Carpet Colors For Gray Walls (11 Charming Picks)

The color gray is the undeniable champion of the interior designing renaissance, and if you’re planning to paint your walls gray, you’re off to quite a good start in your home upgrade. Innovation has paved the way for many gray shades for you to discover. Gone are the days of those austere and hardware-like gray shades. Knowing the right carpet colors for gray walls can elevate your space, bringing warmth, texture, and harmony to your design theme. 

Empty living room features grey painted walls, carpet floor and red brick fireplace

You can use them in monochromatic designs, minimalist ones, or even as a base for that block of color you’ve always desired. Floors, especially with hardwood or vinyl flooring options, can further elevate the overall aesthetic. 


What Color Carpet With Gray Walls

grey room with pattern carpet and wooden furniture

What’s great about the gray wall palette is that they can range from the barely there colors to the moodier and deeper hues. They can be the perfect backdrop as wall options and they’re bound to suit every room of the house and in every style possible, including complementing various flooring options

But let’s say you’re far beyond that. Let’s say you’re already decided on your gray walls. The next decision to make is the color of the carpets to match them. Read on because we’ll lay your options out for you down below, keeping in mind the overall color combination with the floors and other elements of the room.

Dark Gray 

elegant dark grey panel wall

Lighter walls are fairly easy to work with as they basically serve as neutrals and with the correct elements, such as a rug or suitable flooring installation, you can pair a neutral up with literally anything.

If you want to go for a monochromatic look for added dimensionality, a deep pile carpet in a darker color of gray will go well with your light gray walls.

Dark Brown 

living room interior with gray in dark shade, brown capet on wooden floor and furniture

A dark brown carpet won’t be such a bad idea, either. It’s a great carpet color to pair with light gray walls as it can create a sense of warmth in the space that you’re adding it to. This warmth will enhance the experience of your hardwood, vinyl flooring or any other flooring options you may choose.

There are times wherein certain shades of gray run the risk of making the room feel small and oppressive. Adding in the warmth of a brown carpet can lighten it up a bit. See what colors go good with brown here.

Light, Barely There Gray 

interior design of modern scandinavian living room with grey in two tones

There are instances wherein you might want to go for a monochromatic and cohesive look for the room but your dark gray walls have already absorbed a lot of the light. One easy way to lift the look of the room a little is to go for light barely there gray carpets.

It can create an interesting dark and light contrast while still at the same time maintain a cohesiveness to the color palette of the room. Make sure to pair it with furnishings that are also light colored so as not to make the space look overwhelming.

Reflective materials such as rose gold, silver or chrome can also lend some additional light to the space that you’re furnishing, as well as complement the floors and overall color combination.


light grey living room interior with fresh green plants two modern posters

Beige and gray colors are a match made in heaven, and the same can be said about pairings for your gray walls.

Gray will create a striking contrast for you, while the beige in the carpet will provide you with a base that’s somewhat muted. This allows you to play around a little bit with the colors for the rest of the other things that you’re planning to add to the room, such as the rug or the flooring – be it hardwood, vinyl flooring or any other choice.

Beige adds in a visual kind of warmth that keeps the room from looking too cold or austere because of the gray walls while ensuring the best possible experience in your living space.

If you want a touch of luxury and elegance, go for a carpet option that borders a little bit between beige and cream. This shade can beautifully complement the atmosphere and color scheme of your room.

Natural Fiber Carpets 

classic gray and white tones with armchairs sofa coffee table lamps flowers and wall moldings

The carpet not only affects the room’s decor and overall effect but can also emphasize various tones within the space. You can go for any type of natural fiber or grass type carpet for gray walls, too.

They’re perfect for adding texture to the room while at the same time, bringing in that much needed warmth in their colors. See types of carpets for more ideas.

Raw fiber carpets are usually neutral and they can bring in a modern yet at the same time earthy feel to the room that you’re furnishing. This includes options such as sisal or jute carpeting, which are both versatile and durable.

You can play around with the types of carpet weaves that you want to go for and you can be rest assured that they’re going to look extra stunning against your gray walls.

Mustard Yellow 

minimalist room simple white gray and yellow living with big window scandinavian classic interior

Choosing the right hue can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of the room. Contrary to what you might think, gray walls don’t just go well with neutral or muted colors alone. If you want that pop of color, a mustard yellow carpet can be the perfect pairing for your walls.

And because it has a warm undertone, you can play around with the furniture pieces that you’re planning to add in as well. 

Royal or Navy Blue 

elegant interior with a blue sofa, patterned carpet and paintings on the gray background

Another color that goes perfectly well with gray is blue. A rich deep-hued royal or navy blue carpet can go very well with muted gray walls.

Gray blue can provide you with that coastal beach house vibe that’s both relaxing and very cool to the eyes.


living room interior with gray hue a burgundy carpet on the floor light peach sofa and armchair

Another great pop of color that you can throw in to your carpet pairing is burgundy. It feels extra luxurious and comfortable and you can go with the richer colored ones if you’re up for it. Read more about what colors go good with burgundy here.

if you want to go for burgundy shades that are both warm and elegant, we highly recommend pairing your gray walls with a rich wine-red carpet or with a royal grape-colored one.


living room interior with white sofa plant floor lamp coffee table and a golden carpet

It might not be your usual run of the mill go-to pairing with gray walls but a gold colored carpet can really make the space pop and create a lively atmosphere.

An attention grabbing accent color like gold is an unexpected choice but can turn up the glam in the space that you’re upgrading.

Lime Green

living room with gray walls sofa coffee table and carpet on the floor

If you want to go for a décor that’s classic and timeless for your gray walls, you can’t go wrong with a lime green carpet. You don’t always have to rely on muted colors as a pairing for your grays.

A bright pop of color, such as an invigorating lime green, can bring in a funky and energetic vibe that can liven up the space and can add a sense of personality into an otherwise gray-colored room. 

Orange Soda 

yellow and gray modern bedroom with double bed and orange carpet on the floor

This unexpected pop of color can go well with gray walls. It’s something evocative and can bring in the vibe of urban city life. It’s eye-catching and has a creative flair in an otherwise calming palette.

If you have different flooring in your home, such as hardwood, or vinyl flooring, you can experiment with different rug styles to bring out the best color combination when paired with gray walls.

Don’t forget to consider combining wall color with window coverings, artwork, and decor to seamlessly transform your living space.

For more related ideas, visit our guide to what color wood floor goes with gray walls here.

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  1. I recently acquired a dark gray carpet for our living room. I love how it blends into the whole space and its overall look. At first, I was concerned how to clean it. My mother then advised me to mix vinegar into a bowl of water and use a scrub brush to apply the solution on the carpet. I tried it and it helped reduce the dirt on our new carpet.

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