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How Much Does A Toilet Weigh? (What You Need To Know)

Here we answer how much does a toilet weigh including different types of toilet weight by model. See the standard, one-piece, two-piece, floating and portable toilet weights.
Toilet with laundry basket bathroom shelfIf you are building a new bathroom, or just renovating an existing one, one of the first things you might want to think about replacing is your toilet.

When considering a new toilet, you might want to consider its weight as this may affect the time, effort, and cost of installation.

How Much Does a Toilet Weigh?

Toilets in general are heavy bathroom fixtures. Understanding how much a toilet weighs can factor into your construction plans as not only will you have to lift the thing, but your flooring should be able to support the weight.

Here are a few things that will determine the weight of a toilet:


One of the most common materials that toilets are made of is porcelain, a type of ceramic made by combining clay with a mineral such as quartz or silica.

Porcelain toilets are molded then hardened in a kiln. Porcelain is a popular choice for toilets because it is tough and waterproof.  

Other materials that toilets can be made of that are not as common but are a little lighter are stainless steel, resin, and plastic. 


Bathroom with bathtub layoutThis is the amount of space that a toilet will use. Toilets are designed and sized to fit in specific areas.

For example, you can find compact toilets that are designed to fit in a small bathroom or a restroom for a commercial establishment where a shower or bathtub isn’t needed.

The bigger the footprint, the bigger the size of the toilet bowl and the heavier it will weigh. Read more about the different types of toilet flush systems here.

The shape of the bowl

You can find toilets with bowls that are either rounded or elongated and this can affect the overall weight of the toilet as well.

Elongated toilets are a few inches longer than round ones, which add a bit more to a toilet’s size and bulk, which makes toilets with elongated bowls a little heavier.

Extra style trimmings

The shape and style of a toilet can also affect its weight. If you choose a toilet designed with a little extra style element, such as trim or fancy molding, this could add to the weight because this is a bit of extra material that adds heft.

What is The Standard Toilet Weight?

On average, manufacturers produce toilets that weigh an average of around 66 to 120 pounds. The weight of a standard toilet will depend on the design of the toilet and we’re going to discuss it more below.

Take note that, the weights we’re going to be discussing is the “dry weight” or the net weight of a toilet that doesn’t include the seat, lid, or water.

A fully installed toilet, with water in the tank and a seat and lid installed, will weigh around 86 to 140 pounds as these elements will add about 20 pounds.

How Much Does a Porcelain Toilet Weigh? 

Porcelain is the most common toilet material and, as we mentioned, the material that a toilet is made of really affects its weight.

While other factors will affect the final weight, on average, a porcelain toilet will weigh between 60 to 120 pounds. 

One-Piece Toilet Weight

One piece toilet with brown tile floor stainless toilet paper holderWith the rise of modern bathroom designs, one-piece toilets are starting to get more popular. The sleek and seamless look of a one-piece toilet allows it to fit in quite nicely with the overall aesthetic of a modern style bathroom. 

A one-piece toilet is molded into one fixture. The tank and the toilet bowl are connected. While it might seem like this would make them easier to install, when we consider the weight, it might give you pause.

A one-piece toilet will weigh an average of 88 to 120 pounds. This means you and your helpers have to be able to carry the entire thing in one go. Depending on the size and shape of the doorway and the room, it could also be hard to maneuver a one-piece toilet into place.

In other words, your sleek-looking one-piece toilet could actually be a clunky, bothersome package when you’re trying to wrestle it into its proper place in your bathroom. 

Two-Piece Toilet Weight

Two piece toilet with white tiles bathroom plantA two-piece toilet is one where the two main components, the bowl and the tank, can be separated. 

Since the bowl and the tank are separated, you can ship them individually and also carry the parts separately into your bathroom. Lugging two individual toilet parts is easier than lugging one whole toilet as the separate parts are lighter. 

The total weight of a two-piece toilet should be around 70 to 100 pounds. Separately, however, the bowl of the toilet will weigh about 50 to 60 pounds. The tank should be lighter, around 25 to 40 pounds.  

Floating Toilet Weight

Floating toilet and floating vanity cabinetA floating toilet is also known as a wall-hung toilet because it is hung “floating” on the wall. This type of toilet is more commonly used in commercial establishments, but it can also be a practical choice for a small residential bathroom. 

As they are “hung” from a frame that is mounted into the wall, they are designed to be lightweight, weighing about 50 to 80 pounds.

Portable Toilet Weight

Portable toiletsA portable toilet isn’t really something that you will see in the bathroom of a residential home or even a commercial establishment or business office.

Portable toilets are basically small, compact toilets that are used in situations where the toilet facilities need to be moveable. Think about the portable toilet booths at outdoor events or the commodes you might find on hiking trails.

Given that these portable toilets are designed to be movable, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that they are lightweight as well. Mostly made out of plastic, portable toilets come in as models that are about 10 to 15 pounds.

How Much Does a Toilet Seat Weigh?

Toilet with toilet seat bathroom plant laundry basketA toilet seat, compared to the other parts of the toilet, is relatively light, probably a pound or a little more. This is mostly because of the material that a toilet seat is made of.

You can find toilet seats made of plastic, wood, polyresin, duroplastic, and fiberboard – much lighter weight materials than porcelain. 

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