30 Pool Fence Ideas (Design Pictures)

Here we explore 30 creative pool fence ideas for homes. A swimming pool fence provides security and safety for your family and others pool fences are made from metal, vinyl, wood, glass, and mesh. On this page, we’ll cover the most popular pool fence types as well as help you decide which may be right for you are your home. (This post is part of our fence designs guide which you can check for even more ideas.)

different fence ideas for pools

Swimming pools can be a stunning addition to one’s backyard or front yard and in case you are one of those people who love to lounge by the pool with some much needed privacy, let your kids freely play around or host typical pool parties then enhancing your pool area with a pool fence is definitely a must in terms of beauty and privacy as well safety and precautions.

The very first idea can sound a little too daunting added to the disappointment of seeing a sturdy fence obscuring the pool view even though the driving force of the decision could take charge only because of your loved ones. This article will guide you through the most strategic options of today’s world that will offer aesthetic prospect and the functionality at the same time.

Have you ever wondered about the boundary line that a safety pool fence needs to cover? In case you missed the point a safety pool fence has different ways of fulfilling its functionality depending on the landscape of your yard. A ‘perimeter fence’ is one way that can disguise as a pool fence which covers the boundary line of your yard but only if the fence is designed to abide by the building regulations.

An ‘interior fence’ is the standard pool fencing and the most common type of fencing that encloses the pool surrounding. Perimeter and interior fences serve as permanent solutions where a removable fence can be either used for permanent or temporary use as the name suggests. A ‘removable fence’, on the other hand provides the optimum flexibility to be removed or installed at any time. If you decide to uninstall the removable fence, the pool safety measurements should be later met by a perimeter or an interior pool fence.

The types of pools can be either divided as in ground pools or above ground pools depending on the location that it’s built on the ground. An above ground pool is the ideal solution as a temporary solution for a pool or a pretty smart way to deal with a fairly small area. The above ground pools are either temporary solutions or could be permanent depending on the client’s needs. The need for a safety fence will still remain the same be it above ground or in ground.

Swimming Pool Fence Code

One of the pool fence ideas that use glass The functional aspect of pool fence offers safety to kids and adults as well that would avoid tragic and accidental deaths otherwise would cost a life. The most unfortunate stories of kids below 5 years old who sacrifice their lives are mainly because of the lack of safety awareness that is associated with pool sides.

As a result, certain regulations have been adopted over the years that changes accordingly depending on the state, country or the types of pool. International Code Council is a standard body that is being recognized by many countries around the world regarding the safety measurements to be adhered. The typical regulations as specified by International Code Council are as follow:

  • The fence must be a minimum of 48 inches tall
  • The middle horizontal rail must be at least 45 inches above the bottom horizontal rail
  • The spacing between pickets must be less than 4 inches.
  • The space between the bottom horizontal rail and the ground must be less than 2 inches.
  • The gate(s) must be self-closing & self-latching.
  • The gate(s) need to open outward (away from the pool area).
  • The operating mechanism of the latch must be at least 54 inches from the bottom of the gate or it shall be on the pool side of the gate at least 3 inches below the top and shall not have any opening greater than 1/2 inch within 18 inches of the release mechanism.

Many countries around the world are following legislation that is associated with pool fencing where France was the first European country to introduce laws in regards with pool barriers. In today’s world many a countries have own pool fencing regulations such as the UK, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. However in the US there is no such legislation even though the association of Pool and Spa Professionals follow certain specifications that is dedicated for pools and spas. But states such as California, Texas, and Arizona are pretty demanding in regards with conducts of pools.

There are a numerous ways of fencing types available at your reach but selecting the fencing that is appropriate for your need and the pool yard is when the need of an architect/ designer emerge. Even though the purpose of the pool fence is to prevent accidents, the beauty and the detailing that a poolside enclosure carry to your yard can be as important as the function.

Fence Prices

Below are the most popular types of pool fencing with some information regarding the pros and cons of each style. In addition, you’ll find basic pricing listed for an installed fence from a professional contractor.

