Marmoleum Flooring Pros And Cons You Need To Know

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Marmoleum flooring has been an absolute showstopper for over 100 years. Combining linseed oil, natural resins, wood flour, and pigments in perfect harmony – this eco-friendly and eye-catching surface became a hit the moment it arrived on the scene. A perfect blend of style and sustainability.

Time flew by, and Marmoleum carried on, showcasing an incredible variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Not only did it win the hearts of eco-warriors for its sustainable practices but also threw up some inspiring ideas to folks searching for something stylish yet responsible.

Despite its advantages and disadvantages, Marmoleum has the moves when it comes to flooring decisions. Now the question is: should you let this stylish vinyl dance its way into your home? [toc]

Marmoleum Pros

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Natural and Sustainable: Marmoleum is among the eco-friendly types of flooring materials that brings freshness and safety to your home. Expertly crafted with natural ingredients, this trusty product keeps harmful VOCs and toxic chemicals well away. So if you want a living space that feels good to breathe in, you may let Marmoleum be there for you.

It is made from natural and renewable materials like linseed oil, wood flour, and jute, and is biodegradable according to Floor City.

In addition, Marmoleum’s environmental friendliness is further solidified by its installation with solvent-free adhesives. Plus, being approved and certified by the SMART organization cements it as a genuinely sustainable product.

Health-Friendly: Marmoleum is the healthy choice – it poses no risk to your health from its production right through until you dispose of it. Its natural makeup and lack of hazardous substances make it a smart bet for everyone, especially those with allergies or sensitivities. It has been known to possess some pretty impressive bactericidal properties, thanks to the constant oxidation of linseed oil.

Forbo flooring says the material is allergy approved and has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria and infections such as MRSA and Norovirus. That means it’s a superhero when it comes to knocking out harmful microorganisms.

Design Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Marmoleum gives you the amusement of self-expression with its extensive library of over 150 colors and oodles of insets and borders. You get to unleash your inner designer, so you can make a living space that reflects your creative vision. Whatever direction you take – from subtle simplicities to matchy-matchy statement-making designs with bright pops of color.

Recommended by Medical Experts: With its exceptional attributes, Marmoleum is frequently the go-to choice for medical professionals in hospitals and healthcare settings. 

Doctors often suggest this natural material to their patients who suffer from respiratory ailments because of its formaldehyde-free composition, lack of volatile organic compounds, which can be hazardous to health, and non-allergenic qualities, which gives it an extra peace of mind that couldn’t be any better. Not only that, but this wonder product staves off bacteria growth while still being earth-friendly.

Heat-Resistant and Durable: The flooring is highly resistant to heat and absolutely won’t give in due to burns or scorching. It stands up to any amount of foot traffic, so it’s no wonder that this flooring is a top pick for dependability.

Anti-Static and Dust-Repellent: Marmoleum’s unbeatable anti-static properties not only reduce your risk of getting any kind of electric shocks, but they also make it difficult for dust to stick around. Cleaning up will be a piece of cake. So if someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, this is an excellent pick – it’ll keep nasty allergens and dust mites at bay.

Sound Reduction: The material offers sound reduction properties making it quieter than many hard flooring options 

Marmoleum Cons

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Susceptible to Staining: Marmoleum sure isn’t immune to staining. It only takes one tiny slip-up and you’ve got an ugly splotch mucking up your beautiful floor. The real kicker is that if you don’t immediately give it the attention it needs, these stains can hang around forever, no matter how hard you scrub away at them. 

Prone to Denting and Scuffing: Marmoleum is delicate, particularly in areas that receive the most wear and tear – spots like corners and edges. Heavy furniture, such as tables and dressers, can leave deep dents when it’s placed on the floor without protective pads or even bad luck with someone wearing spiked high heels could cause permanent damage, threatening its good looks.

Demands Constant Maintenance: The material might be a breeze to clean, but its longevity relies heavily on regular maintenance and taking the right steps. Hot water or steam cleaning could seriously damage it, so you must stick with the suggested cleaning products. To keep your floor looking in tip-top shape for years on end, make sure you’ve got a decent layer of floor finish applied.

Pet Accidents Leave Stains: Pet accidents can leave spots on Marmoleum. That’s because the floor is so porous, it can easily absorb and hold onto stains and odors until somebody takes a mop to it.

According to Bay Ridge Carpet and Linoleum, this makes it less resistant to pet stains if not cleaned promptly. So if dogs or cats have an accident inside – clean up quickly before things get too smelly and stained.

Difficult to Cut and Achieve Precision: Working with Marmoleum is no walk in the park- it’s almost impossible to get that razor-sharp line you’re aiming for. This means when installing or doing intricate projects, tight edges, and perfect measurements can be pretty challenging. It’ll only work if your plan includes something running along one wall – any other placement could trip you up.

