass doors with one located from the family room and one located from the dining room

Modern Carriage House Exterior

After discussing the floor plan and the elements included in the home, one of the factors you would have to focus on is the exterior of the house. 

Modern carriage house exterior siding whiteThe exterior design of this modern carriage house includes a combination of glass, stone, and wood- offering a humble and more rustic vibe to the structure. 

The wood exterior sports a dark blue hue which fits perfectly with all the green that covers the backyard and lush foliage outdoors. 

The white door and window frames offer a sleek and contrasting look to this wooden facade while the metal, stone, and glass integrated into the structure offer a more modern and contemporary look.  

The home’s structure is installed with interior lights, which warms up the home together with the yellow lights reflecting on its facade when dusk falls. 

This modern carriage house sports 2 garages with doors, where one is partially covered by the second floor’s deck. 

Besides these there are other elements of the home’s exterior, including the following (together with their descriptions):

Rear house exterior modern carriage design white siding• Windows: windows on the rear wall of the second floor provides natural light.

• Roof Line: symmetric pitched roof types with trusses and false ceilings, and its short overhang with gutter painted in sleek black 

• Covered Porch: located on the first story and extends from the main door towards the front of the home, supported by square columns on both sides of the porch (offers welcoming and minimalistic vibe with the door flush to the wall and a sun-deck above the porch

Deck modern carriage house outdoor furniture• Second-story Balcony: considered as a sun deck with broad wooden planks railings above the porch, overlooking the front yard (perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book, with the breeze kissing your face) 

Modern Carriage House Interior

Interior modern carriage house kitchen center island wood floorSee more details about the modern carriage house plan 2 bedroom and 2 bath at this link.

The interior of the modern carriage house includes light wooden combined with gray flooring. The combination of both colors delivers warmth and a welcoming ambiance to the home.

Some of the interior elements included in this modern carriage house (and their descriptions) are:

• Bedrooms: Both the master’s and junior bedrooms are located on the opposite ends of the second floor, providing optimum privacy.

These bedrooms have attached bathrooms along with them but the difference is that the master’s bedroom has its own walk-in wardrobe along with a laundry room (accessed from the kitchen or the master bedroom’s wardrobe)

• Living Room: showcases a contemporary design with large types of windows installed in the walls to allow natural light inside the home, transforming the space to be more welcoming and refreshing.

• Kitchen: sports an open-area design, with a functional breakfast counter that can accommodate 4 people connected to the dining area with a view which is seen through the windows on the wall (offering larger space – where gathering a gathering is possible) 

• Staircase: located in the middle of the foyer, showcasing heavy black-colored horizontal wooden planks, acting as rails and steps (adding a more rustic aesthetics) 

• Garage: the modern carriage home has 2 garages that can accommodate 3 cars each (both with interior windows with a view of your collection) ​​

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