Metal Fence

Metal and concrete fenceMetal pool fences can come in several varieties with the most popular style in the US being an ornamental style aluminum fence. Currently ornamental fencing is the most popular type of pool surround in America due to its durability and attractive appearance. The ease of functionality in aluminum fencing and the elegance is why aluminum pool fencing is just perfect at the poolside.

A standard metal pool enclosure is pretty strong and tend to rust as time passes. These types of fences can get easily dirty and will need extra measure in terms of maintenance. Metal types of fencing can be painted to get the desired look you want.

Metal pool fences often bear decorative elements to spice up the backyard a bit. The decorative metal barrier detailing can add elegance with a traditional vibe which can be built from wrought iron and metal as well. Other metal fences include wrought iron and stainless steel.

Aluminum Fences

Fence for the pool made of aluminum

Aluminum surround type is a less expensive, authentic version of wrought iron fencing that comes in either horizontal or vertical tubes or slats. Regular maintenance is a must since the chances are high to rust in certain weather conditions. The type of barrier is very hard and durable only if the necessary care is provided. What makes it highly resistant to outer hazards is the outer layer of the powder coat which makes the enclosure more attractive.

The prices for aluminum pool fencing can vary depending on your specifications, area of coverage and if you are doing the installations yourself.

  • Standard Aluminum Pool Fence (4ft tall at 164ft total length) – $4100 – (6ft Tall at 164ft total length) – $4920

Partial view of a pool with tiles and a benchEven though the strong characteristic of an aluminum tube guardrail might convince you enough, today’s market certainly offer a better range of variety that adds up to more beauty poolside. The advantages are that the enclosure is durable and doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Even though it isn’t as perfect an option as a privacy fence it can come in handy when its functionality and ease of maintenance is considered.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron made fence

Being one of the expensive enclosure types, what cost the amount is the strength of the material and the durability. Precautions are to be taken considering the corroding nature of iron which needs regular maintenance. These fences are often built with Iron or other types of metal including steel. Wrought iron might not be the best option to consider for a yard that demands a little bit of aesthetic but it sure will add a twist of refined modernity.

  • Standard Wrought Iron Fence $2400 – $2700
  • Mid Range Wrought Iron Fence $2800 – $3100
  • Top-Quality Wrought Iron Fence $3200 – $3400

Please note that the amount is calculated per 164 linear feet for fencing. The prices may vary depending on the height of the fences and the detailing of wrought iron.

Wrought iron pool fence needs to be maintained regularly and is recommended to paint for maintenance purposes. As durable as it is, the enclosure has demands for maintenance too.

Vinyl Fences

Pool safety white vinyl made fence

If an attractive yet maintenance-free fence sounds impossible to you, vinyl fence definitely has got a lot in store. The fence could be built in according to the level of privacy that you wish. The attractive fence is a huge win in the market only because of the convenience of functionality and freedom it offers.

Another shift in vinyl fencing is that there are far more styles available today than could be obtained just a few years ago. Basically, whatever your preference, there’s probably a vinyl fence to match. – A User’s Guide to Fencing & Decking Materials, Nick Marshall, Dave Harkins, Rick Stanley

Vinyl water guard enclosures can be maintenance free and offers the maximum possibility of safety as well. Vinyl fence is often made with high grade PVC vinyl. Durability, lightweight are the nature of the particular fence type. The prices are not as high as you would assume by judging its versatile nature and the advantages it offers. These types of fencing usually comes with a lifetime warranty. What’s more attractive about vinyl is that the prices are fairly low that it can be accustomed to a fairly low budget.

White vinyl fence costs:

  • Standard Vinyl Fence $3900 – $4050
  • Mid-Range Vinyl Fence $4300 – $4500
  • Top-Quality Vinyl Fence $5200 – $3600

Please note that the amount is calculated per 164 linear feet for fencing

Short PVC fence surrounding the poolPVC fencing can be a great privacy fence which requires fairly low maintenance. The variety of styles to choose from are a plus point for the promotion of the particular fence type. The customization of the fence is included in the package as well. The bulkiness of the fence is the main negative point that tend be refused by consumers. The unavailability of colors to choose from, white being the common option is another disadvantage. And gates do tend to sink down the ground level by the time.