What Is Marmoleum Flooring?

kitchen with marmoleum for floors, white cabinets countertop and lights

Marmoleum is truly an extraordinary flooring option – the perfect fusion of comfort, healthiness, sustainability, and stunning beauty. Your feet can say goodbye to shivering on those cold tiled floors. 

Instead, Marmoleum offers up hypnotic hues and inviting textures that make stepping onto it like sinking your toes in a pool of warmth-inducing pleasure. Homey and enhanced with a vibrant flair, its cushioned surface more than ensures you’ll keep cruising around contentedly.

Marmoleum stands alone with its one-of-a-kind natural components, mainly coming from linseed oil – essentially giving it an amazing antibacterial power. This implies that pesky bacteria such as Salmonella Typhimurium and Staphylococcus Aureus can’t set their foot within the door. 

The scientific sorcery of this antibacterial strength lies within the ongoing oxidation of linseed oil, ensuring a clean environment wherever Marmoleum resides. It’s not only glamorous to look at but it is also the perfect selection if you want to stay “green”. Incredibly, this dynamic flooring has been honored with the distinguished SMART certification – a nod to its eco-responsibility and sustainability credentials.

Moreover, Marmoleum’s ability to find success in both residential and commercial spaces is truly remarkable. Its durability guarantees that it can withstand virtually anything – even heavy traffic – without breaking a sweat. And, certainly not least of all, it won’t stink up the place as some regular and luxury vinyl flooring do; this flooring option keeps indoor air quality top-notch, making it an obvious choice for health-conscious folks.

Marmoleum is the ultimate result of centuries of progress and breakthroughs. It’s been carefully crafted by merging cutting-edge technology like hot dry pressing with a unique third layer of agglomerated cork – each element working in harmony to create something truly special.

Where To Use Marmoleum

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Boasting infinite versatility and taking eco-friendliness to the next level, Marmoleum flooring has swiftly become a top pick for countless spaces. In the home or business setting, its distinct benefits are unrivaled.

Residential Spaces: Marmoleum flooring offers the perfect combination of comfort and health for any home, making it well worth considering. With its naturally warm qualities, a living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom flooring can be transformed into an inviting haven for family gatherings. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that no nasty VOCs or toxins are getting in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Homeowners looking for sustainable and environmentally-friendly flooring generally opt for Marmoleum, making it an ideal choice in green homes and passive houses. After all, no family can ignore the health benefits of this floor too; not to mention its considerable impact on Mother Nature.

Commercial Spaces: Businesses, offices, retail outlets, and hospitality venues keep picking Marmoleum over other options thanks to its incredible resilience and easy upkeep. It can take a beating from continuous foot traffic yet remain unfazed while still oozing style. No wonder it’s become the go-to choice for so many bustling commercial spaces, including establishments that are looking for long-lasting garage floor ideas.

Educational Institutions: Marmoleum is perfect for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. It adds a learning-friendly touch to the environment with its sustainable makeup in line with eco-initiatives these places have adopted, plus it’s hypoallergenic, which nurtures a much healthier atmosphere for students and staff.

Healthcare Facilities: At hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, this flooring is indispensable. Its unparalleled antibacterial properties coupled with easy cleaning make it the ideal choice for patient rooms, corridors, and waiting areas – promoting an impeccably sterile ambiance that contributes to the improved well-being of both patients and staff alike.

Hospitality Industry: Hotels, restaurants, and cafes can’t resist the allure of Marmoleum’s beauty – especially in spots that often face spills and stains. With its unwavering resistance to messes coupled with its quick cleanability, it’s no wonder why popular eateries and business kitchens fall head over heels for this flooring option.

Recreational Facilities: Marmoleum floors take a beating in places like gyms, fitness centers, and sports facilities. It can handle all the heavy equipment and constant movement – keeping its integrity day after day with nary a hiccup. No matter how rough it gets, Marmoleum’s resilience means gorgeous flooring that stands up to even the most active space.

Public Buildings: Marmoleum is the embodiment of environmentalism in public areas like government buildings, museums, and libraries. Its sustainable nature coupled with its attractive versatility makes it a go-to when creating a welcoming atmosphere.

How Does Marmoleum Compare To Linoleum Floors?

marmoleum flooring

Marmoleum and Linoleum may sound similar, but they each require different installation methods. Sure, Marmoleum is a type of linoleum, but the main difference between the two surfaces comes down to one key factor: adhesive.

Also, linoleum is naturally anti-static, making it a good choice for flooring in a home office or media room. Another advantage is that linoleum does not burn easily. – Log Home Living, Jul 2000 Vol. 17, No. 7

The difference between linoleum and Marmoleum couldn’t be bigger – when it comes to installation, one can drive a truck through the gap. Linoleum needs all hands on deck; you’ll need a solvent-free adhesive for a snug fit. Marmoleum is rather forgiving; no need for glues or adhesives whatsoever, which takes away lots of potential risks people usually face.

Despite their key differences, both materials boast environmentally-responsible qualities that make them undeniably alike.

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