Outdoor Rug on Gravel (Best Materials to Use)

In this guide for using an outdoor rug on gravel you’ll see the types of rugs to use, best materials, how to choose, and tips for using outdoor rugs over a gravel patio.
Gravel patio with rattan chairs and coffee table lounge chairsAdding an outdoor rug to cover a patio or any alfresco space can add character to your yard. The protective layer can keep your children from getting bruised or wounded when they fall on the graveled area while at play. 

Placing an outdoor rug over gravel on the patio floor or any outdoor space at your home is an excellent idea. You can sit on the rug while watching your kids play or while reading some stories to them. Use pea gravel or crushed stones and spread them evenly.

Make the ground more comfortable to sit or walk on by covering the gravel with an outdoor rug. [toc]

Can You Put An Outdoor Rug On A Gravel Patio?

Having a gravel patio is not only economical but allows one to explore aesthetic ideas. Gravel is cheap. You can use pea gravel or crushed stones. This way, you get small-sized gravel that will not cause discomfort when you walk or sit on the rug. 

Aside from ensuring comfort, pea gravel can also be used for decoration on the garden, walkways, and driveways. For patios, you can use gravel enough to cover the ground first. Then, lay an outdoor rug over it. 

Outdoor fire pit with sitting area and rug over gravelCovering an outdoor area with fine types of gravel and placing an outdoor rug over it can make the place more appealing and useful. A colorful outdoor rug can change the look of your outdoor space. It could look nicer and cozier. Children can sit and play on it without experiencing discomfort.

Yet, you need to choose the kind of outdoor rug to use. Outdoor rugs may be made of rubber or other synthetic materials. However, those made of synthetic materials are the best. Rubber can easily be damaged but synthetic ones are durable and non-toxic.

Below are synthetic fiber rugs that you can choose from for your gravel patio. 


Nylon rugOutdoor rug made of nylon is known for durability. The material can be stretched easily so that it never breaks. Even if it is damp from moisture, it remains free from molds and mildew.

Because it is weatherproof, it is considered one of the best materials for outdoor rugs on gravel.

Nylon outdoor rugs come in various colors and designs. It adds color and appeal to the patio and other graveled spaces you want it placed.

Stop worrying about exposing it to rain or sunshine. It will remain as strong and as colorful as it is.


Polyester outdoor rugPolyester is another excellent material for outdoor rugs on gravel. It does not fade easily when exposed to rain or sunlight. 

Are there stains on your outdoor rug? Stop worrying. Polyester is easy to clean and dries fast. You can also use stain removers and tissue paper to get rid of the dirt.

This material does not absorb stains so you can remove them easily. Many chemicals will not affect its color or damage it so it can last longer than rugs made of other materials.

Other synthetic materials are as strong as polyester. Yet, when it comes to resistance to fading and dirt, nothing can beat polyester.

Polypropylene or Olefin

Polypropylene rugFor a durable yet cost-effective outdoor rug on gravel, consider polypropylene as your first choice. It feels very soft as it resembles natural plant fiber.  It is strong, comfortable, and resistant to moisture and UV rays.

You can place it on the patio and leave it there without fear of having it damaged, faded, stained, or infected with mold and mildew.

Using Outdoor Rugs On Gravel Tips

Outdoor rugs add comfort and style to any graveled surface. Small-sized pebbles do not cost much. When covered with a high-quality outdoor rug, it makes walking on the ground easy and sitting or playing safe and comfortable.

When it comes to aesthetics, outdoor rugs can enhance the beauty of the patio, deck, or other alfresco spaces. Outdoor rugs come in different colors, patterns, materials, and sizes. Materials with geometrical patterns are popular. 

Using rugs with synthetic materials is always better than using rubber or other materials. Avoid the need to change your outdoor rug frequently by following these tips:

  • Choose outdoor rugs made of the best materials for outdoor use.

Your outdoor rug on your patio will be exposed to rain, snow, sunlight, and UV rays. Choosing materials that can withstand the effects of these elements is important.

Some materials easily fade and get damaged. You might have to replace them after a few days or weeks of use. Go for materials that are made to withstand any weather conditions, stains, and human traffic.

Your outdoor rug does not have to be replaced after a short time. Because they do not stain or fade easily, they will look new after a few years of use.

Modern outdoor area rug textile design

  • Consider the type of gravel you use.

If you want to cover your graveled patio with an outdoor rug, make sure that you use small-sized pea gravel or crushed rock. Scatter the gravel evenly to cover the surface. Your feet should not hurt when you walk on the rug. If they do, you have chosen the wrong size.

  • Add a protective sheet under the rug.

If the pebbles can be felt on the rug, the gravel could be a little bit bigger or the rug thinner. Try using padding to minimize, if not getting rid of the discomfort is an option. You can use a tarp or a soft plastic cloth under the rug for a softer effect.

  • Use padding.

Add padding for thicker and softer protection, especially when you use the patio as a play area for children. During play, children can easily get bruises and hematomas when they fall on hard ground. With padding, your toddlers will always be safe.

  • Avoid worrying too much about the outdoor rug.

Outdoor rugs are bound to get stained or suffer from the heat of the sun or the water from the rain. If you have used durable materials, there is no reason to worry. Your outdoor rug can survive such conditions.

Some people overreact when they see a wet or soiled outdoor rug. Why worry? Instead of caring too much about your outdoor rug, enjoy it and think of the precious moments that you can spend on it. 

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