Glass Fence

Modern fence made of glass surrounding pool Glass panels that provides a see through vision is one of the premium fences which makes it fairly costly. The glass comes as tempered that has resistance than a typical glass frame. The fence comes both way, the framed which is safer and the unframed that allows the user to gain a better view. The framed glass is more popular than the unframed leaving you to decide the style of frame that you prefer. The hardware parts often are blended with stainless steel in order to resist the vulnerability.

Pool with frosted glass-style fenceGlass Fencing can be beyond expensive comparing to the other pool fence types. And the cleaning of glass panels can be another chorus to be added to your house hold work which needs fairly regular maintenance. The glass fence acts as a premium material offering a see-through view that offers a view of the pool side.

  • Glass Pool Fence Cost – $11,500 – $20,500

Please note that the amount is calculated per 164 linear feet for fencing. The prices can vary depending on the height of glass panels and the chosen hardware

Wood Fence

Short wide slat wood fenceWood can be sturdy and stunning choice for fencing around the pools and it blends with the natural landscape and exterior as well. Wood slat can look elegant and provide the required privacy or simple beams and post can make the space look light and natural.

  • A typical wooden fence would cost overall – $1500-3500 with $12 per linear foot.

Wood fences requires maintenance too. And the fence able to be climbable is another problem that many face. Once a wood fence is installed the poolside will have full privacy to the bit that even the view will be restricted. Even though you may like it, the issue with not being able to see what is happening on the other end could result unfortunate events as well. The options of painting in a variety of colors and the sizes, styles being custom crafted is a common advantage of wood. The reason that many go away from wood is that the high maintenance it requires and the warping that can occur as time passes.

Wood style fence in a backyard patio with poolShadowbox Pool Fence

Another style of wood fence is the shadowbox design. What’s interesting about shadow box fence is that it has an interesting pattern overall comparing the rest. The choice of materials and colors could be selected accordingly.

  • Basic Shadowbox Fence – $1000 – $1800
  • Quality Cedar Shadowbox Fence – $2500 – $4000
  • Vinyl shadowbox fence – $3600 – 5300

Please note that the amount is calculated per 164 linear feet for fencing

Removable Fence

A removable pool fence is the ideal solution for the ones who prefer to keep the pool closed/ enclosed at their will. The flexibility of removing when necessary doesn’t mean that it isn’t strong enough to provide safety or ensure privacy and it is less aesthetically appealing.

  • Removable Swimming Pool Fencing – $2300 – 2500
    +1 gate (priced at $250)

Please note that the amount is calculated per 164 linear feet for fencing

The removable fences doesn’t require high maintenance and the fence wire is often built with non-corroding aluminum which is followed by a coating of UV resistant powder or vinyl.

Mesh Fence

Pool mesh fenceThe mesh like structure of the fence prevents from being climbable and is a great tactic in terms of the aesthetic aspects. The see through mesh filters the sunlight not obstructing the view completely providing a semi private security. The fabric is quite strong that has a fair tone of casual modernity.

  • Approximate cost is $125 for a 4×12 feet enclosure if purchased from Amazon.

Above ground fenceSee this above ground pool safety fence at – Amazon

Retractable Fences

Retractable pool fences are custom installed and come in many different designs. They can sit on top of the swimming pool and can be rolled up when you would like to swim. Other designs are constructed as a large enclosure that completely shields the pool and keeps people and pets out.

A retractable guardrail that adds to the safety factor and at the same time contributes to the particular environment to complement doesn’t really come in cheap. The durability, flexibility and the ease of installation are the key points that the enclosure is of a premium choice. The additional options of versatile nature and the transparency of letting the sunlight permeate adds up to the positive attributes that the barrier offers.

Retractable pool fences are expensive but lasts for a longer period and offers ease of installation. The premium material adds up elegance and the transparency being a characteristic is in fact a positive remark.

Temporary Fences

A temporary pool barrier can sound like a good option since it is far more flexible than installing a permanent enclosure. Many temporary fences have an aluminum construction with industrial-strength mesh material for the walls. Normally drilling into the deck or patio is required to ensure the barrier stays in position and can not be easily climbed under. However, the enclosure can be removed for times when it is not needed.

Do be aware when around small children or pets a temporary pool may not be an adequate long term solution regarding the safety of your pool area. In addition check with your neighborhood HOA or city and state regulations to ensure the pool barrier you select meets all necessary requirements.

Temporary fence for pools

See this aluminum and mesh temporary enclosure with gate at  – Amazon

No Holes Fences

Pool with in ground steel fence panelsNo Hole pool enclosure is one of a kind because of its extraordinary simplistic way of dealing with many issues that you might face in the current environment. The plus point about the enclosure system is that it doesn’t require holes to be drilled on the ground instead the bases are filled with water or sand that makes it impossible to move as a whole, otherwise emptied.

The most attractive features are the fairly low cost, durability and flexibility with the aesthetic properties that it offer as a package. Unlike the other enclosure types, the remarkable aspect is that this is a whole take of a DIY project which means from the installation process to maintenance, the task can be handled by a homeowner easily which drastically has a major effect on the cost overall. The No hole barrier comes in two parts: the base and the barrier. Once the base is joined with other bases and assembled the safety enclosure can be installed afterwards.

Although one would get confused between a mesh/net enclosure, removable, retractable and no-hole pool barrier, there is a minute difference between these types mainly related to the material used and they may be a more practical option for children’s safety enclosures.

Not having your backyard ruined with holes drilled or not having authority over the yard can result in major problems associated with a pool. That being noted, a temporary ‘No Hole’ pool barrier is a very tactful way of dealing with the issues by being provided with sturdy perimeter poles which you can fill up with sand or water making it extremely difficult to move otherwise emptied. The bases are constructed with polyethylene.

Later the bases and the mesh panels could be attached in appropriate terms according to the guidelines provided. The main advantage that a no-hole pool enclosure owns over the other temporary/ permanent pool fences is the convenience at its most and a hole-less ground that will not ruin the ground beauty of the yard.

Fence Panels

Enclosed pool barriers are constructed in length that connect together for a DIY installation. They are available in an assortment of materials and sizes with the most popular being vinyl and aluminum due to their weather resistance and durability.

Aluminum panels are designed to look attractive at the pool yard most commonly made from lightweight aluminum considering the ease of transportation. The strong, durable material has a choice of colors to pick from and could be easily installed since the panels are pre-made.

The posts could be ordered or attached to existing posts. The modern, sleek panel design is a perfect choice for a minimalist vibe around the yard that adheres to the general safety standards. The enclosure panels either can be custom-made to fit user requirements, which comes at your ease.

Galvanized steel paneling is another option for safety and the functionality that it offers. The convenience of temporary installation is why the pool panel earns its popularity. The panels are covered with a layer of hot dip galvanization.

White fence and a cottage with wide lawn

See this vinyl safety barrier panel at – Wayfair

Above Ground Fences

Elevated pool with fenceThe barriers of the above-ground poolside barricade are mainly climb resistant and helps keep the children away from the pool. An above ground safety barrier can be built of different materials such as vinyl, glass, wood, and wrought iron. The platform above-ground safety barrier is the trend of the modern day as it gives a warm, luxurious vibe rather than a traditional above-ground enclosure system that is less appealing to the eye.

Above Ground Fence Kits

Above ground poolside barricades are a smart way in terms of safety. The above-ground safety enclosure kits are available in various heights for example 24 inch and 36 inch. The kit is pretty stern and a stunner at the same time.

Other than the choice of vinyl, wood and wrought iron, these kits are constructed of tough resin as well. The kits also include stainless steel hardware parts, decorative elements and adjustable brackets in the package as optional selections.

Locking gate latches and solar post or perimeter lights are a few gadgets that can be complemented with the above-ground aquatic barrier kit mainly targeting the safety of the swimmers. An above-ground swimming area partition kit package usually offers all the fencing, barrier posts and hardware with a guideline of required information. The safety enclosure kit convinces its users that the panel is maintenance-free which is available in a wide range of colors.

Inground Pool Safety Barrier

In-ground pool safety fences comes as a package with hardware with its already assembled panels along with a guideline of information. Usually 4 ft high, climb-resistant surface is how the safety measurements of panels are fulfilled.

Ideally another layer of protection for elderly, differently able, kids and pets are obstructed by its tight-knit polyester mesh which is a transparent fabric, where an adult could unfasten and enter to the restricted area at his/her convenience.

The pool safety barrier is uninstallable in seconds whenever a necessity arise for a better view of the poolside. Being lightweight, the poolside barricade sections can be rolled up and stored and the deck holes which bear the safety enclosure sections can be covered up with plastic when the swimming safety partition is not being used.

Pool Safety Fences

It is common to see that above-ground pools are being used as temporary solutions where a safety enclosure kit comes along with the pool itself. But, for a permanent above ground pool in your yard there are options that is being designed to enhance the aesthetic of the poolside

Child Fences

Safety netting fenceSee this safety netting pool fence at – Amazon

When safety becomes the number one priority, adventures and entertainment can become secondary. But with alternative solutions that are being provided in today’s world the limitations for entertainment are no longer a barrier. The child safety enclosures are available in the market in a variety.

The ease of removal and the strength of the mesh poolside screen paneling to resist in all types of weather conditions and the self-latching gates are why child safety fences need to be installed around every poolside. Adhering to the safety measurements such as the triple reinforced poles and the UV resistant components that provide additional safety are already placed on the structures. The panels are guaranteed to last long with no chance of fading or shrinking that is reliable even in the worst conditions.

Some panels have the ability to reshape according to the shape of the pool. What’s more interesting is that the fencing panel sections offer the flexibility of being installed incorporating existing structures such as pillars/ columns or free standing structures. Often the fences are constructed with composite fiberglass and the enclosure is built from either a weatherproof mesh or a combination of a vinyl and plastic mesh-like pattern in fact a transparent layer that is resistant to daily hazards.

Fence Designs

Wood slat fence

Wood slat privacy enclosure around pool

Luxury backyard pool with glass-style fence and cement fenceLuxury backyard swimming pool with glass fence and cement privacy enclosure

Aluminum fence for poolsAluminum safety enclosure around pool

Fence with quartz ledger panel wall for poolsEnclosed swimming space with quartz ledger panel wall

Dark metal fenceMetal aqua-guard barrier

Pool with stacked stone wallSwimming pool with stacked stone privacy wall

Fence made of wrought iron around brick enclosed swimming poolDecorative wrought iron aquatic perimeter guard surrounding brick paver patio

Pool with cinder block fenceCider block splash zone guard

Pool with vinyl and chain link fenceWhite vinyl barrier for pools with decorative upper lattice design

Pool and deck in modern mansion at duskThis modern glass safety partition provides uninhibited views of the home’s waterfront views

Aluminum and glass combination fence for pool in backyard Glass and aluminum construction safety fence

Large aluminum pool safety-style fenceLarge aluminum pool safety enclosure

Fence made of metalMinimalist dark aluminum nclosure

Pool PVC fenceWhite PVC safety barrier

Pool set against a mountain backdropTerraced aluminum swimming area barrier due to sloping hillside and to maximize views

Pool with wood deck and solid fenceSolid privacy plunge protection

Pool with wood stockade fenceWood stockade-style water-guard fence

Large black painted wood and metal combination fenceThere are great choices available for fencing your swimming pools and we believe that choosing the right fence for your pool is of vital importance in terms of safety, functionality and aesthetics. Select the one that suits your space and meets the needs of your home, neighborhood and family.

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